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Daily Legislative Clipping Service for January 19, 2021 Select another date

The Legislative Reference Library produces a Daily Newspaper Clipping Service for members of the Legislative community. Each morning, Library staff members select and compile articles of interest to the legislature from over 30 national and regional newspapers.

Headline Newspaper Columnist Date Related Links
Atmos Energy must be held accountable for gas explosion that killed Linda Rogers Dallas Morning News  Editorial 01/19/21 3 doc(s)
Rule change in Senate fuels partisan division San Antonio Express News  Editorial 01/19/21 1 TX bill 1 doc(s)
Two Views: We have failed to live King’s dream for us Austin American Statesman  Smith, G. 01/18/21  
Two Views: Critical race theory threatens what King achieved Austin American Statesman  Johnson III, R. 01/18/21  
Texas lawmakers offered vaccine regardless of eligibility Austin American Statesman  A.P. Wire 01/19/21 3 doc(s)
Booze to-go for good? Texas has a shot at permanently allowing alcohol to-go Dallas Morning News  Briseno, A. 01/19/21 1 doc(s)
Job offers of up to $12,000 a week lure Houston nurses to COVID-19 hot spots Houston Chronicle  Ackerman, T. 01/19/21  
Texas lawmaker proposes $3 billion plan to fight future pandemics Austin American Statesman  Sechler, B. 01/18/21 1 TX bill
Armed gun rights activists gather at Texas Capitol, say protest is 'not about the election' Austin American Statesman  Hall, K. 01/18/21  
Texas adds over 10,000 new coronavirus cases; Tarrant County reports 40 deaths Dallas Morning News  Branham, D. 01/19/21 1 doc(s)
7 more coronavirus vaccination hubs added in Dallas-Fort Worth as state distributes more doses Dallas Morning News  Steele, T. 01/19/21 3 doc(s)
Actions by GOP attorneys general could damage credibility Houston Chronicle  Mulvihill, G. 01/19/21 3 doc(s)
As Trump exits, Laredo could elude border wall Houston Chronicle  Wallace, J. 01/19/21 1 doc(s)
World-renowned expert Ben Neuman shares which COVID vaccine he'd take, given the choice Houston Chronicle  Gray, L. 01/19/21 3 doc(s)
San Antonio shatters record for patients hospitalized with COVID-19 San Antonio Express News  Riker, M. 01/19/21 1 doc(s)
Bill would lower speed limits in Texas neighborhoods to 25 mph Austin American Statesman  Jankowski, P. 01/18/21 1 TX bill 3 doc(s)
San Antonio has almost 3,000 new coronavirus cases, six more deaths San Antonio Express News  O'Hare, P. 01/16/21 2 doc(s)
Texas children falling behind in school due to COVID-19. How the Legislature can help Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Editorial 01/17/21 5 doc(s)
Hey Ken Paxton, how much did your lawsuit cost Texans? San Antonio Express News  Editorial 01/17/21 2 doc(s)
A troubling week proves that Dallas County needs to rethink its vaccination system Dallas Morning News  Editorial 01/16/21  
Thumbs up, thumbs down Houston Chronicle  Editorial 01/16/21 2 doc(s)
Legislature must help Texas kids recover from the pandemic Austin American Statesman  Rubin, S. 01/17/21 1 doc(s)
To help sex trafficking survivors, Legislature should make this change in Texas law Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Bouche, V. 01/17/21 1 TX bill 2 doc(s)
Our leaders welcomed crowds, sporting events. With COVID, they should’ve known better Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Coffman, S. 01/17/21 2 doc(s)
Living COVID’s demographic nightmare San Antonio Express News  Rayo-Garza, C. 01/17/21 4 doc(s)
The sacred trust of democracy Governor Ann Richards held close Austin American Statesman  Justus, M. 01/16/21  
COVID-19 could leave the Legislature playing Texas slow ’em Dallas Morning News  Reynolds, R. 01/16/21 1 doc(s)
How conservatives can restore faith in elections San Antonio Express News  Whyte, M. 01/16/21  
After siege, chance to model civility San Antonio Express News  Allison, S. 01/16/21  
Lack of diversity and the pandemic challenge colleges to address mental health issues for students of color Dallas Morning News  Olivares, V. 01/18/21 1 doc(s)
