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William Elliott Doyle

W.E. Doyle
Full Name: William Elliott Doyle
Birth date: April 26, 1846
Death date: September 9, 1934

Terms of Service

  • Senate, 38th (2) & 37th (1) (3) Legislatures
    7/18/1921 - 1/13/1925
(1) William E. Doyle, sworn 7/18/1921, succeeded D. Leon Harp, resigned after Regular Session. Members of the Texas Congress 1836-1845; Members of the Texas Legislature 1846-2004 2005.
(2) 38th Legislature - Roll Call of Holdover Senators, 1/9/1923, p. 1. Senate Journal .
(3) Assumed Democrat based on listing as Democrat in 38th Legislature. Texas Legislative Manual .

Biographical Notes and Resources

Resolutions and Journal entries

  • 43rd Legislature, 3rd C.S., SR 10, 9/15/1934, p. 76. Death date 9/9/1934. Resolutions - Memorial .
  • Confederate States Army. "Senator Doyle was the last Confederate soldier to serve in this body . . . at the age of fourteen years he and his twin brother ran away from home to join the Confederate forces and were admitted as members of the Northern Army of Virginia." 43rd Legislature, 3rd C.S., SR 10, 9/15/1934, p. 76. Resolutions - Memorial .


Other Resources

  • Biographical sketch, Chapter XLVIII, pp. 123-125. Relatives: William E. Doyle and older brother Dr. J.N. Doyle - brothers who both served in Texas Legislature. William E. Doyle and James H. Doyle - twin brothers. A History of Hood County, Texas: From its Earliest Settlement to the Present, Together with Biographical Sketches of Many Leading Men and Women Among the Early Settlers. . .: Also a Sketch of the History of Somervell County. 1895.
  • Account of experience in the Civil War, "Fresh Soldiers," by W.E. Doyle, Volume 24, Number 12, December 1916, p. 544. Confederate Veteran .
  • Biographical sketches of "Confederate Twins" J.H. and W.E. Doyle, Volume 32, Number 5, May 1924, p. 195. Confederate Veteran .
  • Confederate States Army, Company G, 7th South Cavalry, Gary's Brigade. Biographical sketches of "Confederate Twins" J.H. and W.E. Doyle, Volume 32, Number, 5 May 1924, p. 195. Confederate Veteran .
  • William Elliott Doyle - birth date 4/26/1846, death date 9/9/1934. FamilySearch .
  • William E. Doyle, birthplace South Carolina; death date 9/9/1934 in Teague, Freestone County, Texas; lawyer. FamilySearch Texas Deaths, 1890-1976 .
  • William Elliott Doyle, birth date 4/26/1846 in Oconee County, South Carolina; death date 9/9/1934; burial in Mexia City Cemetery, Mexia, Limestone County, with wife Sallie Lou Doyle. Includes portrait, biographical sketch. Find a Grave .
  • Biographical sketch lists birth date 4/26/1846. Likely the last Confederate veteran to serve in the Texas legislature. Hood County Texas Genealogical Society 2004.
  • Letter to the editior signed William Elliott Doyle, "W.E. Doyle to Dr. R.B. Jackson," 3/21/1924, p. 6. Mexia Daily News .
  • "Doyle Twins Celebrate Seventy-Ninth Birthday," 5/10/1925, p. 4. Mexia Daily News .
  • Photo and obituary, "Twin Brother of W.E. Doyle Buried Tuesday," 9/8/1933, p. 3. Mexia Daily News .
  • William Doyle of Teague and James Doyle of Granbury established as America's oldest twins, "Remember When. . . ," 12/3/1961, p. 3. Mexia Daily News .
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