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Samuel S. Frazer

S.S. Frazier
Full Name: Samuel S. "Sam" Frazer, Sr.
Other surnames: Frazier
Birth date: November 1861
Death date: May 18, 1944

Terms of Service

  • House, 23rd (1) (2) (3) Legislature
    1/10/1893 - 1/8/1895
(1) District 15 composed of Hunt county [represented by Sherrill]; district 17 composed of Hunt and Kaufman counties, 22nd Legislature, 1 C.S., chapter 21. General Laws of the State of Texas .
(2) District 17. Members of the Texas Congress 1836-1845; Members of the Texas Legislature 1846-2004 2005.
(3) District 15, S.S. Frazier, p. 38. Texas Legislative Manual .

Biographical Notes and Resources

Resolutions and Journal entries


Other Resources

  • Census of 1880 - Saml. Frazer, Hunt County, age 18, born circa 1862 in Texas, son of A.C. and Louisa J. Frazer
    Census of 1900 - Samuel Frazer, Lone Oak, Hunt County, age 38, born November 1861 in Texas, hardware merchant, wife J. Emma, daughter E. Louella, father C. Acy, mother J. Louisa.
    Census of 1910 - Samuel Frazer, Lone Oak, Hunt County, age 45, born circa 1865 in Texas, lawyer, wife Emma, mother Lou.
    Census of 1920 - Sam S. Frazer, Lone Oak, Hunt County, age 56, born circa 1864 in Texas, secretary, wife Emma, mother Louise.
    Census of 1930 - Samuel S. Frazer, Lone Oak, Hunt County, age 68, born circa 1862 in Texas, lawyer, wife Emma J.
    Census of 1940 - Sam Frazier, Lone Oak, Hunt County, age 79, born circa 1861 in Texas, wife Emma. FamilySearch . 1930 1940
  • 1910 1900 1920
  • Samuel Stewart Frazer and Emma Jean Green, parents of Jack Jefferson Frazer, death date 3/29/1974; and Samuel Stewart Frazer, Jr., death date 9/3/1974. FamilySearch Texas Deaths, 1890-1976 . Samuel Stewart Frazer, Jr. Jack Jefferson Frazer
  • Sam Stuart Frazer (1861-1944), burial in Lone Oak Cemetery, Lone Oak, Hunt County, with spouse Emma Jane Frazer. Find a Grave .
  • Sam S. Frazer, Lone Oak. "Sam Frazer's Platform for Governor Outlined," 2/11/1924, p. 11. "I was born in Hunt County in 1861 . . . I have held a few public places: have been school trustee, justice of the peace, county attorney and a member of the Legislature." Fort Worth Star-Telegram .
  • Death notice, "Sam Frazer's Father Dies at Lone Oak," The Daily Sun (Goose Creek, Texas), 5/18/1944, p. 1, crediting Sterling Municipal Library. Sam Frazer, Sr., death date 5/18/1944 at 2:30 A.M. Portal to Texas History (University of North Texas Libraries) .
  • 23rd Legislature (1893) - S.S. Frazier, postoffice Lone Oak, nativity Texas, age 32 (born circa 1861), lawyer, 32 years in Texas, Democrat. Texas Legislative Manual .

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