Vaccine's uneven rollout creating confusion, uncertainty for Austin-area employers Austin American Statesman  Hawkins, L. 01/17/21 4 doc(s)
New Williamson sheriff axes deputies, others resign, including those in Javier Ambler's death Austin American Statesman  Plohetski, T. 01/17/21 1 TX bill
In the first weeks of Texas’ vaccine rollout, confusion and frustration abounds for residents desperate for a shot Dallas Morning News  Morris, A. 01/17/21 2 doc(s)
Why was Texas unable to stop a second COVID surge months in the making? Houston Chronicle  Scherer, J. 01/17/21 7 doc(s)
Galveston-based border wall contractor finds itself at center of federal whistle-blower lawsuit Houston Chronicle  Powell, N. 01/17/21 1 doc(s)
Should schools be open? Families of campus staff lost to COVID-19 wrestle with risks, questions Houston Chronicle  Webb, S. 01/17/21 2 doc(s)
Hospitals full. Thousands infected with coronavirus each week. San Antonio pays the price for failing to flatten the curve. San Antonio Express News  Caruba, L. 01/17/21 3 doc(s)
San Antonio school districts see remote learning stretching way into next year San Antonio Express News  Picon, A. 01/17/21 1 doc(s)
A new crop of Texas-led lawsuits awaits Joe Biden's White House San Antonio Express News  Wermund, B. 01/17/21  
Texas DPS closes state Capitol after intelligence shows evidence of 'violent extremists' Austin American Statesman  Plohetski, T. 01/16/21  
Texas Gov. Greg Abbott denounces 'violence and mayhem' at US Capitol Austin American Statesman  Moritz, J. 01/16/21  
Intended to simplify, Austin residents find new Texas COVID-19 vaccine hub sign-up 'exasperating' Austin American Statesman  Osbourne, H. 01/16/21 3 doc(s)
Vaccine fast-track: Texas lawmakers get offer to skip the line for COVID-19 inoculation Dallas Morning News  McGaughy, L. 01/16/21 2 doc(s)
Texas legislator tests positive for coronavirus, raising questions about Capitol pandemic protocols Dallas Morning News  Barragan, J. 01/16/21 2 TX bill(s) 1 doc(s)
The NRA moves to Texas, files for bankruptcy after legal trouble in New York Dallas Morning News  Thompson, E. 01/16/21 2 doc(s)
‘It’s a mental beat down.’ With stress up, will Fort Worth face a teacher exodus? Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Allen, S. 01/16/21 4 doc(s)
First Texas Capitol COVID scare: Beaumont lawmaker tests positive Houston Chronicle  Goldenstein, T. 01/16/21 2 TX bill(s) 1 doc(s)
Keep saving those eggshells: Organizers say there’s still hope for San Antonio Fiesta 2021 San Antonio Express News  Garcia, L. 01/16/21 2 doc(s)
Heavily fortified statehouses around US see small protests Dallas Morning News  A.P. Wire 01/18/21 1 doc(s)
Hinojosa: Dallas ISD won’t go back to 100% virtual learning unless ordered Dallas Morning News  Donaldson, E. 01/18/21 4 doc(s)
Dallas County adds 1,377 coronavirus cases, 13 deaths; Tarrant reports 19 more deaths Dallas Morning News  Branham, D. 01/18/21  
University will admit any Fort Worth ISD student in top 25% Dallas Morning News  White, N. 01/18/21  
‘Bigger at Home,’ Texas’ Black Tie & Boots inauguration ball goes virtual Dallas Morning News  Thompson, E. 01/18/21  
Bill would lower speed limits in Texas neighborhoods to 25 mph Dallas Morning News  Jankowski, P. 01/18/21 2 TX bill(s) 1 doc(s)
Armed demonstrators gather outside Texas Capitol to show support for gun rights Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Dearman, E. 01/18/21 1 doc(s)
'It was a non-event': Pro-Trump protests quiet amid massive police presence across U.S. Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Layne, N. 01/18/21 1 doc(s)
Will COVID-19 have long-term effects on the brain? San Antonio researchers are trying to find out. Houston Chronicle  Caruba, L. 01/18/21 1 doc(s)
State announces 79 vaccination hub sites to receive doses this week, including several in Houston suburbs and more in Harris County Houston Chronicle  Serrano, A. 01/18/21 1 doc(s)
