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Howard Francis O'Neal

H.F. O'Neill
Full Name: Howard Francis O'Neal
Other surnames: O'Neill
Birth date: September 22, 1853
Death date: December 6, 1935

Terms of Service

  • House, 24th (1) (2) Legislature
    1/8/1895 - 10/21/1896
(1) O'Neal resigned 10/21/1896. Members of the Texas Congress 1836-1845; Members of the Texas Legislature 1846-2004 2005.
(2) Lists "H.F. O'Neal of Cass" in State Democratic Conventions (1873, 1898, 1908), as Attorney General nominee of Greenback-Labor State Convention (1880), Greenback State Convention (1884); and Howard F. O'Neal of Cass County in Democratic State Convention (1896). All are indexed together as one entry; however, it is unclear if H.F. O'Neal refers to Henry (father) or Howard (son). Platforms of Political Parties in Texas 1916.

Biographical Notes and Resources

Resolutions and Journal entries


Other Resources

  • Biographical sketch, Judge Howard F. O'Neal, Volume III, pp. 1257-1258, son of Hon. Henry F. and Malantha (Cooley) O'Neal. Relatives: Henry F. O'Neal, father; Judge Howard F. O'Neal and Hardy A. O'Neal, sons/brothers. A History of Texas and Texans 1914.
  • H.F. O'Neal. Biennial Report of the Secretary of State of the State of Texas: List of Senators and Representatives .
  • Cass County Census:
    1860 - Henry F. O'Neal, Linden, age 25, born in Mississippi, editor, wife M.E., sons H.A. (age 9) and H.F. (age 6).
    1880 - Hardy A. O'Neal, age 28, wife Mollie L.
    1900 - H.F. (Howard F.) ONeal, Atlanta, age 46, born September 1853, wife Ida C.
    1910 - H.A. ONeal, Atlanta, age 59, wife Mollie; H.F. ONeal, Atlanta, age 56, wife Ida.
    1920 - Hardy ONeal, Atlanta, age 68, wife Mollie; Howard ONeal, Atlanta, age 66, wife Ida.
    1930 - Hardy R. [A.] O'Neal, Atlanta, age 79, wife Mollie L.; Howard F. O'Neal, age 76. Both lawyers.
    Howard F. O'Neal, death date 12/6/1935 in Shreveport, Caddo Parish, Louisiana. FamilySearch . 1930 Hardy O'Neal 1930 Howard F. O'Neal
  • Louisiana Deaths, 1850-1875, 1894-1960 1910 H.A. ONeal 1910 H.F. ONeal 1900 1880 1920 Howard O'Neal 1920 Hardy O'Neal 1860
  • H.F. O'Neal, birth date 9/22/1853, death date 12/6/1935, burial in Pine Crest Cemetery, Atlanta, Cass County. Son of Henry F. O'Neal and Melantha Cooley, spouse Ida. Includes biographical sketch of Howard Francis O'Neal from History of Cass County People, by Cass County Genealogical Society. Find a Grave .
  • Howard A. O'Neal. Members of the Texas Congress 1836-1845; Members of the Texas Legislature 1846-2004 2005.
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