Selected newspaper articles related to Waggoner Carr

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Headline Newspaper Columnist Date
Long before Ken Paxton, Texas had a mixed history of attorneys general facing indictment Austin American Statesman  Moritz, J. 03/31/24
Chisum seeks speaker's seat Amarillo Globe-News  Rangel, E. 10/14/10
West Texas loses clout with Craddick leaving Amarillo Globe-News  Rangel, E. 01/07/09
Craddick 'elated, humbled' over winning his third term as speaker Midland Reporter Telegram  Campbell, B. 01/14/07
House to resolve harsh race for speaker today San Antonio Express News  Sandberg, L. 01/09/07
1961 revisited: bitter battle, secret ballot for speaker Austin American Statesman  Copelin, L. 01/08/07
A rebellion born of earlier win Austin American Statesman  Copelin, L. 01/07/07
Ex-attorney general Waggoner Carr, 85 Houston Chronicle  A.P. Wire 02/28/04
Saturday services for Carr Austin American Statesman  Staff 02/27/04
Colorful politician survived scandal Austin American Statesman  Sayre, K. 02/26/04
Former Texas attorney general, House speaker Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Staff 02/26/04
Lubbock lawyer, political power Carr dies at 85 Lubbock Avalanche Journal  Short, M. 02/26/04
Former Texas AG dies in Austin San Antonio Express News  Staff 02/26/04
Morales' beliefs: a moot point? Austin American Statesman  Eskenazi, S. 04/19/98
Initiative, referendum no Austin American Statesman    09/30/96
Former lawmakers recall the good old days Dallas Morning News    05/23/95
Even the best polls are only snapshots Austin American Statesman  Knaggs, J. 05/14/94
Judge assures Hutchison of a speedy trial Amarillo Globe-News  Robbins, M. 12/17/93
Hutchison lawyers argue for trial move Austin American Statesman  White, J. 12/17/93
Hutchison defense says fair trial impossible in Austin Dallas Morning News  Kuempel, G. 12/17/93
Hutchison in court for hearing Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Cutbirth, J. 12/17/93
Hutchison waives arraignment in 1st court appearance Houston Chronicle    12/17/93
6 testify Hutchison unlikely to get fair hearing in Austin Houston Post    12/17/93
Hutchison trial venue undecided Lubbock Avalanche Journal  Robbins, M. 12/17/93
Hutchison seeks change of venue Dallas Morning News  Kuempel, G. 12/11/93
Motion filed to have Hutchison trial moved Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Cutbirth, J. 12/11/93
De Leon of Austin forms committee in possible run for attorney general Austin American Statesman  Elliot, D. 09/25/93
A good governor, yes, but he was not St. John Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Ivins, M. 06/17/93
TEA party met with Carr on state plan, Bishop says Dallas News  Tatum, H. 12/24/80
Carr refused change of venue Austin American  A.P. Wire 12/15/72
Carr and Osorio indicted for fraud, conspiracy Austin American  A.P. Wire 07/11/72
Grand jury hears Carr Austin American Statesman  A.P. Wire 03/11/72
Waggoner Carr sues Sharp for $100 million Austin American Statesman  Castlebury, G. 12/23/71
Carr files stock appeal Dallas Morning News  Staff 11/18/71
FDIC sues Osorio and Carr Austin American  A.P. Wire 09/25/71
$1.25-million FDIC suit lists dallas physician Dallas Morning News  A.P. Wire 09/25/71
IRS says Osorio owes back taxes on funds linked to RIC industries Waco News-Tribune  A.P. Wire 09/23/71
Mahon to subpoena probe witnesses Dallas Morning News  Freund, C. 09/21/71
Serious aspect of SEC stock case approaches Dallas Morning News  Johnson, T. 09/19/71
Capitol ordered charge, Carr says Dallas Morning News  Johnson, T. 09/19/71
Carr, Osorio, 6 others guilty Daily Texan  A.P. Wire 09/17/71
Defendents face hard 10 days Dallas Morning News  Johnson, T. 09/17/71
Carr, Osorio enjoined Dallas Morning News  A.P. Wire 09/17/71
