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Daily Legislative Clipping Service for April 6, 2020 Select another date

The Legislative Reference Library produces a Daily Newspaper Clipping Service for members of the Legislative community. Each morning, Library staff members select and compile articles of interest to the legislature from over 30 national and regional newspapers.

Headline Newspaper Columnist Date Related Links
Mr. Trump, our lives depend on you unjamming the testing backlog. Are you listening? Houston Chronicle  Editorial 04/06/20 4 doc(s)
Postponed May elections need own date San Antonio Express News  Editorial 04/06/20 1 TX bill 4 doc(s)
Coronavirus exposes the stark digital divide in this country; Let’s commit to closing it Dallas Morning News  Jakes, T. 04/06/20 4 doc(s)
N. Texas hospitals will ensure equity and fairness if they must ration coronavirus treatment Dallas Morning News  Williams, B. 04/06/20 4 doc(s)
Medicaid change would cripple Texas’ coronavirus response efforts Austin American Statesman  Mackowiak, M. 04/04/20 2 doc(s)
Coronavirus creeping undetected through Texas and U.S., researchers write Austin American Statesman  Price, A. 04/06/20 4 doc(s)
‘The damage was done’: Coronavirus outbreak at N. Texas center sickens 75 Austin American Statesman  Ball, A. 04/06/20 5 doc(s)
Governor warns emergency pop-up hospital will be moved from Dallas County if it isn’t used Dallas Morning News  Branham, D. 04/06/20 5 doc(s)
Now more than ever, Houston’s ‘digital divide’ imperils children’s education Houston Chronicle  Webb, S. 04/06/20 4 doc(s)
Some workers fear for jobs Dallas Morning News  Morris, A. 04/05/20  
Dallas County extends order Dallas Morning News  Garcia, N. 04/04/20 1 doc(s)
UIL: Athletes will need time to acclimate if sports resume this spring Austin American Statesman  Cantu, R. 04/06/20 1 doc(s)
Austin-area cities, school districts call off May elections amid coronavirus Austin American Statesman  Staff 04/06/20 1 doc(s)
Texas DPS begins screening travelers at checkpoints on roads heading from Louisiana Dallas Morning News  Keomoungkhoun, N. 04/06/20 3 doc(s)
Dallas County reports 97 more coronavirus cases; Tarrant County reports 10th and 11th deaths Dallas Morning News  Keomoungkhoun, N. 04/06/20 3 doc(s)
UIL remains committed to holding state championship events, if possible Dallas Morning News  Riddle, G. 04/06/20 1 doc(s)
UIL suspends spring season indefinitely, hopes to complete all state championships Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Gosset, B. 04/06/20 2 doc(s)
Dispute between Abbott and Dallas County judge shows confusion over coronavirus resources Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Johnson, K. 04/06/20 1 doc(s)
Crowd gathers at Houston church for Palm Sunday service Houston Chronicle  Downen, R. 04/06/20 2 doc(s)
Travel from Louisiana further tightened by new checkpoints Houston Chronicle  Blackman, J. 04/06/20 1 doc(s)
Electricity problem averted, at least for now Houston Chronicle  Sixel, L. 04/06/20 2 doc(s)
Drive-thrus explode in popularity during ‘stay at home’ order Houston Chronicle  Wu, G. 04/06/20  
‘If it’s your time, there’s nothing you can do’ San Antonio Express News  Foster-Frau, S. 04/06/20 1 doc(s)
Buy American is all ‘hot air,’ 1 man knows Dallas Morning News  Lieber, D. 04/05/20  
Surge of nursing home cases prompts state inquiry Dallas Morning News  Brumfield, L. 04/05/20 1 doc(s)
Dallas County reports 90 new cases Dallas Morning News  Steele, T. 04/04/20 1 doc(s)
Coronavirus risk isn’t up for debate Austin American Statesman  Editorial 04/05/20 2 doc(s)
Lockups Can’t Lock Out Coronavirus Dallas Morning News  Editorial 04/05/20 2 doc(s)
The challenge to protect our children has never been greater Austin American Statesman  Guzman, E. 04/05/20 1 doc(s)
Texas after the coronavirus Dallas Morning News  Pedigo, S. 04/05/20 1 doc(s)
Grocery workers are on the coronavirus front lines. Texas must step up to help them Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Burris, R. 04/05/20 1 doc(s)
Amid pandemic, a rush for wills and end-of-life documents Austin American Statesman  Plohetski, T. 04/05/20 1 doc(s)
