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Daily Legislative Clipping Service for March 23, 2020 Select another date

The Legislative Reference Library produces a Daily Newspaper Clipping Service for members of the Legislative community. Each morning, Library staff members select and compile articles of interest to the legislature from over 30 national and regional newspapers.

Headline Newspaper Columnist Date Related Links
No place for hoarding, price gouging, in Houston Houston Chronicle  Editorial 03/23/20 1 doc(s)
Postpone May 2 elections until virus limits lifted San Antonio Express News  Editorial 03/23/20 2 doc(s)
Licensing restrictions for health care workers need to be flexible to fight coronavirus Dallas Morning News  Mitchell, T. 03/23/20 7 doc(s)
Abbott not ready to issue statewide shelter-in-place order Austin American Statesman  Tilove, J. 03/23/20 4 doc(s)
Virtual doctor visits won’t stop coronavirus, but they’ll help the walking worried survive it Dallas Morning News  Schnurman, M. 03/23/20 4 doc(s)
Dallas County residents ordered to stay home as new shelter-in-place rules are put in place Dallas Morning News  Steele, T. 03/23/20 7 doc(s)
Hospitals may run out of beds by late April if Gov. Abbott doesn’t order Texans to stay at home, hospital group warns Dallas Morning News  Morris, A. 03/23/20 7 doc(s)
Abbott suspends some medical procedures, says statewide shelter-in-place not yet needed Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Weinberg, T. 03/23/20 8 doc(s)
Schools and students with disabilities likely to struggle with special ed at a distance Houston Chronicle  Webb, S. 03/23/20 6 doc(s)
Kenny Rogers (1938-2020) Austin American Statesman  Crowther, L. 03/23/20  
Greg Abbott confronts coronavirus as stronger governor than Texas had 50 years ago Dallas Morning News  Garrett, R. 03/23/20 5 doc(s)
Texas has been slow to ramp up coronavirus testing. Here’s what you need to know Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Dent, M. 03/23/20 4 doc(s)
Dallas County orders residents to stay home under ‘shelter in place’ coronavirus rules Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Stevenson, S. 03/23/20 2 doc(s)
Austin hospitals implement ‘no visitor’ policy amid coronavirus pandemic Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Mulder, B. 03/23/20  
Gov. Abbott avoids statewide shelter-in-place order — for now Houston Chronicle  Gill, J. 03/23/20 3 doc(s)
Texas business schools overhauling degree plans Houston Chronicle  Tomlinson, C. 03/23/20  
San Antonio-area school districts tackle employee pay issues amid coronavirus closures San Antonio Express News  Torralva, K. 03/23/20 1 doc(s)
Say thanks to these resilient Texans as we all chip in to defeat coronavirus Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Editorial 03/22/20 1 doc(s)
Support Houston area businesses through the coronavirus battle Houston Chronicle  Editorial 03/22/20 5 doc(s)
When it’s most needed, ACA is under threat San Antonio Express News  Editorial 03/22/20 4 doc(s)
We can only address the coronavirus crisis if we test on a much larger scale Dallas Morning News  Editorial 03/21/20 1 doc(s)
Thumbs up, down Houston Chronicle  Editorial 03/21/20  
Closing schools in Texas was the right move Houston Chronicle  Editorial 03/21/20 3 doc(s)
Coronavirus in Texas: Cities, state bracing for hit to revenue Austin American Statesman  Lindell, C. 03/22/20 2 doc(s)
How nonprofits are stepping up in Fort Worth, elsewhere to revolutionize foster care Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Brown, A. 03/22/20 1 TX bill 2 doc(s)
Sun starting to shine again on Texas government Austin American Statesman  Shannon, K. 03/21/20 1 TX bill 4 doc(s)
Texas must halt health care lawsuit San Antonio Express News  Quinones, A. 03/21/20 2 doc(s)
Doctors say Austin hospitals ill-prepared for COVID-19 patients Austin American Statesman  Chang, J. 03/22/20 1 doc(s)
Texas was promised more coronavirus tests. These sick residents are still waiting — and may never get one Dallas Morning News  Morris, A. 03/22/20 1 doc(s)
After disjointed coronavirus response from Texas cities, Abbott acted. Was it too late? Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Dent, M. 03/22/20 5 doc(s)
Texas doctor on pandemic's 'front line' wages harrowing, 8-hour battle to get tested for COVID-19 Houston Chronicle  Deam, J. 03/22/20 1 doc(s)
Legendary country singer and Houston native Kenny Rogers dies at 81 Houston Chronicle  Dansby, A. 03/22/20  
Officials brace for dramatic upturn in COVID-19 cases Austin American Statesman  Jankowski, P. 03/21/20 2 doc(s)
Even before Abbott’s coronavirus order, Texans were adapting to a new reality Austin American Statesman  Price, A. 03/21/20 1 doc(s)
Austin restaurants struggle to survive as options dwindle Austin American Statesman  Hawkins, L. 03/21/20 1 doc(s)
A North Texas grocery stocker discovers the ‘new normal’ on the coronavirus consumer crunch front lines Dallas Morning News  Tarrant, D. 03/21/20 1 doc(s)
Abbott, Texas dental board allow dentist offices to stay open; CDC officials urge stop to elective procedures Dallas Morning News  Garrett, R. 03/21/20 2 doc(s)
Coronavirus tests begin at Arlington retirement center where man died of COVID-19 Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Mitchell, M. 03/21/20 1 doc(s)
San Antonio, Bexar County officials push Gov. Abbott to enact statewide property tax relief amid coronavirus outbreak San Antonio Express News  Fechter, J. 03/21/20 1 doc(s)