Stock defendants enjoined Dallas Morning News  Golz, E. 09/17/71
Carr 'shocked' Dallas Morning News  Johnson, T. 09/17/71
The text of Judge Hughes' ruling Dallas Morning News  Staff 09/17/71
U.S. attorney, too, to study stock fraud case findings Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Summers, R. 09/17/71
Carr, other defendants vow to fight court ruling to end Houston Post  Weise, A. 09/17/71
Stock fraud case generates heat Dallas Morning News  Johnson, T. 09/16/71
Ex-attorney general guilty El Paso Herald Post  UP. 09/16/71
Ruling due today in stock case Houston Post  Staff 09/16/71
Carr questioned by SEC about '69 political contacts Austin American  A.P. Wire 09/10/71
Carr denies role in stock schemes Dallas Morning News  Golz, E. 09/10/71
Knew nothing of deals, Carr insists to court Houston Post  Wiese, A. 09/10/71
Carr asked about friendship among political personalities Austin American  A.P. Wire 09/09/71
Big loans made to rescue firm Houston Post  Wiese, A. 09/09/71
Carr-Sharp link told Dallas Morning News  Golz, E. 09/08/71
Osorio gave profit pledge, witness says Houston Post  Wise, A. 09/08/71
Stock trial's focus on loan to Carr Austin American  A.P. Wire 09/02/71
Capitol Austin American Statesman  Castlebury, G. 08/29/71
Day of reckoning Houston Chronicle  McNutt, G. 08/29/71
House panel wants Wilson to testify Austin American  Kuempel, G. 08/20/71
House committee will seek Wilson testimony in probe Houston Post  West, F. 08/20/71
Grand jury hears Carr testimony Austin American  A.P. Wire 08/19/71
Angleton bank claims loss on firm's loan Houston Post  Wiese, A. 08/19/71
U.S. provoked firms' failure, Osorio charges Houston Post  James, A. 08/19/71
Stock figure Osorio once clean-up man Houston Post  James, A. 08/15/71
Sharp 'bail-out' loan arranged, Osorio says Houston Post  Wiese, A. 08/04/71
Travis grand jury hears three Houston Post  Wiese, A. 07/30/71
Carr's deposition taken in stock manipulation suit Houston Post  A.P. Wire 07/27/71
More light thrown on Frank W. Sharp case San Antonio Express  A.P. Wire 07/15/71
Full picture still hidden Dallas Morning News  Geddie, J. 01/31/71
Doesn't Lubbock love us anymore? San Antonio Express News  Editorial 02/27/67
EOO in vote furor Houston Tribune  Staff 02/02/67
2 judges say ruling 'limited' Houston Chronicle  Tutt, B. 01/06/66
Atty Gen Carr says he will defend all redistrict bills Houston Post  Bailey, E. 07/01/65
House to Honor 'Uncle Henry' Blair Austin American  Ferrell, R. 05/09/65
Carr calls for early ruling on legislative redistricting Dallas News  Morehead, R. 07/08/64
Texas accepts U.S. order, agrees to redistricting Dallas Times Herald  Staff 07/08/64
Carr asks Houston court to rule on district suit Houston Post  Addington, N. 07/08/64
Redistrict delay for Texas OKd Houston Post  Bowers, M. 04/02/64
Officials hope to redistrict after election Houston Post  Addington, N. 03/03/64
High court rules Texas must redraw districts Dallas Times Herald    03/02/64
Carr brief cites threat of redistricting turmoil Houston Post  Addington, N. 02/20/64
Texas apportionment may be affected--Carr Austin American  A.P. Wire 02/17/64
Congressional suit sent to High Court Dallas Morning News  Morehead, R. 12/13/63
Gov. Connally's reasoning behind delay in redistricting now clear Houston Chronicle  Byers, B. 10/27/63
Justice suspends redistricting edict Houston Post  West, F. 10/26/63
Petition cites 3 reasons districting stay needed Dallas Times Herald  Staff 10/25/63
Brown joins in call for session on redistricting Houston Post  Staff 10/24/63
State to seek stay in redistricting, Carr says Houston Post  Addington, N. 10/21/63
Redistricting held not courts' role Dallas Times Herald  Staff 09/18/63
Carr calls on legislators for business-like session Dallas Morning News  Morehead, R. 01/27/59