How Abbott’s muddled coronavirus message resonated in a diverse state Austin American Statesman  Tilove, J. 04/05/20 3 doc(s)
Why are more young people testing positive for COVID-19 in Austin? Austin American Statesman  Price, A. 04/05/20 4 doc(s)
Fort Worth area nurses describe confusion, mask shortages: ‘I’m afraid to go to work’ Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Hernandez, K. 04/05/20 2 doc(s)
Is Fort Worth area ready for a surge of coronavirus patients? Details have been scarce. Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Manna, N. 04/05/20 4 doc(s)
Texas is behind the curve on releasing timely information on the coronavirus. Here’s why Houston Chronicle  Tedesco, J. 04/05/20 5 doc(s)
More than 800 hospitalized statewide for COVID-19 Austin American Statesman  Cobler, N. 04/04/20 1 doc(s)
Texas hospitals to receive tens of thousands of rapid COVID-19 tests, Gov. Abbott says Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Weinberg, T. 04/04/20 1 doc(s)
San Antonio educators: our best efforts can’t stop coronavirus closures from hurting students San Antonio Express News  Malik, A. 04/04/20 1 TX bill 4 doc(s)
Fact-check: Does Texas have one of the lowest coronavirus death rates? Austin American Statesman  Mekelburg, M. 04/05/20 2 doc(s)
UT says 211 students went to Mexico, 49 caught COVID-19 Austin American Statesman  Korte, L. 04/05/20  
Power Poll: Adler’s response to pandemic rates positively; Trump’s seen negatively Austin American Statesman  Molina, M. 04/05/20 2 doc(s)
Coronavirus in Austin: Construction crews back at job sites as work ban lifted Austin American Statesman  Hawkins, L. 04/05/20 4 doc(s)
Dallas County sees 18th death, tops 1K cases Dallas Morning News  Marfin, C. 04/05/20 1 doc(s)
A Hood County official calls Greg Abbott’s order ‘heavy-handed.’ But his idea’s worse Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Kennedy, B. 04/05/20 2 doc(s)
Gov. Greg Abbott keeps calm in COVID-19 crisis. Too calm, some say. Houston Chronicle  Wallace, J. 04/05/20 1 doc(s)
Abbott’s dithering during coronavirus crisis has done Texans no favors Houston Chronicle  Grieder, E. 04/05/20 2 doc(s)
COVID-19 demands generosity from the privileged to keep economy going Houston Chronicle  Tomlinson, C. 04/05/20 1 doc(s)
Coronavirus relief can’t come fast enough San Antonio Express News  Jefferson, G. 04/05/20 2 doc(s)
No grades this year: TEA waives state accountability ratings amid coronavirus pandemic Austin American Statesman  Moreno-Lozano, L. 04/04/20 2 doc(s)
May elections in Bastrop County postponed to November due to coronavirus pandemic Austin American Statesman  Mulder, B. 04/04/20 1 doc(s)
DPS says it has enough PPE despite employee’s request Dallas Morning News  Barragan, J. 04/04/20 1 doc(s)
Secretary of State says local officials must delay May 2 elections for voters’ health Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Weinberg, T. 04/04/20 6 doc(s)
Fort Worth could receive up to $200 million for coronavirus relief Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Ranker, L. 04/04/20 1 doc(s)
Texas districts, schools will not get accountability ratings in 2020 because of pandemic Houston Chronicle  Carpenter, J. 04/04/20 5 doc(s)
Gov. Abbott says Texas has 8,700 ventilators and nearly 20K hospital bed capacity Houston Chronicle  Goldenstein, T. 04/04/20 1 doc(s)
Texas opens door to more mail-in voting in 2020 elections Houston Chronicle  Wermund, B. 04/04/20 4 doc(s)
More than 80 residents of Texas City nursing home test positive for new coronavirus Houston Chronicle  Lewis, B. 04/04/20  
Nursing home now probed by city, state San Antonio Express News  Caruba, L. 04/04/20 1 doc(s)
He Kissed His Mother Goodbye. Then He Learned She Had Coronavirus. New York Times  Bogel-Burroughs, N. 04/06/20  
Texas screens cars entering the state from Louisiana. New York Times  Staff 04/06/20  
Texas Gets Double Punch From Coronavirus And Oil Shock. 'There's No Avoiding This One' Wall Street Journal  Eaton, C. 04/06/20  
Can You Lead in a Pandemic Without Picking Sides? Greg Abbott Is Trying New York Times  Plott, E. 04/04/20  
Coronavirus Sweeps Through a San Antonio Nursing Home New York Times  Fernandez, M. 04/04/20  

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