After a year of racial reckoning, Black lawmakers believe they can finally eliminate Confederate Heroes Day in Texas Houston Chronicle  Bohra, N. 01/18/21 3 TX bill(s)
Michael Dell says more tech companies will be moving to Texas Houston Chronicle  Silverman, D. 01/18/21  
The famous, the infamous and the unsung parade through a new history of Texas politics Houston Chronicle  Holley, J. 01/18/21  
Proposed 15% cap on delivery app fees could offer Texas restaurants some relief Houston Chronicle  Balter, E. 01/18/21 1 TX bill
City cites crowded club, calls on state to close ‘super spreaders’ Houston Chronicle  Hensley, N. 01/18/21  
‘It all depends on you’: San Antonio hospitals even closer to reaching full capacity San Antonio Express News  Picon, A. 01/18/21 4 doc(s)
Fact-check: Does at least 70% of the population need to be vaccinated to reach herd immunity? Austin American Statesman  Mulder, B. 01/17/21 1 doc(s)
MORITZ: A defeated Trump attempted a grim Texas victory lap during final days in office Austin American Statesman  Moritz, J. 01/17/21  
The Capitol insurrection was no surprise to border residents. El Pasoans have seen pro-Trump extremism before. Austin American Statesman  Villagran, L. 01/17/21 1 doc(s)
Why advocates are hopeful for environmental agenda in legislative session Austin American Statesman  Mekelburg, M. 01/17/21 1 TX bill 1 doc(s)
Texas business groups: Legislature must offer 'critical recovery measures' Austin American Statesman  Sechler, B. 01/17/21 1 TX bill 3 doc(s)
Embattled Texas AG Paxton’s fundraising was drying up before he filed lawsuit seeking to overturn Biden victory Dallas Morning News  McGaughy, L. 01/17/21 5 doc(s)
Some Texas companies rethink political giving after Capitol riot, with some singling out Electoral College objectors Dallas Morning News  Benning, T. 01/17/21  
Dallas County adds 2,809 coronavirus cases, 5 COVID-19 deaths; 8 fatalities in Tarrant, 6 in Collin Dallas Morning News  Marfin, C. 01/17/21 1 doc(s)
New coronavirus variant could take over by spring, experts say Dallas Morning News  Ambrose, S. 01/17/21 5 doc(s)
Dallas County confirms its first case of more contagious coronavirus variant Dallas Morning News  Jimenez, J. 01/17/21 4 doc(s)
Dallas County’s initial COVID vaccines went to these affluent northern neighborhoods Dallas Morning News  Garcia, N. 01/17/21 1 doc(s)
Republican in Texas House says he marched in D.C. before Capitol riot Dallas Morning News  Briseno, A. 01/17/21  
How are women navigating the pandemic economy? With flexible schedules, paid time off and other help — if they can get it Dallas Morning News  Schnurman, M. 01/17/21 2 doc(s)
‘It will grow quickly.’ New more contagious COVID variant reported in Dallas County Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Howland, J. 01/17/21 3 doc(s)
Fort Worth police down 224 employees, including 188 officers, due to COVID spread Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Howland, J. 01/17/21 1 doc(s)
Tarrant County officials report 3,023 additional novel coronavirus cases, eight deaths Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Clarridge, E. 01/17/21 1 doc(s)
Thousands of Houstonians elated to get COVID-19 vaccine at Minute Maid, despite long wait-times Houston Chronicle  McGuinness, D. 01/17/21 3 doc(s)
Test-optional college admissions are here to stay, experts say Houston Chronicle  Britto, B. 01/17/21  
With San Pedro Creek's restoration underway, San Antonio developers are snapping up property around it San Antonio Express News  Webner, R. 01/17/21  
Lack of vaccines from state in San Antonio like ‘A thimble to bail out a sinking canoe,’ Mayor says San Antonio Express News  Hardaway, L. 01/17/21 5 doc(s)
‘The more people that can get tested, the better,’ says legislator about COVID-19 at free event on San Antonio’s Southeast Side San Antonio Express News  Hardaway, L. 01/17/21 1 doc(s)
San Antonio officials focus on homeless, health care and other issues in legislative session San Antonio Express News  Hardaway, L. 01/17/21 2 TX bill(s)
