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Milam Stephen Munson, Jr.

M.S. Munson
Full Name: Milam Stephen Munson, Jr.
Birth date: June 27, 1904
Death date: December 27, 1993

Terms of Service

  • House, 43rd (1) Legislature
    1/10/1933 - 1/8/1935
  • House, 42nd Legislature
    1/13/1931 - 1/10/1933
(1) Name, postoffice, occupation, association membership, relationship to persons in state or county government. Resolution, 9/18/1933, pp. 45-48, and Questionnaire Authorized and Directed by Resolution Adopted by the House, 10/11/1933, pp. 588-601. House Journal .

Biographical Notes and Resources


Other Resources

  • Biographical sketch and description of the Mordello Stephen Munson papers. Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin 2006.
  • Mentioned in biographical sketch of his father, Milam Stephen Munson; birth date 6/27/1904; death date 12/27/1993. Munsons of Texas — an American Saga 2006.
  • Relatives: Mordello Stephen Munson - father; Milam Stephen Munson, Sr. - son; Milam Stephen Munson, Sr. - father; Milam Stephen Munson, Jr. - son; Mordello Stephen Munson - grandfather; Milam Stephen Munson, Jr. - grandson. Munsons of Texas — an American Saga 2006.
  • Photo, Munsons of Texas — an American Saga 2006.
  • Photo of Milam Stephen Munson, Sr. with son Milam Jr. Munsons of Texas — an American Saga 2006.
  • Mentioned in preview of 44th Legislature and discussion of legislative turnover, "Texas House Gets 80 New Members," 10/15/1934, p. 14. San Antonio Express .
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