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Charles Bellinger Stewart

Dr. Charles Bellinger Stewart
Full Name: Charles Bellinger Tate Stewart
Birth date: February 6, 1806
Death date: July 28, 1885

Terms of Service

  • House, 14th (1) (2) (3) Legislature
    1/13/1874 - 4/18/1876
  • House, 4th Legislature
    11/3/1851 - 11/7/1853
  • House, 1st Legislature
    2/16/1846 - 12/13/1847
(1) Montgomery, Montgomery County. Directory of the Members and Officers of the Fourteenth Legislature of the State of Texas . . . 1874.
(2) Danville, Montgomery County. Members of the Texas Congress 1836-1845; Members of the Texas Legislature 1846-2004 2005.
(3) The marriage of C.B. Stewart and Julia Sheppard took place on March 11, 1836 at the home of Julia's father, W.W. Sheppard, who lived on land in the Lake Creek settlement that would later become the town of Montgomery in July of 1837, "The Marriage of Charles Bellinger Stewart, or, So, Mr. Stewart, Where Did You Go for Your Honeymoon?" Montgomery County, TXGenWeb Project .

Biographical Notes and Resources

Resolutions and Journal entries


Other Resources

  • Biographical sketch, p. 176. Birth date 2/18/1806; death date 7/28/1885. Biographical Directory of the Texan Conventions and Congresses, 1832-1845 1942.
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  • "Montgomery County Texas Confirmed as the Birthplace of the Texas Lone Star Flag," which was designed by Dr. Charles B. Stewart of Montgomery County at the request of President Mirabeau B. Lamar. Montgomery County, TXGenWeb Project .
  • Obituaries of Charles B. Stewart. Montgomery County, TXGenWeb Project .
  • Portrait and text of Dr. Charles B. Stewart historical marker. Montgomery County, TXGenWeb Project .
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  • "History of the Lake Creek Settlement . . . " by Kameron Searle. Montgomery County, TXGenWeb Project .
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