Documents relating to the impeachment of O.P. Carrillo

Impeachment is a method for removing and disqualifying from holding public office an official who has abused the public trust by serious misconduct. Article XV of the Texas Constitution relates to impeachment.

In 1975, the 64th Legislature passed House Simple Resolution 167, creating the House Select Committee on Impeachment to consider House Simple Resolution 161, and investigate charges brought against O.P. Carrillo, Judge of the 229th Judicial District. On July 16, 1975, the committee unanimously adopted the committee substitute for HSR 161, containing eleven articles of impeachment, beginning the process set by House Simple Resolution 221 for reconvening the House of Representatives to consider matters of impeachment. On August 5, 1975, the House of Representatives adopted articles of impeachment against O.P. Carrillo,

On September 3, 1975, the Senate convened as a High Court of Impeachment to consider the Articles of Impeachment adopted by the House of Representatives. During the fall of 1975, the Judicial Qualifications Commission conducted its own inquiry as part of formal proceedings for the removal of O.P. Carrillo. On January 23, 1976, the Senate sustained Article VII of the Articles of Impeachment, removing Judge O.P. Carrillo from office, and barring him from holding any office of honor, trust or profit under the State.

This page gathers together reports, transcripts and other documents related to the impeachment of O.P. Carrillo. We would like to thank the Texas State Law Library and the Harlingen Public Library for their participation in this project.

House Select Committee on Impeachment

  • Transcript of Proceedings Before the Texas State House of Representatives, House Select Committee on Impeachment, Austin, Texas; In the Matter of HSR No. 161, Continued Hearing, Judge O.P. Carrillo

Proceedings in the Texas House of Representatives

Proceedings of the Texas Senate sitting as a court of impeachment

Record of proceedings of the High Court of Impeachment on the trial of O.P. Carrillo, Judge, 229th District Court : Senate of Texas sitting as a court of impeachment : convened September 3, 1975, adjourned January 23, 1976

Before the State Judicial Qualifications Commission : inquiry concerning a judge, no. 5



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