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24.02.56 By Jamie Thompson. Atlantic Monthly, March 2024, pp. 20-36.
Considers the role of law enforcement and the active shooter training an individual officer receives. Examines Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School’s former resource officer and his response to the 2018 mass shooting. Refers to findings in the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School Public Safety Commission’s reports. Contrasts to other events, including the mass shootings in Uvalde and Sutherland Springs, Texas.
24.02.57 By Allison Orris, Anna Bailey, and Jennifer Sullivan. Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, February 21, 2024, pp. 1-23.
Discusses guidance and waivers from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) that broaden and clarify the ways states can use Medicaid funds for health-related social needs such as housing and nutrition.
24.02.58 Economist, February 17th-23rd, 2024, pp. 59-60, 62.
Discusses the potential for using electricity to power industrial processes that involve the burning of fossil fuels. Provides examples of new and emerging technologies.
24.02.59 By Trinity Elkins, Sidney Pryor, and Astrid Alvarado. Fiscal Notes, February 2024, p. 1.
Highlights Texas Comptroller Glenn Hegar's Good for Texas Tour: Energy Edition and the importance of building on the strength of the state's energy infrastructure. Reviews Texas' diverse energy profile of both fossil fuels and renewable energy and discusses the role of the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) in administering the power grid.
24.02.60 By Wyatt Loy. Houston Business Journal, February 16-22, 2024, pp. 18-21.
Chronicles the comeback of Black-owned businesses in Houston after a period of downturn during the pandemic. Notes that in 2020, about 400 Black-owned businesses in the city closed, only to rebound by almost 30 percent in 2021. Offers graphs and statistics on local Black-owned businesses, including number of employees, how Houston stacks up against other Texas cities, and the largest Houston-area Black-owned businesses.
24.02.61 By Sofia Gonzalez. Houston Business Journal, February 9-15, 2024, pp. 20-23.
Discusses the trend for Houston-area independent school districts (ISDs) to become Districts of Innovation (DOIs), meaning that those districts can bypass certain state laws regarding the length of the school year and teacher certifications, among other things. Notes that nearly 980 of the state's 1,019 districts, or 96 percent, are now DOIs. Quotes Houston ISD Superintendent Mike Miles on the benefits of DOI status, including narrowing achievement gaps, and notes some of the DOI exemptions the district is pursuing (including a more flexible school calendar).
24.02.62 By Karen Brooks Harper. The Imprint: Youth & Family News, February 22, 2024, p. 1.
Discusses a recent legal filing by the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services in the foster care lawsuit, requesting to release the state from the oversight of U.S. District Judge Janis Graham Jack.
24.02.63 By Carmel Shachar, Susannah Baruch, and Louise P. King. JAMA (Journal of the American Medical Association), February 2024, pp. 559-560.
Discusses the recent abortion exception rulings by the Texas Supreme Court in In Re State of Texas and State of Texas v. Zurawski. Concludes that legislating medical care impedes effective patient treatment.
24.02.64 By Jamiles Lartey. Marshall Project, Feb. 10, 2024, p. 1.
Discusses the encroachment of artificial intelligence (AI) into the legal profession. Notes how various law firms and legal organizations have used AI and notes the arguments in its favor (for example, increasing access to representation for those without means) and against it (including issues with accuracy and confidentiality).
24.02.65 By Julia Kaufman and Sy Doan. National Association of State Boards of Education, January 2024, p. 1.
Reviews textbook selection policies across different states to and provides recommendations for policymakers for implementing standards to promote the use of high-quality instructional materials.
24.02.66 By Robert Kim and Jessica Levin. Phi Delta Kappan, February 2024, pp. 62-64.
Features a conversation addressing recent developments regarding state voucher programs. Highlights three main types of vouchers.
24.02.67 By Seth A. Parsons and Joy Dangora Erickson. Phi Delta Kappan, February 2024, pp. 32-36.
Argues for the inclusion of reading motivation principles in science of reading models. Recommends ways to improve reading instruction and motivate students to develop reading skills.
24.02.68 By James McCandless. San Antonio Business Journal, February 9-15, 2024, p. 9.
Recaps a recent report showing that San Antonio's central business district office sector is outperforming Austin, Dallas, and Houston, despite the turmoil in commercial real estate caused by the pandemic. Notes that the results are due to a lack of new supply versus demand levels, as well as lower rents.
24.02.69 By Kim Roberts. Texan, February 22, 2024, p. 1.
Highlights Texas laws on elder fraud and financial exploitation and describes related state agencies and aging initiatives.
24.02.70 By Emmy Powell. Texas Agriculture, February 2, 2024, p. 32.
Discusses HR 6921, the Southern Border Farmers and Ranchers Protection Act, which was recently introduced in the U.S. Congress. Notes that the bill would authorize payments under the Natural Resources and Conservation Service's Environmental Quality Incentives Program to assist farmers and ranchers in repairing field and infrastructure damage related to illegal immigration.
24.02.71 By John Hawkins. Texas Hospital Association, February 2024, p. 1.
Lauds the Center for Medicaid & Medicare Services' approval of Texas' extended postpartum Medicaid coverage. Praises legislator efforts to extend post-partum Medicaid coverage in Texas and mentions HB 12, 88th Legislature, R.S.
24.02.72 By Sasha von Oldershausen. Texas Monthly, March 2024, pp. 53-58.
Highlights the work of the nonprofit Nurse-Family Partnership, which is working with vulnerable mothers to try to lower Texas' rate of maternal mortality.
24.02.73 By Christopher Hooks. Texas Monthly, March 2024, pp. 43-49.
Highlights the political donations and influence of billionaires Farris Wilks, Dan Wilkes, and Tim Dunn, whose support of ultraconservative candidates and positions has caused controversy in Texas. Uses the experience of Representative Glenn Rogers of House District 60 as a case study.
24.02.74 By Andrew R. Chow. Time, February 26, 2024, pp. 7-8.
Highlights the noise issues with the bitcoin mining operation in Granbury, Texas. Relates the multiple health issues the citizens face due to the noise. Explains how affected residents are seeking a change in state law related to repeat occurrences of unreasonably high decibels.

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