Operations begin at first Austin-Travis County COVID-19 testing site Austin American Statesman  Garcia, A. 03/22/20 1 doc(s)
Texas moving to virtual courts to avoid coronavirus spread Austin American Statesman  Autullo, R. 03/22/20 2 doc(s)
Every day we will be nostalgic for the one just past Austin American Statesman  Tilove, J. 03/22/20 1 doc(s)
Four at Denton State Supported Living Center test positive for coronavirus Dallas Morning News  Marfin, C. 03/22/20  
First of Dallas County’s two mobile testing sites is up and running; second opens Sunday Dallas Morning News  Blum, S. 03/22/20 2 doc(s)
Abbott waives regulations to bring more nurses into the workforce Dallas Morning News  Marfin, C. 03/22/20 1 doc(s)
Texas judges say religious beliefs allow them to refuse same-sex weddings Dallas Morning News  Krause, K. 03/22/20 7 doc(s)
Texas appeals court lets controversial illegal voting conviction stand Dallas Morning News  Ura, A. 03/22/20 4 doc(s)
UT Arlington president Karbhari to step down immediately Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Dent, M. 03/22/20 3 doc(s)
Texas closes DPS offices, and now you can order a beer with that taco delivery Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Stevenson, S. 03/22/20 3 doc(s)
Build that wall? This city defied Tarrant County guidelines on coronavirus protections Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Kennedy, B. 03/22/20 3 doc(s)
Crossover country superstar Kenny Rogers dies at 81 Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Hall, K. 03/22/20  
As Texans flood state with unemployment apps, reserves to pay benefits are dangerously low Houston Chronicle  Douglas, E. 03/22/20 5 doc(s)
Despite sky-high demand, first Harris County testing site off to slow start Houston Chronicle  McGuinness, D. 03/22/20 1 doc(s)
San Antonio shoppers, stop panicking! Here’s what you need to prepare for coronavirus San Antonio Express News  Iszler, M. 03/22/20 2 doc(s)
Shift aquifer funding to COVID-19 assistance San Antonio Express News  Brodesky, J. 03/22/20 3 doc(s)
Alcohol waiver causes confusion among San Antonio bar, restaurant owners San Antonio Express News  Huddleston, S. 03/22/20 1 TX bill 4 doc(s)
Bastrop County restaurants brace for coronavirus wave Austin American Statesman  Mulder, B. 03/21/20 1 doc(s)
Texas Supreme Court halts most eviction proceedings in state Austin American Statesman  Lindell, C. 03/21/20 4 doc(s)
Matthew McConaughey has a message for Texans: Stay home Austin American Statesman  Mekelburg, M. 03/21/20  
Abbott delays runoffs until July 14 amid pandemic Austin American Statesman  Tilove, J. 03/21/20 4 doc(s)
Coronavirus in Texas: Health agency contractor loses job after complaining about telework policy Austin American Statesman  Cobler, N. 03/21/20 1 doc(s)
Pflugerville ISD bumps up teacher pay by 3% Austin American Statesman  Parker, M. 03/21/20 1 TX bill
Bars, gyms and schools across Texas are now closed. 9 things you need to know Dallas Morning News  Morris, A. 03/21/20 2 doc(s)
Texas schools keep feeding students despite canceled classes Dallas Morning News  Ayala, E. 03/21/20 3 doc(s)
American Airlines CEO, union leaders beg for government aid ‘with appropriate conditions’ Dallas Morning News  Arnold, K. 03/21/20  
Not to be denied: Fort Worth woman who spent days trying to get tested finds out she has coronavirus Dallas Morning News  Tarrant, D. 03/21/20 1 doc(s)
Millions in loan assistance now available to Texas small businesses hurting from coronavirus Dallas Morning News  DiFurio, D. 03/21/20 3 doc(s)
Citing coronavirus, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott postpones May primary runoff election to July 14 Dallas Morning News  Morris, A. 03/21/20 5 doc(s)
Customers searching for toilet paper, cleaning products as Texas stores limit purchases Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Ramirez Jr., D. 03/21/20 2 doc(s)
UNT postpones May graduation over coronavirus, will reimburse room and board costs Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Weinberg, T. 03/21/20  
State employee who works at Carrollton driver license office positive for coronavirus Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Clarridge, E. 03/21/20 1 doc(s)
Texas governor temporarily suspends state inmate healthcare fees for COVID-19 Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Manna, N. 03/21/20 1 doc(s)
Dallas, Dallas County at odds when it comes to how long coronavirus restrictions will last Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Howland, J. 03/21/20 3 doc(s)
Why Gov. Abbott lags behind cities and other states in coronavirus response Houston Chronicle  Wallace, J. 03/21/20 4 doc(s)
Infants can get severely ill from COVID-19, study says Houston Chronicle  Dellinger, H. 03/21/20 5 doc(s)
Texas postpones May 26 primary runoff elections San Antonio Express News  Wallace, J. 03/21/20 3 doc(s)
Tomlinson: U.S. responds to COVID-19 with needed socialism San Antonio Express News  Tomlinson, C. 03/21/20 2 doc(s)
New coronavirus cases reported by Air Force, counties around San Antonio San Antonio Express News  Christenson, S. 03/21/20 2 doc(s)
Kenny Rogers, Who Brought Country Music to a Pop Audience, Dies at 81 New York Times  Friskics-Warren, B. 03/22/20  
States Batten Down as Cases Rise Wall Street Journal  Carlton, J. 03/21/20  

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