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Daily Legislative Clipping Service for January 4, 2021 Select another date

The Legislative Reference Library produces a Daily Newspaper Clipping Service for members of the Legislative community. Each morning, Library staff members select and compile articles of interest to the legislature from over 30 national and regional newspapers.

Headline Newspaper Columnist Date Related Links
The transition from fossil fuel is an opportunity for Texas Houston Chronicle  Editorial 01/04/21 4 doc(s)
Stop the blame, and support teachers and students through the pandemic Houston Chronicle  Pauloski, G. 01/04/21 2 doc(s)
With dining curfew upended, Austin leaders weigh next pandemic steps Austin American Statesman  Lindell, C. 01/04/21 3 doc(s)
Texas has fewest executions since 1996 due to pandemic Austin American Statesman  Lozano, J. 01/04/21 3 doc(s)
Pandemic protocols being weighed Dallas Morning News  Barragan, J. 01/04/21  
Texas COVID-19 hospitalizations remain at record highs Austin American Statesman  Autullo, R. 01/04/21 2 doc(s)
Eckhardt disputes ethics agency's rebuke for actions as Travis County judge Austin American Statesman  Lindell, C. 01/04/21 1 doc(s)
Dallas County adds 3,851 coronavirus cases, 10 deaths in 2-day total Dallas Morning News  Branham, D. 01/04/21 4 doc(s)
Dallas police rescind memo that said some 911 calls should be directed to online reporting system Dallas Morning News  Branham, D. 01/04/21  
Pastor fatally shot, 1 other person wounded at East Texas Methodist church Dallas Morning News  Branham, D. 01/04/21  
Silent pandemic: Domestic violence increases across Montgomery County during COVID Houston Chronicle  Swinnerton, J. 01/04/21 1 doc(s)
Houston Health Department planning more COVID-19 vaccine sites Houston Chronicle  Carpenter, J. 01/04/21 4 doc(s)
Low-skill workers will need a lift following COVID to get economy going Houston Chronicle  Tomlinson, C. 01/04/21  
San Antonio officials report nearly 2,000 new COVID-19 cases — a record San Antonio Express News  Picon, A. 01/04/21 4 doc(s)
Cop oversight shouldn't be a ‘toothless’ task Austin American Statesman  Editorial 01/03/21 2 doc(s)
Expanded Medicaid would improve Texans’ health. Here’s how it would boost economy, too Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Editorial 01/03/21 5 doc(s)
What kind of Texas House speaker will Dade Phelan be? Look at his friends — and enemies. Houston Chronicle  Editorial 01/03/21 2 doc(s)
Paxton and Trump successful at failing to prove fraud San Antonio Express News  Editorial 01/03/21 2 doc(s)
Vaccine privacy isn’t the problem that some want you to believe Dallas Morning News  Editorial 01/02/21 1 doc(s)
Thumbs up, thumbs down Houston Chronicle  Editorial 01/02/21 1 doc(s)
Compensate athletes who bring bucks to campuses San Antonio Express News  Editorial 12/31/20  
Educating kids in the Valley is critical for all Texans Dallas Morning News  Gama, J. 01/03/21 1 doc(s)
Failure to support those slipping into poverty would profoundly damage the entire economy Dallas Morning News  Perryman, M. 01/03/21 3 doc(s)
I got COVID at summer camp and I’m still not the same Houston Chronicle  Pevow, K. 01/03/21  
Expanding Medicaid in Texas could strain system San Antonio Express News  Balat, D. 01/02/21 1 doc(s)
Texas Supreme Court blocks Austin, Travis County dine-in curfew Austin American Statesman  Lindell, C. 01/03/21 1 doc(s)
Texas rural counties without hospitals have higher COVID-19 death rates Austin American Statesman  Chang, J. 01/03/21 4 doc(s)
Despite critics, Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins remains steadfast on COVID response Dallas Morning News  Garcia, N. 01/03/21 4 doc(s)
