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Hugh Birt Steward

Hugh B. Steward
Full Name: Hugh Birt Steward
Birth date: November 9, 1897
Death date: January 18, 1981

Terms of Service

  • House, 44th Legislature
    1/8/1935 - 1/12/1937
  • House, 43rd (1) Legislature
    1/10/1933 - 1/8/1935
  • House, 42nd Legislature
    1/13/1931 - 1/10/1933
(1) Name, postoffice, occupation, association membership, relationship to persons in state or county government. Resolution, 9/18/1933, pp. 45-48, and Questionnaire Authorized and Directed by Resolution Adopted by the House, 10/11/1933, pp. 588-601. House Journal .

Biographical Notes and Resources

Resolutions and Journal entries

  • 67th Legislature, R.S., HCR 25. Resolutions - Memorial .
  • United States Army, World War I. "After volunteering for military service at the age of 17, Mr. Steward served in World War I as a member of the 36th Division Field Artillery, and he celebrated his 21st birthday during his overseas duty in France." 67th Legislature, R.S., HCR 25. Resolutions - Memorial .


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