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Daily Legislative Clipping Service for January 17, 2018 Select another date

The Legislative Reference Library produces a Daily Newspaper Clipping Service for members of the Legislative community. Each morning, Library staff members select and compile articles of interest to the legislature from over 30 national and regional newspapers.

Headline Newspaper Columnist Date Related Links
We recommend Zac Duffy in Democratic primary for Texas House District 108 Dallas Morning News  Editorial 01/17/18  
We recommend Lynn Stucky in the GOP primary for Texas House District 64 Dallas Morning News  Editorial 01/17/18  
We Recommend Koop in GOP race for state House District 102 Dallas Morning News  Editorial 01/16/18 2 TX bill(s)
We Recommend Johnson in Dem race for Senate District 16 Dallas Morning News  Editorial 01/16/18  
Time to fix gerrymandering Houston Chronicle  Editorial 01/16/18 3 TX bill(s) 7 doc(s)
Texans must unite to fight the scourge of sex trafficking Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Grabert, K. 01/17/18 2 doc(s)
UT rejects Chinese Communist influence Houston Chronicle  Rogin, J. 01/17/18  
‘Best practices’ undermine skilled teachers San Antonio Express News  Newman, D. 01/17/18  
We need to prepare the younger generation Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Seline, R. 01/16/18  
More criminal justice reform for Texas in 2018 Houston Chronicle  Levin, M. 01/16/18 4 TX bill(s)
Andrew White outpaces Lupe Valdez in Democrats’ money race for governor Austin American Statesman  Tilove, J. 01/17/18  
Gov. Abbott unveils property tax plan with a 2.5 percent revenue cap Austin American Statesman  Tilove, J. 01/17/18 1 doc(s)
Abbott wants to limit local jurisdictions' ability to raise Texans' taxes Dallas Morning News  Jeffers Jr., G. 01/17/18 1 doc(s)
State, not schools, denied kids special ed services, Texas administrators say Dallas Morning News  Ayala, E. 01/17/18 3 doc(s)
Gov. Abbott proposes 2.5 percent cap on property tax revenues Houston Chronicle  Ward, M. 01/17/18 2 doc(s)
Gov. Greg Abbott takes fresh aim at local officials’ ability to raise property taxes Houston Chronicle  Fikac, P. 01/17/18 1 doc(s)
UT rejects money from group with Chinese Communist Party ties Austin American Statesman  Haurwitz, R. 01/16/18 2 doc(s)
‘You cannot give up hope’ message resonates at Fort Worth parade Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Tinsley, A. 01/16/18  
Alamo Trust to hold open meetings in wake of transparency concerns San Antonio Express News  Huddleston, S. 01/16/18 1 TX bill 4 doc(s)
Sheryl Cole raises $232,000, emerges as top threat to Rep. Dukes Austin American Statesman  Autullo, R. 01/17/18  
Your governor needs even more money Austin American Statesman  Herman, K. 01/17/18  
Supreme Court rejects Texas Democrats’ redistricting appeal Austin American Statesman  Lindell, C. 01/17/18 5 doc(s)
With only $46,000 in the bank, Lupe Valdez has meager resources in her bid for governor Dallas Morning News  Jeffers Jr., G. 01/17/18  
His challengers have confidence — but Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick has $18 million Dallas Morning News  McGaughy, L. 01/17/18  
Where hogs roam and root — then get trapped Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Hanna, B. 01/17/18 1 TX bill 2 doc(s)
Supreme Court rejects Texas Democrats in redistricting case Houston Chronicle  Wallace, J. 01/17/18 3 doc(s)
Abbott owes an apology to Houston Republican - and Houston voters Houston Chronicle  Falkenberg, L. 01/17/18 1 TX bill
Profanity divides Democratic rivals in U.S. District 23 San Antonio Express News  Garcia, G. 01/17/18  
Patterson raises $90,000 in GOP race against Land Commissioner George P. Bush San Antonio Express News  Morris, A. 01/17/18  
Can urban boarding experience help students? Dallas Morning News  Ayala, E. 01/16/18 1 doc(s)
Unexpected rival from Beaumont emerges in race to represent Houston Latinos Houston Chronicle  Wallace, J. 01/16/18  
Andrew White raises $200K, Lupe Valdez at $46K in Dem race Houston Chronicle  Ward, M. 01/16/18  
Exclusive: Houston killer facing execution this week admitted to 2 more slayings in morbid hoax Houston Chronicle  Blakinger, K. 01/16/18 2 doc(s)
Democrats raise more than $2.8M in primary to face Culberson Houston Chronicle  Diaz, K. 01/16/18  
Miller loses endorsement from group he belongs to Houston Chronicle  Zelinski, A. 01/16/18  
San Antonio celebrates 50 years marching for King’s dream San Antonio Express News  Davis, V. 01/16/18  
Brockhouse tempers criticism of McManus San Antonio Express News  Chasnoff, B. 01/16/18 1 TX bill 2 doc(s)
Unfulfilled, King’s dream still endures San Antonio Express News  Editorial 01/15/18  
Kleinert ruling weakens accountability Austin American Statesman  Editorial 01/14/18 2 doc(s)
Post-Harvey health Houston Chronicle  Editorial 01/14/18  
