Texas Code of Criminal Procedure Revision Research Guide

This guide provides information on sources available for legislative intent research for the Texas Code of Criminal Procedure as enacted in 1965. The legislation introduced as SB 107, 59th Legislature, marked the culmination of six years of study by the State Bar Committee for Revision of the Code of Criminal Procedure and Penal Code. Finally passed after four years of legislative effort over two sessions, the Code represented the first full-scale revision of criminal procedure in over 100 years.

Many materials relevant to the revision process are included in the Legislative Reference Library's collection. Through these materials it is possible to gain insight into the challenges of the revision process and the broader criminal procedure reform movement. In some cases, documents may aid researchers in tracing the reasoning and intent of specific statutory language.

Revision Process
Provides a timeline and brief overview of the revision process. Provides links to materials that relate to the revision process.
Legislative Trail
Provides an annotated listing of legislation in 1963 and 1965 leading to the enactment of the new Code of Criminal Procedure. Also includes legislation from 1985 disposing of miscellaneous articles that were expressly saved from repeal in 1965.
Chronological List of Code of Criminal Procedure Project Documents
Lists the documents available for each year of the revision process.
Prior History
Provides links to previous Codes of Criminal Procedure.