Texas invested big in pre-K. Now a tight state budget could threaten that funding. Dallas Morning News  Donaldson, E. 01/03/21 1 TX bill 2 doc(s)
Lingering heart issues an 'alarming' risk for young COVID-19 patients Houston Chronicle  Ackerman, T. 01/03/21 4 doc(s)
Vague standards, weak enforcement endanger Texas jail inmates, government watchdog finds Houston Chronicle  Barned-Smith, S. 01/03/21 5 doc(s)
For some, rules wearing thin even as pandemic grows more dire San Antonio Express News  Chasnoff, B. 01/03/21 5 doc(s)
‘Not traditional policing’: San Antonio initiative aims to prevent mass violence, targeted attacks San Antonio Express News  Eaton, L. 01/03/21 1 TX bill 3 doc(s)
Austin schools to resume for in-person learning in January; most extracurriculars suspended Austin American Statesman  Choi, H. 01/02/21 1 doc(s)
In Austin, vaccine distribution sites highlight racial, equity disparities Austin American Statesman  Autullo, R. 01/02/21 1 doc(s)
As coronavirus vaccine become available, communities of color voice concerns Austin American Statesman  Moreno-Lozano, L. 01/02/21 2 doc(s)
Sheriff indicted in Javier Ambler case sues over election loss, claims election fraud Austin American Statesman  Osborn, C. 01/02/21  
Hundreds wait in the rain for more than an hour for COVID-19 vaccine in Fort Worth Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Johnson, K. 01/02/21 1 doc(s)
'It’s looking bad': COVID numbers in Houston continue to spike, even before full impact of holidays Houston Chronicle  Barned-Smith, S. 01/02/21 3 doc(s)
The Texas Legislature session is almost here. GOP and local government lawmakers are ready for war. Houston Chronicle  Scherer, J. 01/02/21 5 TX bill(s) 2 doc(s)
‘More bodies in blue or fewer bodies in orange,’ says Bexar County Sheriff as he works to reduce jail staffing woes San Antonio Express News  Huddleston, S. 01/02/21 1 doc(s)
Adler responds to Texas AG suit over Austin New Year's weekend curfew Austin American Statesman  Lindell, C. 01/01/21 3 doc(s)
From the editor: Thank you for supporting local journalism. It matters. Austin American Statesman  Bridges, J. 01/01/21  
In year of pandemic, protests and politics, Statesman brought in-depth journalism that mattered. Austin American Statesman  Staff 01/01/21  
Texas Gov. Greg Abbott suggested COVID vaccines are sitting on shelves. Is that true? Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Dearman, E. 01/01/21 3 doc(s)
Arlington officials out of COVID-19 vaccines for now. When, what to expect next round Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Broussard, K. 01/01/21 2 doc(s)
For Houston's economy, experts predict 2021 to be a year of healing and uncertainty Houston Chronicle  Takahashi, P. 01/01/21 2 doc(s)
As Texas leaders claim COVID vaccines are sitting on shelves, hospitals and pharmacies beg for more Houston Chronicle  Despart, Z. 01/01/21 2 doc(s)
Good riddance, 2020. Here’s what to watch for in Houston's 2021. Houston Chronicle  Foxhall, E. 01/01/21  
The year 2020 spawned unforgettable news stories. Here’s the Express-News’ Top 10. San Antonio Express News  Huddleston, S. 01/01/21  
Austin mayor says dine-in limits don't violate governor's orders, city plans to continue Austin American Statesman  Osbourne, H. 12/31/20 2 doc(s)
Williamson County to resume jury trials in February Austin American Statesman  Osborn, C. 12/31/20 3 doc(s)
Texas leaders’ plea for COVID-19 vaccines to be used quickly adds to big confusion over rollout rules Dallas Morning News  Garrett, R. 12/31/20 5 doc(s)
Census Bureau to miss deadline, jeopardizing Trump plan Dallas Morning News  Schneider, M. 12/31/20 3 doc(s)
California has nation’s 2nd confirmed case of virus variant Dallas Morning News  Slevin, C. 12/31/20  
