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Joe Lafayette Hill

Joe L. Hill
Full Name: Joe Lafayette Hill, Jr.
Birth date: July 2, 1894
Death date: October 4, 1967

Terms of Service

  • Senate, 47th (1) (2) (6) (7) & 46th (5) Legislatures
    1/10/1939 - 1/12/1943
  • Senate, 45th (4) & 44th (3) Legislatures
    1/8/1935 - 1/10/1939
(1) Journal does not indicate who assumed title of Dean of the Senate during the regular session. However, Olan Van Zandt served as chair of the senate caucus, an honor traditionally bestowed upon the dean, pp. 9-11. Senate Journal .
(2) Caucus report for 47th Legislature, 1st called session signed, Olan R. Van Zandt, Dean of the Senate, p. 10. Senate Journal .
(3) 44th Legislature - Roll Call of New Senators and Certificate of New Senators, oath of office administered, 1/8/1935, p. 1. Senate Journal .
(4) 45th Legislature - Roll Call of Senators, holdover Senators "who were Members of the Forty-fourth Legislature and whose terms of office continue for the duration of the Forty-fifth Legislature," 1/12/1937, pp. 1-2. Senate Journal .
(5) 46th Legislature - Roll Call of Senators-Elect, oath of office administered, 1/10/1939, p. 8. Senate Journal .
(6) Journal does not confirm who assumed the title of dean during the regular session of the 47th legislature; however, Senator Van Zandt was chairman of the senate caucus, a honor traditionally bestowed on the dean of the senate. Texas Senate, Secretary of the Senate - Memo, January 8, 2002, 'Deans of the Texas Senate' 2002.
(7) Lists Cotten, Hill, Weaver Moore, Shivers, Sulak, and Van Zandt as having most seniority, 47th Legislature. Texas Senate, Secretary of the Senate - Memo, January 8, 2002, 'Deans of the Texas Senate' 2002.

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