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House rules for special sessions - 85th Legislature

Although the same rules of procedure govern regular and special sessions, some rules specifically mention
special sessions. These rules are listed below.

The below pages are extracted from Rules & Precedents of the Texas House, 85th Legislature.

Administrative Duties of Speaker
Rule 1 Chapter B Section 14
Duties of the Journal Clerk
Rule 2 Section 2
Rule 2 Section 9
Posting Notice
Rule 4 Section 11
Action on Bills Reported Unfavorably
Rule 4 Section 29
Time Limits on Speeches
Rule 5 Section 28 and Rule 7 Section 2, Explanatory Notes 3
Daily Calendars, Supplemental Calendars, and Lists of Items Eligible for Consideration
Rule 6 Section 16
Prefiling of Bills
Rule 8 Section 7
Printed Copies Required Prior to Consideration
Rule 8 Section 14(a)
Consideration in Committee
Rule 8 Section 11, Explanatory Notes 2
Special Session, Legislation That May Be Considered
Rule 8 Section 21, Explanatory Notes 1, 2, 3 and House Precedents 1, 2, 3
Consideration of Resolutions During Called Sessions
Rule 10 Section 7
Printing Senate Amendments
Rule 13 Section 5(a)
Conference Committees - Limitations on Jurisdiction
Rule 13 Section 9(f)(2)
Printing and Distribution of Reports
Rule 13 Section 10(a)

Rules and Precedents of the Texas House. [Austin, Tex.]: Texas House of Representatives, [2017].