Burkett holds meeting to open speakership drive Houston Post  Staff 02/23/58
Fight promised by Carr to keep House Leadership Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Hilburn, R. 02/22/58
Ex - attorney general has jewel of hobby San Antonio Light    02/01/90
Increasing cost of state operation is cited by Carr Houston Chronicle    09/09/80
Taxpayer groups preparing battle plans for legislative fights Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Morris, Barry  07/30/80
Carr urges battle against tax boosts Corpus Christi Caller Times  Jones, Kathryn  07/11/80
Carr out to relax government grip Austin American Statesman  McNeely, Dave  05/19/80
Carr warns of possible 'revolt' San Angelo Standard Times  Killgore, Le  06/12/79
Waggoner Carr's remembrances of a personal ordeal Houston Chronicle  Franks, Zarko  06/03/79
Carr autographs 'Not Guilty' San Antonio Express News  Mccory, Jim  12/20/77
Carr says news media manipulated Fort Worth Star-Telegram    07/30/77
Carr says he was framed Austin American Statesman  Cox, Mike  05/30/77
Free Press - a threat to fair trials? El Paso Times  Mcgill, Olin  03/04/77
Carr claiming book to reach into high levels Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Summers, Roger  07/31/76
Carr feels trial was costly lesson in political prosecution Houston Post  Hancock, Darrell  10/27/74
Capital talk Highlander  Bode, Winston  07/18/74
Fund-raising effort set for Carr after long court battle Houston Chronicle  Kuempel, George  06/19/74
Carr planning new life outside political realm San Antonio Express News    05/03/74
Carr tells of trial ordeal; aims to rebuild reputation Houston Post  Wittenberg, Pete  04/25/74
Former attorney general states some always will be suspicious Dallas Times Herald  Eyre, Ruth  04/14/74
Carr's 'great relief' is shared Lubbock Avalanche Journal    04/11/74
Jury acquits Carr, Osorio in stock case Dallas Morning News  George, Ronald  03/23/73
Carr dismissed from civil suit Dallas Morning News  George, Ronald  03/23/73
Carr, Osorio acquitted but face other charges Houston Chronicle    03/23/73
Attorney argues Carr-Osorio guilt Austin American Statesman    03/22/73
Rape of firm charged Dallas Morning News  Eyre, Ruth  03/22/73
Carr, Osorio, Novotny co-schemers, jury told San Angelo Standard Times    03/22/73
Heated questioning ends testimony in Carr case Austin American Statesman    03/21/73
Carr, Osorio rest case Dallas Morning News  George, Ronald  03/21/73
Carr's reputation called good Dallas Times Herald  Eyre, Ruth  03/21/73
Carr 'didn't read' fine print on note Fort Worth Star-Telegram    03/21/73
Former AG Carr denies any fraudulent intentions Austin American Statesman    03/20/73
Prosecutor quizzes Carr about money San Antonio Express News    03/20/73
Carr to take witness stand in bid to prove innocence Austin American Statesman    03/18/73
Carr-Osorio trial winding into home stretch Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Anderson, Godfrey  03/18/73
Osorio-Carr prosecution rests case Austin American Statesman    03/15/73
Prosecution completes case early; Carr, Osorio ask judge for acquittal Dallas Times Herald    03/15/73
Carr, Osorio seeking acquittal Houston Chronicle    03/15/73
Government wins argument in trial of Carr, Osorio Dallas Times Herald  Eyre, Ruth  03/14/73
U.S. builds Osorio, Carr case Dallas Times Herald  Eyre, Ruth  03/13/73
Attempts to get Carr to pay loan recounted at trial Fort Worth Star-Telegram    03/13/73
Carr cross-examines witness in his fraud trial Houston Chronicle    03/13/73
Carr-Osorio trial humdrum; court is usually half empty Corpus Christi Caller Times    03/11/73
Carr grills old friend Dallas Morning News  George, Ronald  03/10/73
Carr, prosecutor lock in heated testimony Dallas Times Herald  Eyre, Ruth  03/10/73