Central Texas school leaders ask Austin health chief to prioritize teacher vaccinations Austin American Statesman  Asch, S. 01/16/21  
North Austin retirement community feels hope, relief after receiving COVID-19 vaccines Austin American Statesman  Moreno-Lozano, L. 01/16/21 3 doc(s)
Texas laws protecting whistleblowers don't apply to Attorney General Ken Paxton, his agency argues in bid to quash lawsuit Austin American Statesman  Platoff, E. 01/16/21 4 doc(s)
Texas legislator tests positive for the coronavirus Austin American Statesman  Cobler, N. 01/16/21 2 TX bill(s) 2 doc(s)
Data center firm Digital Realty moving headquarters to Austin Austin American Statesman  Carlson, K. 01/16/21  
Transgender athletes look to changing of White House guard Dallas Morning News  Eaton-Robb, P. 01/16/21  
Anger, confusion in states over federal supply of vaccines Dallas Morning News  A.P. Wire 01/16/21 2 doc(s)
Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick further shrinks Senate Democrats’ clout, awards them few plum posts Dallas Morning News  Garrett, R. 01/16/21  
States declare emergencies, close capitols ahead of rallies Dallas Morning News  Lieb, D. 01/16/21 1 doc(s)
Dallas County reports 2,817 coronavirus cases, 24 deaths; Tarrant County adds 2,350 cases, 38 deaths Dallas Morning News  Steele, T. 01/16/21 1 doc(s)
New Texas House Speaker Dade Phelan raises $4.5 million Dallas Morning News  Barragan, J. 01/16/21  
Texas Capitol to close ‘out of an abundance of caution’ through Biden’s inauguration Dallas Morning News  Barragan, J. 01/16/21 1 doc(s)
California data center firm is moving headquarters to Texas Dallas Morning News  Brown, S. 01/16/21  
Texas high school football state championship games will be held at AT&T Stadium for fall 2021 season Dallas Morning News  Riddle, G. 01/16/21  
Texas House representative tests positive for COVID-19 after he was on House floor Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Dearman, E. 01/16/21 1 TX bill 2 doc(s)
Texas House, Senate take different approaches to keeping people safe amid COVID Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Dearman, E. 01/16/21 2 TX bill(s) 1 doc(s)
Texas rifle group recommends members stay away from planned state capitol armed protest Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Stevenson, S. 01/16/21 1 doc(s)
Tarrant County surpasses 1,800 COVID-19 deaths with 38 added Friday; 2,350 new cases Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Stevenson, S. 01/16/21 3 doc(s)
NRA declares bankruptcy, plans to incorporate in Texas Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Stevenson, S. 01/16/21 2 doc(s)
Judge asks for release of nearly 2,000 inmates to avoid 'killing field' at Harris County Jail Houston Chronicle  Banks, G. 01/16/21 3 doc(s)
Governors complain over pace of COVID-19 vaccine shipments Houston Chronicle  Crary, D. 01/16/21  
Vaccine reserve was exhausted when Trump administration vowed to release it, dashing hopes of expanded access Houston Chronicle  Sun, L. 01/16/21 3 doc(s)
Fearing violence, officials close Texas Capitol through Inauguration Day San Antonio Express News  Harris, C. 01/16/21 1 doc(s)
NRA declares bankruptcy, plans to incorporate in Texas San Antonio Express News  Weber, P. 01/16/21 2 doc(s)
Wind overtook coal as a power source in Texas last year San Antonio Express News  Mendoza-Moyers, D. 01/16/21  
Covid-19 Vaccines Are Getting Stuck at the Last Step Wall Street Journal  Frosch, D. 01/19/21  
More Than Half of States Widen Access to Vaccine, Raising Hopes as Well as Chaos New York Times  Smith, M. 01/18/21  
States Brace for Armed Protests in Wake of U.S. Capitol Attack New York Times  Gray, K. 01/18/21  
After Capitols Become Fortresses, Far-Right Protesters Are Mostly a No-Show New York Times  Fuller, K. 01/18/21  
One Year, 400,000 Coronavirus Deaths: How the U.S. Guaranteed Its Own Failure New York Times  Baker, M. 01/17/21  

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