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Daily Legislative Clipping Service for March 5, 2018 Select another date

The Legislative Reference Library produces a Daily Newspaper Clipping Service for members of the Legislative community. Each morning, Library staff members select and compile articles of interest to the legislature from over 30 national and regional newspapers.

Headline Newspaper Columnist Date Related Links
Leader Let Democrats Down Dallas Morning News  Editorial 03/05/18 2 doc(s)
A Thumbs-Up for Voters Dallas Morning News  Editorial 03/05/18  
For land commissioner: Miguel Suazo Houston Chronicle  Editorial 03/05/18  
Our picks in Tuesday election San Antonio Express News  Editorial 03/05/18  
Why choose to kill? Dallas Morning News  Sitton, R. 03/05/18 2 doc(s)
There is no absolute separation of church and state San Antonio Express News  Piatt, B. 03/05/18  
With surge in early voting, Democrats pin hopes on an enthusiasm gap Austin American Statesman  Tilove, J. 03/05/18  
It’s not easy being blue in a red county Dallas Morning News  Leslie, K. 03/05/18  
More women ready to run Washington Dallas Morning News  Leslie, K. 03/05/18  
Cornyn pushes plan on gun checks Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Drusch, A. 03/05/18 1 doc(s)
Despite Blue Wave, Dems running far behind in cash race for governor Houston Chronicle  Ward, M. 03/05/18 1 doc(s)
Despite massive projects to upgrade Houston bayous to carry floodwaters, thousands still remain in floodplains Houston Chronicle  Zaveri, M. 03/05/18  
Texas college students, fearing opioid deaths, teach each other to reverse overdoses Houston Chronicle  Ellis, L. 03/05/18 1 TX bill 1 doc(s)
Primaries shapes future for candidates and their parties San Antonio Express News  Fikac, P. 03/05/18  
Did you think the bathroom bill fight was over? Think again, voters San Antonio Express News  Fikac, P. 03/05/18 1 TX bill 2 doc(s)
Vulcan faces fight over projects in Comal and Kendall counties San Antonio Express News  MacCormack, Z. 03/05/18 1 doc(s)
Why toll fees remain uncapped, at least on some Central Texas roads Austin American Statesman  Wear, B. 03/05/18 1 TX bill 2 doc(s)
Texas to put the Trump effect to the test Dallas Morning News  Gillman, T. 03/05/18  
5 contests to keep an eye on in Dallas County Dallas Morning News  Jeffers Jr., G. 03/05/18  
Cancer Society honors state senator Dallas Morning News  De. 03/05/18  
Funding clash led Texas A&M to back out of UH hurricane research center before it began Houston Chronicle  Ellis, L. 03/05/18 1 doc(s)
3 more high-ranking departures at juvenile justice agency as leaked email reveals more shake-ups Houston Chronicle  Blakinger, K. 03/05/18 2 doc(s)
Beware of deceptive political mail Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Editorial 03/04/18 1 TX bill
Following deaths, Texas State Greek life needs culture shift Austin American Statesman  Editorial 03/03/18 4 doc(s)
Hits and Misses Dallas Morning News  Editorial 03/03/18 1 doc(s)
Sell emergency contraceptives through UT vending machines Austin American Statesman  Kahle, H. 03/04/18  
Rich people buy things, and for the Wilks brothers that includes political influence Dallas Morning News  Parker, R. 03/04/18  
Austin is afraid of Empower Texans because we are voters demanding change Dallas Morning News  Dunn, T. 03/04/18  
A handgun license without further training may not stop a shooter Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Bernd, M. 03/04/18 2 TX bill(s)
Arm teachers, but with mental health tools, not weapons Houston Chronicle  Pozmantier, J. 03/04/18 1 doc(s)
Together, UTSA, S.A. can build model city San Antonio Express News  Eighmy, T. 03/04/18  
Russian interference not the only obstacle to democracy this year San Antonio Express News  Brischetto, R. 03/04/18 1 TX bill 6 doc(s)
Asking the right questions can lead to significant innovation Austin American Statesman  Iverson, B. 03/03/18  
Our children have something to say about guns Austin American Statesman  Ba. 03/03/18 4 doc(s)
Abbott opens fire on some in GOP primary races Austin American Statesman  Tilove, J. 03/04/18 3 TX bill(s) 4 doc(s)
Texas starts over on rare lizard protection plan Austin American Statesman  Dexheimer, E. 03/04/18 6 doc(s)