As Fort Worth hospitals fill up, public encouraged to celebrate New Year holiday safely Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Dearman, E. 12/31/20 2 doc(s)
Despite COVID, 2020 was a big year for Arlington’s entertainment district. What’s next? Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Broussard, K. 12/31/20  
‘Full steam ahead’: Texas nursing home residents get their COVID-19 vaccinations Houston Chronicle  Foxhall, E. 12/31/20 1 doc(s)
Vaccine offer to city manager raises questions about political favoritism San Antonio Express News  Chasnoff, B. 12/31/20 2 doc(s)
The Texas Legislature comes to Austin and an idea that popped into a lawmaker's head Austin American Statesman  Herman, K. 01/03/21 1 TX bill
The Texas Legislature is set to grapple with the Confederacy. It's our No. 10 issue of the upcoming session. Austin American Statesman  Lindell, C. 01/03/21 3 doc(s)
Austin school district to begin vaccinations for over-65 staff Austin American Statesman  Villalpando, N. 01/03/21 1 doc(s)
Rodney Reed’s family responds to ABC "20/20" special on Stacey Stites' murder Austin American Statesman  Drummond, C. 01/03/21 1 doc(s)
Texas COVID-19 hospitalizations fall slightly, remain high Austin American Statesman  A.P. Wire 01/03/21 2 doc(s)
Dallas County shatters 1-day record by adding 2,842 new coronavirus cases; 23 deaths also announced Dallas Morning News  Scudder, C. 01/03/21 4 doc(s)
Will Betsy Price run again? New year brings new drama in Texas, Fort Worth elections Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Kennedy, B. 01/03/21  
Tarrant County reports a record 3,361 new coronavirus cases, ICU capacity at 99% Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Lopez, B. 01/03/21 1 doc(s)
Houston expands vaccine access; demand exceeds supply on overwhelming first day Houston Chronicle  Bauman, A. 01/03/21 1 doc(s)
COVID vaccine rollout is going about as well as you’d feared Houston Chronicle  Grieder, E. 01/03/21 4 doc(s)
Eric Fagan, first Black sheriff since Reconstruction, pledges to reform policing in Fort Bend County Houston Chronicle  Despart, Z. 01/03/21  
What vaccine distribution planners can learn from Amazon and Walmart Houston Chronicle  Dai, T. 01/03/21  
Capitalism's villains are the COVID-19 pandemic’s heroes Houston Chronicle  Tomlinson, C. 01/03/21  
Decline in death penalty driven by COVID-19 pandemic, shift in prosecutor support San Antonio Express News  Eaton, E. 01/03/21 1 TX bill 2 doc(s)
‘Our hospitals are stressed’ — 1,163 coronavirus patients in San Antonio hospitals San Antonio Express News  Hardaway, L. 01/03/21 1 doc(s)
Virus aid, police reform dominate new US laws for 2021 Austin American Statesman  A.P. Wire 01/02/21  
Disabled Texans worry loss of Affordable Care Act could cost them programs that help them live independently Austin American Statesman  Joslin, T. 01/02/21 4 doc(s)
Bastrop County health authority unveils local COVID-19 vaccine rollout plan Austin American Statesman  Drummond, C. 01/02/21 2 doc(s)
Texas reports 16,027 new COVID-19 cases as hospitals hit record high for fifth consecutive day Dallas Morning News  Jimenez, J. 01/02/21 3 doc(s)
Tarrant surpasses 150,000 COVID cases after single-day high cases, deaths on Thursday Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Stevenson, S. 01/02/21 2 doc(s)
As skepticism runs rampant, Houston-area faith leaders call for vaccinations Houston Chronicle  Downen, R. 01/02/21  
University Health appeals for ‘patience’ as it awaits more doses of COVID vaccine San Antonio Express News  Hardaway, L. 01/02/21 3 doc(s)
The 2021 redistricting process will impact Texas politics for the next 10 years. Here’s how it’ll work. San Antonio Express News  Khalifa, Y. 01/02/21 4 doc(s)
