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William Felton Upton

W.F. Upton
Full Name: William Felton Upton
Birth date: August 31, 1832
Death date: February 7, 1887

Terms of Service

  • House, 19th (7) Legislature
    1/13/1885 - 1/11/1887
  • House, 18th (8) Legislature
    1/9/1883 - 1/13/1885
  • House, 17th (1) (9) Legislature
    1/11/1881 - 1/9/1883
  • House, 16th (2) Legislature
    1/14/1879 - 1/11/1881
  • House, 11th (3) (4) (5) (6) Legislature
    8/6/1866 - 2/7/1870
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(4) "In 1853 Upton moved to Texas and became a farmer and store owner in the Blum Hill community, west of Foerster's Creek in southern Fayette County . . In 1859 he was joined by his older brother who took charge of the farming operations while William concentrated on the mercantile business in the community, which by 1858 was called High Hill." Handbook of Texas Online .
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Biographical Notes and Resources

Resolutions and Journal entries

  • Memorial committee and resolution, memorial communication spread upon the Journal from Chief Clerk Will Lambert, 20th Legislature, R.S., 2/8/1887-2/9/1887, pp. 289, 297, 301. House Journal .


Other Resources

  • Hon. W.F. Upton, mentioned as introducing a bill for an appropriation for a monument for fallen heroes, Vol. 1, pp. 705-706. "In the eighteenth legislature the county of Fayette was represented by Hons. W. F. Upton and A. J. Rosenthal. . . they introduced a bill requesting an appropriation for the erection of a monument at La Grange to the memory of the Mier Prisoners who were shot at Salado, state of San Luis Potosi, Mexico, and whose remains had been brought to Texas in 1848 and interred at La Grange; and to Dawson and his men, who, in 1842, were massacred by the Mexicans after surrender, near the Salado River, Bexar County, Texas, and whose bones had been interred in the same vault with the Mier Prisoners." A Comprehensive History of Texas, 1685 to 1897 .
  • Col. William F. Upton (1832-1887), burial in Schulenburg City Cemetery, Schulenburg, Fayette County. Includes historical marker photo. Find a Grave .
  • UPTON, WILLIAM FELTON (1832-1887). Handbook of Texas Online .
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  • William Felton Upton. Texas Burial Sites of Civil War Notables: A Biographical and Pictorial Field Guide 2002.
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