Document in testimony discloses Carr, Osorio as partners Dallas Morning News  George, Ronald  03/09/73
Carr-Osorio jurors picked, testimony to start Dallas Morning News  George, Ronald  03/08/73
Testimony under way in Carr trial Dallas Times Herald  Eyre, Ruth  03/08/73
Carr presses pretrial publicity issue in examination of jury Dallas Morning News  George, Ronald  03/07/73
Novotny pleads guilty to 1 count Dallas Morning News  George, Ronald  03/06/73
Carr questions prospective jurors in his trial Houston Chronicle    03/06/73
Carr in court on criminal fraud charges Houston Chronicle    03/05/73
Carr to battle for clean record Dallas Times Herald  Eyre, Ruth  03/04/73
Carr, 5 others face Nov. 20 day in court Austin American Statesman    07/29/72
Carr freed on bond, goes home to family Houston Post    07/12/72
Carr, Osorio, 5 others indicted Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Neal, Larry  07/11/72
Carr is indicted in stock fraud case Houston Chronicle    07/11/72
'Lobbying' probe stirs Carr reply Austin American Statesman    02/14/71
Carr contends he didn't violate state lobby law Houston Chronicle  Byers, Bo  02/14/71
Carr denies he violated lobby law Houston Post    02/14/71
Carr admits lobbying, denies need to register San Antonio Express News    02/14/71
Carr's alleged lobbying due county attorney's probe Austin American Statesman  Kuempel, George  02/12/71
Carr called for lobbying Austin American Statesman  Kuempel, George  02/12/71
Violations of lobby act object of probe Houston Post  Wiese, Art  02/12/71
No injunction for Carr Dallas Morning News  Golz, Earl  02/11/71
Former attorney general testifies most of day Dallas Morning News  Golz, Earl  02/09/71
$3 million loan to Carr bared Houston Post    02/02/71
Waggoner Carr looking forward to his court case Austin American Statesman  Beene, Richard  01/28/71
Carr resented 'high-handed' method of Sharp, aids assuming business Austin American Statesman  Anderson, Godfrey  01/27/71
Carr concedes concern threatened Dallas Morning News  Freund, Carl  01/27/71
Carr blasts critics of his dealings Austin American Statesman    01/25/71
Carr assails critis, denies any wrongdoing Houston Chronicle  Byers, Bo  01/25/71
Carr blasts critics Dallas Morning News  Morehead, Richard M.  01/24/71
Carr hits Demos joining cause against Viet war San Antonio Express News    10/09/69
Waggoner Carr denies considering another race Dallas Morning News  Banks, Jimmy  07/02/69
'Mad Dogs' Austin American Statesman  Barnard, Barbara  06/11/69
Silent majority urged to demand Dallas Morning News  Banks, Jimmy  06/11/69
'Best opportunity, worst reputation' Austin American Statesman  Carr, Waggoner  05/14/69
Carr's letter asks why can prof stay Dallas Morning News    08/01/68
Describing candidate, Carr sounds like one Dallas Morning News  Banks, Jimmy  12/11/67
Carr eyes race for lt. governor Austin American Statesman  Hall, Jerry  08/31/67
Carr concedes he might run for lieutenant governor San Antonio Express News    08/24/67
Carr to practice law in Lubbock Austin American Statesman    12/29/66
Mrs. Waggoner Carr - 'Speaking of...' Dallas Morning News  Lillard, Dorothy  08/25/66
Carr receives Freedoms award Dallas Morning News    08/17/66
The Waggoner Carrs: couple steps upward in official positions Austin American Statesman  Wheelock, Ernestine  08/14/66
Carr ends talks with Dem chiefs in D.S. Houston Chronicle  Mort, John  07/15/66
Carr asks boost in parole agents Dallas Morning News  Geddie, John  04/10/66
Announcement by Carr stirs some questions Dallas Morning News    09/19/65
Carr asks court to let him file in Rice U. suit Houston Chronicle    02/16/65
Carr asks teen help on crime Houston Post  Pengelly, Allen  02/14/65
Carr to be youth conference speaker Houston Post    02/11/65