Austin won’t be allowed to restrict dining-in at restaurants, Texas Supreme Court says San Antonio Express News  Najmabadi, S. 01/02/21 1 doc(s)
Texas hospital group disputes concern over unused vaccine Austin American Statesman  Osborn, C. 01/01/21 3 doc(s)
Predictions for a new year that's got to be better than the old year Austin American Statesman  Herman, K. 01/01/21  
Texas' move to control coal ash pollution could shield industry from tougher rules under Biden-led EPA Austin American Statesman  Douglas, E. 01/01/21 7 doc(s)
Travis sheriff's office reports record number of employees with coronavirus in December Austin American Statesman  Choi, H. 01/01/21  
Dallas County reports 1,774 coronavirus cases, 17 deaths as Texas sets new record for hospitalizations Dallas Morning News  Steele, T. 01/01/21 1 doc(s)
Take this fun quiz and see how much you learned as a member of Watchdog Nation in 2020 Dallas Morning News  Lieber, D. 01/01/21  
Fauci's 2021 COVID-19 forecast: School reopenings, vaccines and some 'normalcy' by fall Dallas Morning News  Lin, R. 01/01/21  
Houston region bars must close Jan. 6 if COVID-19 hospitalizations do not fall Houston Chronicle  Despart, Z. 01/01/21 2 doc(s)
First-time unemployment claims see modest drop Houston Chronicle  Carballo, R. 01/01/21 5 doc(s)
Kellen Mond ready for final chapter of historic career at Texas A&M Houston Chronicle  Zwerneman, B. 01/01/21  
‘It did not feel comfortable’ — San Antonio’s COVID-19 testing sites seeing larger crowds, patients worried about safety precautions San Antonio Express News  Hardaway, L. 01/01/21 1 doc(s)
University Health will begin large-scale vaccinations of San Antonians 65 and older and adults with chronic conditions Monday San Antonio Express News  Hardaway, L. 01/01/21 3 doc(s)
Federal appeals court agrees that Dallas County’s bail system denied poor defendants equal rights Dallas Morning News  Krause, K. 12/31/20 2 doc(s)
Dallas County reports 2,292 coronavirus cases, 15 deaths; Texas again posts record hospitalizations Dallas Morning News  Marfin, C. 12/31/20 1 doc(s)
Ken Paxton sues after Austin bans late on-site dining for New Year’s weekend amid COVID-19 surge Dallas Morning News  Te. 12/31/20 5 doc(s)
Tarrant County ventilator use hits all-time high; COVID positivity rate rises sharply Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Stevenson, S. 12/31/20 2 doc(s)
COVID vaccine now available to Arlington-area health care, front-line workers Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Broussard, K. 12/31/20  
Galveston’s Mardi Gras celebration officially canceled due to COVID-19 Houston Chronicle  Serrano, A. 12/31/20  
Texas appeals court upholds temporary injunction barring ouster of HISD trustees Houston Chronicle  Carpenter, J. 12/31/20 1 doc(s)
FAQ: When and where Texans can get the COVID vaccine San Antonio Express News  Pettaway, T. 12/31/20 4 doc(s)
San Antonio to offer mass vaccination rollout as deaths and new COVID cases continue to mount San Antonio Express News  Selcraig, B. 12/31/20 5 doc(s)
State officials target Austin’s holiday restrictions San Antonio Express News  Justin, R. 12/31/20 3 doc(s)
Anti-maskers draw citations at San Antonio’s annual Alamo Bowl San Antonio Express News  Hardaway, L. 12/31/20 1 doc(s)
Fugitive Kills Pastor in Texas Church Shooting, Police Say New York Times  Pietsch, B. 01/04/21  
As the Virus Spikes, Vaccine Distribution Is One More Hurdle for States New York Times  Tompkins, L. 01/04/21  
States Are Shutting Down Prisons as Guards are Crippled By Covid-19 New York Times  Issawi, D. 01/02/21  

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