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24.03.01 By Nancy Costello, et al. American Journal of Law & Medicine, 2023, pp. 135-172 (Note Length).
Explores the connection between social media and declining youth mental health. Urges states to implement state-level policies to address the issue now. Provides sample legislation to help states craft laws to protect children and adolescents from social media harms.
24.03.02 By Joanna LeFebvre and Sonali Master. Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, February 28, 2024, pp. 1-12.
Discusses the financial impact of the expiration of federal Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief (ESSER) funds on school district budgets. Outlines how states have used ESSER funds to hire school staff, raise wages, and meet student needs. Includes tables showing ESSER III funds by state as a share of total education spending, and states that will feel the expiration of ESSER funds most deeply, including Texas.
24.03.03 By Stephen Humphries. Christian Science Monitor, February 2024, pp .18-27.
Chronicles the changing opinions in Oklahoma about the death penalty. Reports stances of some Oklahoma state representatives on capital punishment.
24.03.04 By Caitlynn Peetz. Education Week, February 21, 2024, p. 8.
Explores the recent installation of panic alarm systems in several U.S. schools. Notes that certain states, including Texas (SB 838, 88th Legislature, R.S.), have passed legislation requiring school districts to implement panic alarm systems.
24.03.05 By Sofia Gonzalez. Houston Business Journal, February 16-22, 2024, p. 14.
Summarizes a new report showing that all but one school district in Harris County are underfunded. Highlights statistics showing the damage caused by academic achievement gaps and quotes experts with advice for how to fix the problem.
24.03.06 By Chandler France. Houston Business Journal, February 16-22, 2024, pp. 22, 24.
Discusses recent predictions about an upcoming slowdown in the economies of Houston and of the United States overall. Notes that experts predict that while these economies will grow more slowly than before, growth will still happen. Offers expert opinions on reasons for the relative optimism, such as stable stock prices, reduced inflation, and increased employment. Adds that while Houston is expected to see slower job gains in 2024, there are some emerging opportunities for small businesses in particular.
24.03.07 By Sarah Haj-Maharsi. Houston Law Review, Winter 2024, pp. 613-643 (Note Length).
Posits that the current abortion framework in Texas (HB 1280 and SB 8, 87th Legislature, R.S.) violates the Texas Religious Freedom Restoration Act by burdening the religious freedoms of Muslim women, who believe that "ensoulment" rather than conception or the presence of a heartbeat signifies the beginning of human life. Highlights the impact of these laws on estate planning, which is firmly defined in Islam.
24.03.08 By Jonathan Blitzer. New Yorker, February 26, 2024, pp. 40-49.
Outlines the effort by Republicans in the U.S. Congress to impeach Alejandro Mayorkas, Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security. Traces Mayorkas' background as well as the history of migration at the southern border and various administrations' attempts to solve the issue.
24.03.09 By Xavier Rodriguez. South Texas Law Review, Fall 2023, pp. 1-32 (Note Length).
Discusses the use of artificial intelligence software in the legal profession, including the potential limitations of current generative AI platforms and the potential opportunities that the technology could offer industry players.
24.03.10 By Brad Johnson. Texan, February 27, 2024, pp. 1-3.
Highlights the new Texas 2036 interactive tool on the Future of Texas Energy, which estimates the state's electricity load will double its current level by the year 2050. Outlines four broad energy policy proposals to cope with the economic and electricity growth: Status Quo, Advanced Fossil, Energy Transition, and Energy Expansion.
24.03.11 By Kim Roberts. Texan, February 29, 2024, pp. 1-2.
Discusses the implementation of the Texas Water Fund, authorized by voters in Proposition 6 (SJR 75, 88th Legislature, R.S.), and how it works with existing water finance programs and the New Water Supply Fund for Texas (SB 28, 88th Legislature, R.S.)
24.03.12 By Matt Joyce. Texas Highways, March 2024, pp. 82-85.
Highlights the Texas German Dialect Project, founded at the University of Texas in 2001 to study the regional dialect of Texas-born German speakers. Notes that about fourteen percent of Texans have German heritage because of a large wave of immigration beginning in the 1800s, during which thousands of Germans settled mostly in Central Texas. Adds that the language is a mix of multiple German dialects from various places in Europe, and that it is expected to die out in the next five to ten years as its last speakers age.
24.03.13 By Russell Gold. Texas Monthly, March 2024, pp. 100-121.
Profiles Tim Dunn, a West Texas oil billionaire who has become the largest individual source of campaign money in the state. Describes Dunn's advocacy for conservative causes and how his often behind-the-scenes work has pushed the state to the right.

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