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10th 2nd Called Session
October 17, 1864 - November 15, 1864


Governor: Pendleton Murrah
Lieutenant Governor: Fletcher Summerfield Stockdale
Speaker(s) of the House: Marion DeKalb Taylor 

Special Session Topics

  • Adopt measures that will give treasury warrants credit of the state in sufficient value to insure the accomplishment of their intended purpose of benefiting the families of soldiers and support of the civil list. [Thu Sep 15, 1864]
  • Presenting an Act of Congress approved February 16,1864 and requesting that the legislature determine the propriety of making provision for appointment of an officer for the objects contemplated by that act. If such officers are deemed necessary and useful, provisions should be made for appointing one for the east and one for the department west of the [Mississippi?] river. [Thu Oct 27, 1864]
  • Presenting communication from His Excellency Henry W. Allen, Governor of the State of Louisiana regarding receiving into the Penitentiary convicts from Louisiana. [Mon Oct 31, 1864]
  • Make it obligatory upon sheriffs and all others having possession of a runaway slave to make known the fact to the owner or proper custodian of the slave by letter as early as possible, or by some other means not involving expense. [Tue Nov 8, 1864]
  • Issue Treasury Warrants to meet the appropriation for the support of the dependents of officers and soldiers due in September last. It would be a better policy to use the Confederate Notes of the new issue for this purpose than to issue State Treasury Warrants under any system that will not, from the date of its adoption, cause them to be valued in market in comparison with specie at fifty cents or more on the dollar. [Mon Nov 14, 1864]

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