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Thomas Marvin Andrews

Thomas M. Andrews
Full Name: Thomas Marvin "Tom" Andrews
Birth date: December 22, 1930
Death date: April 5, 2012

Terms of Service

  • House, 57th (1) (2) (3) (4) Legislature
    1/10/1961 - 11/23/1962
(1) Opinion WW-1476 dated 11/15/1962 addresses terms of office for members of the House of Representatives. Newly-elected members may qualify for office and be entitled to a salary on the date the canvassing of the General Election returns is complete. Attorney General of Texas .
(2) "Senators Get No Assurance on Early Pay" discusses the question of when newly-elected members of the legislature may qualify for office. States 23 unnamed representatives planned to take the oath early and begin drawing their salaries, 11/23/1962. Dallas Morning News .
(3) "Wilson Opinion Awaited on Exact End of Terms" reports "a legislator can hold office until his successor has qualified or until 'the first of the year. . .'" State canvassing board to certify results of November election on 11/23/1962. Dallas Morning News .
(4) Seniority list for the 68th Legislature shows Leroy Wieting took the oath of office for the 58th Legislature early—on 11/23/1962. Texas House of Representatives, Chief Clerk's Office - Seniority Order .

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