Dems save for runoff Dallas Morning News  Jeffers Jr., G. 03/04/18  
The biggest of days Dallas Morning News  Martin, N. 03/04/18 1 TX bill 1 doc(s)
In Texas, students help finance their college sports teams Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Dawson, P. 03/04/18  
If you don’t vote, think on this Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Tinsley, A. 03/04/18  
After Harvey, Kingwood feels ‘like sitting ducks’ Houston Chronicle  Snyder, M. 03/04/18 1 TX bill 2 doc(s)
More Latinos than ever toss hats into ring in Harris County races Houston Chronicle  Tallet, O. 03/04/18  
Congress contests are primary keys San Antonio Express News  Lambrecht, B. 03/04/18  
Ideological differences on display in DA ads San Antonio Express News  Scherer, J. 03/04/18 1 TX bill
Sessions’ ace: tax revamp Dallas Morning News  Benning, T. 03/03/18 2 doc(s)
Bad pipes: Where are they? Dallas Morning News  Emily, J. 03/03/18 2 doc(s)
Mentally ill but able to buy guns Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Mitchell, M. 03/03/18 2 TX bill(s) 3 doc(s)
Email in death row case revealed Houston Chronicle  Barned-Smith, S. 03/03/18 1 doc(s)
Sen. Uresti’s wife files for divorce San Antonio Express News  Contreras, G. 03/03/18 2 doc(s)
5 in GOP, 3 Dems vie for state House seat Austin American Statesman  Chang, J. 03/04/18  
2 Democratic candidates for comptroller see broader role Austin American Statesman  Silver, J. 03/04/18  
Democrats fan out in bid for Congress Dallas Morning News  Jeffers Jr., G. 03/04/18  
635, donors rev up Senate race Dallas Morning News  Leszcynski, R. 03/04/18  
Feb. 22 reprieve reasoning remains unclear Dallas Morning News  Blakinger, K. 03/04/18 2 doc(s)
Early voting turnout doubles for Dems Dallas Morning News  Wang, J. 03/04/18  
TWU presents program on women in politics Dallas Morning News  Fleck, D. 03/04/18  
Texas doesn't want a 'bad guy' with a gun. But do we do anything about it? Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Kennedy, B. 03/04/18 3 doc(s)
Ruh roh: This Texas election went to the dogs Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Tinsley, A. 03/04/18  
Abbott risks destroying the last bridges across a deep divide Houston Chronicle  Falkenberg, L. 03/04/18  
Record 885,000 cast votes early in Texas Houston Chronicle  Wallace, J. 03/04/18  
Court approves takeover of Oncor Houston Chronicle  Handy, R. 03/04/18 2 doc(s)
Boaters key to slowing invasive species Houston Chronicle  Tompkins, S. 03/04/18 2 doc(s)
Early vote numbers up this year San Antonio Express News  O'Hare, P. 03/04/18  
Confederate issue divides race San Antonio Express News  Morris, A. 03/04/18 1 TX bill 5 doc(s)
Lawsuit says Texas 130 builders concealed tollway’s flaws Austin American Statesman  Wear, B. 03/03/18 2 doc(s)
4 candidates seeking seat on board that regulates oil and gas industry Austin American Statesman  Silver, J. 03/03/18  
State continues to rebuild Bastrop’s forest, one year at a time Austin American Statesman  Mulder, B. 03/03/18  
City loses $500K investment Austin American Statesman  Sevilla, A. 03/03/18  
Payne aiming for an upset Dallas Morning News  Jeffers Jr., G. 03/03/18  
Democrats double their 2014 turnout Dallas Morning News  Wang, J. 03/03/18  
Big bucks: Deer semen donations fuel campaigns Dallas Morning News  Wang, J. 03/03/18  
Ag commissioner, land office races in spotlight Dallas Morning News  Barragan, J. 03/03/18  
Where some school staff have carried for years Dallas Morning News  Ragland, J. 03/03/18 1 TX bill
Early voting turnout closes strong Houston Chronicle  George, C. 03/03/18  
Flu season tapering off in Texas Houston Chronicle  Ackerman, T. 03/03/18 1 doc(s)
Bush banks on nod from Trump Houston Chronicle  Matos, A. 03/03/18 3 doc(s)
AG spends big on wife’s race Houston Chronicle  Zelinski, A. 03/03/18 1 doc(s)
NRA, TSRA give little to Texas races San Antonio Express News  Morris, A. 03/03/18 1 doc(s)
Blackouts possible this summer San Antonio Express News  Druzin, R. 03/03/18 1 doc(s)
Why Some Pension Funds Aren’t Giving Up Their Guns Wall Street Journal  Gillers, H. 03/05/18  

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