Texans can help nonprofits succeed under new tax code Austin American Statesman  Editorial 01/13/18 4 doc(s)
Hits and Misses Dallas Morning News  Editorial 01/13/18  
Cold and homeless Houston Chronicle  Editorial 01/13/18 1 doc(s)
Thumbs up, down Houston Chronicle  Editorial 01/13/18  
Chief made right call on immigrants San Antonio Express News  Editorial 01/13/18 1 TX bill 2 doc(s)
Tire dumps endangering Texans San Antonio Express News  Uresti, T. 01/16/18 1 TX bill 2 doc(s)
MLK day parade is not the place for Abbott Dallas Morning News  Parker, R. 01/14/18 4 TX bill(s) 3 doc(s)
50 years after MLK’s slaying and Chicago riots, has anything changed? Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Gonzales, R. 01/14/18  
The outlook for Houston is up to us Houston Chronicle  King, B. 01/14/18 2 TX bill(s)
Rhetoric the vehicle for imparting knowledge San Antonio Express News  Cherwitz, R. 01/14/18  
Texas must go whole hog on wild pigs Dallas Morning News  Young, A. 01/13/18 1 doc(s)
Abbott not fit to lead MLK Day parade Dallas Morning News  Haynes, F. 01/13/18  
NAFTA: Mend it; don’t end it Houston Chronicle  Craddick, C. 01/13/18 3 doc(s)
State offers cash to help schools — with a catch Austin American Statesman  Taboada, M. 01/15/18 1 doc(s)
Panel gone, worries remain Dallas Morning News  Barragan, J. 01/15/18 6 doc(s)
Earmarks of a policy change? Dallas Morning News  Leslie, K. 01/15/18 1 doc(s)
County leads in life term without parole Houston Chronicle  Blakinger, K. 01/15/18 1 TX bill
Teacher groups take political stand Austin American Statesman  Chang, J. 01/14/18  
Opponents of gay marriage say they aren’t giving up Austin American Statesman  Lindell, C. 01/14/18  
Texas employers fear immigration changes Austin American Statesman  Flores, N. 01/14/18  
Pastor’s message: Vouchers are evil Dallas Morning News  Garrett, R. 01/14/18  
Tax hit possible as Fort Worth struggles to shore up pension Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Baker, S. 01/14/18  
Latino voters’ course unclear Houston Chronicle  Ward, M. 01/14/18  
How city changed migrant protocol San Antonio Express News  Buch, J. 01/14/18  
High court to review Texas vote maps Austin American Statesman  Lindell, C. 01/13/18  
Mass violence spurs closer FBI, local ties Austin American Statesman  Wilson, M. 01/13/18  
Top court takes state remap case Dallas Morning News  Barragan, J. 01/13/18 1 doc(s)
Psych facility license at risk Dallas Morning News  Ambrose, S. 01/13/18 1 doc(s)
Organizers plan to cancel MLK parade after appeal Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Tinsley, A. 01/13/18  
Texas map flap heading to high court Houston Chronicle  Zelinski, A. 01/13/18  
Supreme Court to hear Texas redistricting case in the spring San Antonio Express News  Morris, A. 01/13/18  
Abbott keeps promise on leadership training Austin American Statesman  Selby, W. 01/15/18 2 TX bill(s) 1 doc(s)
Building computer muscles Dallas Morning News  Limon, E. 01/15/18  
How King’s Dream lives on for North Texas leaders Dallas Morning News  Staff 01/15/18  
Banned book policy gets review Dallas Morning News  McGaughy, L. 01/15/18 1 doc(s)
In wake of report, educators call special education caps the Texas Legislature’s idea Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Swaby, A. 01/15/18 5 doc(s)
Groups want more women in elections Houston Chronicle  Carpenter, J. 01/15/18  
More scrutiny ahead for oil and gas industry Houston Chronicle  Sixel, L. 01/15/18  
Patrick’s loyalty to Trump remains steadfast San Antonio Express News  Fikac, P. 01/15/18 1 doc(s)
Business eager to get out the vote Dallas Morning News  Schnurman, M. 01/14/18 2 doc(s)
Texas will be first to weigh in on midterm elections Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Tinsley, A. 01/14/18  
University libraries turn a page in meeting modern student needs Houston Chronicle  Ellis, L. 01/14/18  
McManus’ release of smuggling victims sparks controversy San Antonio Express News  Buch, J. 01/14/18 1 TX bill 2 doc(s)
Bastrop proposes new design standards for subdivisions Austin American Statesman  Huber, M. 01/13/18 1 TX bill 1 doc(s)
Poor leadership, not Abbott, doomed MLK Day parade Dallas Morning News  Ragland, J. 01/13/18  
Councilman doesn’t have to release survey results, Paxton rules Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Baker, S. 01/13/18 1 TX bill 3 doc(s)
State rebukes 3 bail officers Houston Chronicle  Banks, G. 01/13/18 5 doc(s)
Death row inmate’s reprieve bid bolstered Houston Chronicle  Blakinger, K. 01/13/18  
Supreme Court to rule on internet sales taxes Houston Chronicle  Gresko, J. 01/13/18 4 doc(s)
Permit denied for MLK parade in N. Texas San Antonio Express News  Fikac, P. 01/13/18  
Justices to Hear Cases on Voting Rights and Internet Taxes New York Times  Liptak, A. 01/13/18  

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