Budget boost asked by Atty. Gen. Carr Dallas Morning News  Banks, Jimmy  02/10/65
Carr hints he'll continue to refuse bond's approval Dallas Morning News    01/23/65
Court hurting state on reds, Carr declares Houston Chronicle    01/19/65
Carr rules out dual pay for teacher-solon Houston Chronicle    12/22/64
Carr sees little chance of collecting Estes fine Dallas Morning News    10/28/64
Carr says U. S. usurps water resource role Dallas Morning News    10/13/64
Carr attacks Belli conduct Dallas Morning News    10/08/64
Rules governing vote by military outlined by Carr Dallas Morning News    10/08/64
Carr to be honored at Texas prison rodeo Houston Chronicle    10/08/64
Attorney General submits his data Dallas Morning News  Duncan, Dawson  10/06/64
Carr's assassination report calls for better protection Dallas Morning News  Morehead, Richard M.  10/06/64
State report likened to Warren findings Houston Chronicle  Wood, Bob  09/30/64
Time the innocent got a break Houston Chronicle  Davis, Stewart  09/18/64
Crime increase a threat, Carr warns officers Houston Chronicle  Robinson, Jim  09/09/64
Need to halt crime urgent, Carr says Dallas Morning News  Turner, Thomas  09/02/64
Blunt Carr quiets foes Dallas Morning News  Banks, Jimmy  01/24/63
Carr pledges full fight against crime Dallas Morning News    01/06/63
Carr vows pursuit of Estes, oil cases Dallas Morning News  Morehead, Richard M.  01/03/63
Carr appoints 7 to be assistants Dallas Morning News    12/29/62
State Bar to aid Carr in recruiting lawyers Dallas Morning News    12/13/62
Carr urges businesses to promote their state Dallas Morning News    08/03/61
Press release - exceprts from a speech Abilene Reporter-News    06/25/61
Carr will support Democratic ticket Dallas Morning News    08/21/60
Carr claims Wilson stalled land cases Dallas Morning News  Duckworth, Allen  05/03/60
Carr says leadership required Dallas Morning News    04/25/60
Carr says Wilson knew of gambling Dallas Morning News    04/22/60
Carr blisters Wilson in Waco campaign talk Dallas Morning News  Turner, Thomas  04/16/60
Campaigning Dallas Morning News    04/08/60
Carr hits decisions of Wilson Dallas Morning News    03/28/60
Carr charges letdown on states' tights Dallas Morning News    03/25/60
Carr using braille publicity Dallas Morning News    03/16/60
Carr opens campaign, blasts Wilson's record Dallas Morning News    03/10/60
Carr blasts foe's actions Dallas Morning News    03/04/60
Speaker Carr urges stronger party needed Dallas Morning News    02/25/60
Carr launches his campaign for attorney general's post Dallas Morning News  Duncan, Dawson  02/23/60
Carr promises battle in attorney general race Dallas Morning News    01/15/60
Carr enters race for attorney post Dallas Morning News  Duncan, Dawson  12/31/59
House members urge Carr to run Dallas Morning News  Duckworth, Allen  12/29/59
Scanned from microfilm - 324.23 roll 2 (1960-1968) Microfilm    11/30/59
Carr gets vote of confidence after challenging House foes Dallas Morning News  Duckworth, Allen  07/16/59
Speaker's offer has no takers Austin American Statesman  Wood, Sam  07/15/59
Failure blamed on governor Dallas Morning News  Glines, Bill  06/21/59
Legislature did well, Carr claims Dallas Morning News    05/13/59
House forgets bitterness, pays tribute to Speaker Dallas Morning News  Duckworth, Allen  05/06/59
Carr scores in tax talk Austin American Statesman    04/05/59
Carr says that it's all luck Dallas Morning News    01/18/59
Carr advises state to push for its goals Dallas Morning News  Duckworth, Allen  12/05/57
Friends honor Speaker Carr Dallas Morning News    11/07/57
Austin affair will honor Speaker Carr Dallas Morning News    11/03/57
Waggoner Carr: legislator Dallas Morning News  Morehead, Richard M.  12/09/56
Rep. Carr leads race for Speaker Austin American Statesman  Brooks, Raymond  06/07/55