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Barry Miller

Barry Miller
Full Name: Philip Barry Miller
Birth date: December 25, 1864
Death date: June 20, 1933

Terms of Service

(1) Dallas, Dallas County. "District No. 44. Barry Miller, J.W. Parks, John E. Davis and Chas. O. Laney, all of Dallas, composed of the county of Dallas," p. 5. House Journal .
(2) 26th Legislature - Roll of Senators-elect, oath of office administered, 1/10/1899, pp. 1-2. Senate Journal .
(3) 27th Legislature - Roll of holdover Senators, 1/8/1901, pp. 1-2. Senate Journal .

Biographical Notes and Resources

Selected Newspaper articles

Resolutions and Journal entries

  • 43rd Legislature, 1st C.S., 9/14/1933, p. 27. Death date 6/20/1933. Resolutions - Memorial .
  • 43rd Legislature, 1st C.S., Senate Simple Resolution 19, 10/10/1933, pp. 307-310. Birth date 12/25/1864, death date 6/20/1933. Resolutions - Memorial .


Other Resources

  • Census of 1900 - Barry Miller, Justice Precinct 7, Eagle Fort Voting Precinct, Dallas County, age 36, born December 1864 in South Carolina, lawyer and farmer, spouse Minni Miller, sons Tom, Will, and Phillip, and daughter Evelyn.
    Census of 1910 - Barry Meller [sic: Miller], Justice Precinct 7, Dallas County, age 45, born circa 1865 in South Carolina, lawyer - general practice, spouse Minnie, sons Will and Philip, daughter Evelyn.
    Census of 1920 - Philip Barry Miller, Justice Precinct 7, Dallas County, age 55, born circa 1865 in Texas, attorney - own office, spouse Minnie H. Miller, daughter Evelyn.
    Census of 1930 - Barry Miller, Justice Precinct 7, Dallas County, age 65, born circa 1865 in North Carolina, occupation: "L. Governor," spouse Minnie H. Miller, son Tom. FamilySearch . 1930 1910
  • 1900 1920
  • Barry Miller, birth date 12/25/1864 in Barnwell, South Carolina, death date 6/20/1933 in Dallas, Texas. FamilySearch Texas Deaths, 1890-1976 .
  • Philip Barry Miller of Barnwell, South Carolina, ex-State Senator, marriage to Minnie H. Miller, 11/9/1885. "This family live at 'Millermore,' the old home, where William Brown Miller, Senior, settled when he went to Texas in 1846, five miles south of Dallas, and three miles from its suburb, Oak Cliff . . . ," History and Genealogies of the Families of Miller, Woods, Harris, Wallace, Maupin, Oldham, Kavanaugh, and Brown with Interspersions of Notes of the Families of Dabney, Reid, Martin, Broaddus, Gentry, Jarman, Jameson, Ballard, Mullins, Michie, Moberley, Covington, Browning, Duncan, Yancey and Others, by W. H. Miller, Richmond, Kentucky, 1907, p. 145. Google Books .
  • MILLER, BARRY (1864-1933). Birth date 12/25/1864, death date 6/20/1933. Handbook of Texas Online .
  • 28th Lieutenant Governor: Barry Miller. Photo and biographical sketch. Birth date 12/25/1864, death date 6/30/1933. Presiding Officers of the Texas Legislature, 1846-2016 2016.
  • Biographical sketch, Barry Miller, p. 55. The Twenty-Seventh Legislature and State Administration of Texas 1901.
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