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E.L. Alford

Full Name: E. L. Alford
Death date: Deceased, date unknown

Terms of Service

  • Senate, 12th (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) (8) (9) Legislature
    2/8/1870 - 1/17/1871
(1) "In this Senate there are twelve straight out Democrats," 1/10/1871, p. 2. Galveston Daily News .
(2) CONSTITUTION OF 1869. "The House of Representatives was set at ninety members and the Senate at thirty. One-third of the senators were chosen biennially, and their term of office was increased from four to six years. Sessions were held annually." Handbook of Texas Online .
(3) Reinhard Hillebrand, in special election 11/28/1870 through 12/1/1870, sworn 2/17/1871, succeeded E.L. Alford, expelled for resisting arrest during call of the Senate. Members of the Texas Congress 1836-1845; Members of the Texas Legislature 1846-2004 2005.
(4) 12th Legislature, 1st C.S. - Resolution rescinding explusion of E.L. Alford and restoring all rights and privileges of Senate membership adopted 7/27/1870, pp. 486-487. Senate Journal .
(5) 12th Legislature, 1st C.S. - Report and resolution expelling E.L. Alford from the Senate for breaking quorum and refusing arrest by the Sergeant-at-Arms adopted, 6/29/1870, pp. 282-283. Senate Journal .
(6) 12th Legislature, 1st C.S. - Drawing for Terms of Office, 5/2/1870, pp. 51-52. Drew 2-year term. Senate Journal .
(7) 12th Legislature, 1st C.S. - Resolution referring reseating of E.L. Alford to the Attorney General postponed and protest against reseating entered 8/1/1870, pp. 496-497. Alford present and voting through end of session. Senate Journal .
(8) 12th Legislature, Regular Session - E.C. Alford having been expelled from the Senate on 6/29/1870; succeeded by R. Hildebrandt in special election, sworn 1/17/1871, pp. 9-18. Alford present and voting through 1/16/1871. Senate Journal .
(9) Party affiliation, Radical. Roster of members, 12th Legislature, 1870. Texas Almanac for . . . and Emigrant's Guide to Texas .

Biographical Notes and Resources

Other Resources

  • "Revolutionary Proceedings of the Legislature," 8/10/1870, p. 2. Galveston Daily News .
  • "The Case of Alford," 1/10/1871, p. 2. "When the Democratic Senators left the Chamber during the discussion of the Militia Bill, Senator Alford and two other Republicans were in their company." Galveston Daily News .
  • "Jottings by a Seasoned Austin Correspondent," 8/21/1870, p. 2. "Alford was again permitted to take the seat from which he was so unjustly excluded by the rule-or-ruin Radicals of the Senate." Galveston Daily News .
  • "For two days, Senator E.L. Alford, Conservative Republican leader of the coalition, and [Senator A.J.] Fountain were pitted in furious debate on the issue of state versus federal action against the renegade tribes," p. 68, Life and Death of Colonel Albert Jennings Fountain 1965.
  • Listed in "Expulsion of State Legislators." National Conference of State Legislatures .
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