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Daily Legislative Clipping Service for December 28, 2020 Select another date

The Legislative Reference Library produces a Daily Newspaper Clipping Service for members of the Legislative community. Each morning, Library staff members select and compile articles of interest to the legislature from over 30 national and regional newspapers.

Headline Newspaper Columnist Date Related Links
The eviction crisis is serious. State, local officials must do more to help. Houston Chronicle  Editorial 12/28/20 3 doc(s)
30 percent of San Antonio’s COVID-19 cases have been reported in December San Antonio Express News  Riker, M. 12/24/20 2 doc(s)
COVID-19 hospitalizations just shy of all-time high of 10,893 Austin American Statesman  Macias, R. 12/28/20 2 doc(s)
'We all knew this was coming': Austin restaurants react to Stage 5 coronavirus guidelines Austin American Statesman  Odam, M. 12/28/20 3 doc(s)
Want your wallet back when you get out of jail? San Antonio wants $25 for holding it San Antonio Express News  Selcraig, B. 12/28/20  
San Antonio surpasses 110,000 COVID-19 cases; 1,000 people hospitalized with the virus San Antonio Express News  Picon, A. 12/28/20 3 doc(s)
Dallas County reports 3-day total of 6,144 new coronavirus cases, 11 deaths Dallas Morning News  Marfin, C. 12/28/20 1 doc(s)
Retiring Texas House Speaker Dennis Bonnen tests positive for COVID-19 Dallas Morning News  Gravois, J. 12/28/20  
Texas House Speaker Dennis Bonnen tests positive for COVID-19 over Christmas weekend Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Hartley, J. 12/28/20  
Armando Colombo, CEO of the Menninger Clinic, on the need for mental health help during the pandemic Houston Chronicle  Wu, G. 12/28/20  
Rumors of oil's death have been greatly exaggerated Houston Chronicle  Perryman, M. 12/28/20  
Warner "Lamoine" Holland III San Antonio Express News  Staff 12/28/20  
Texas has real problems. APD isn't one of them. Austin American Statesman  Editorial 12/27/20 3 doc(s)
DFW apparently doesn’t have enough COVID-19 cases. So sure, bring on college playoff Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Editorial 12/27/20 3 doc(s)
Expand SNAP to alleviate hunger San Antonio Express News  Editorial 12/27/20 3 doc(s)
Thumbs up, thumbs down Houston Chronicle  Editorial 12/26/20 3 doc(s)
Mr. President, sign the COVID relief bill. Sign it today. Houston Chronicle  Editorial 12/24/20 4 doc(s)
Congress delivers more COVID aid, but hold the applause San Antonio Express News  Editorial 12/24/20 5 doc(s)
Expand health care to keep ER for true emergencies San Antonio Express News  Editorial 12/23/20 2 doc(s)
Texas isn't on my son's list of safe states. Congress should change that. Austin American Statesman  Rodriguez, L. 12/27/20 1 doc(s)
Who should get the next round of COVID-19 vaccines? Dallas Morning News  Gingles, D. 12/27/20 1 doc(s)
Education in a Time of Pandemic: Not Making the Grade Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Burke, L. 12/27/20 4 doc(s)
Trust teachers and skip the STAAR this year Houston Chronicle  Alter, S. 12/27/20 3 doc(s)
Texas should cancel STAAR testing immediately San Antonio Express News  DeMatthews, D. 12/27/20 7 doc(s)
God, country, liberty and madness San Antonio Express News  Parker, K. 12/26/20  
UT should take the next step to defend free speech on campus Austin American Statesman  Lindsay, T. 12/24/20 2 doc(s)
OUR TOP STORY OF THE YEAR: How the coronavirus changed everything Austin American Statesman  Staff 12/27/20  
Unemployment aid for millions expires after Trump refuses to sign relief bill with bipartisan support Dallas Morning News  Colvin, J. 12/27/20 5 doc(s)
Good riddance, 2020: Worst year ever for jobs in Texas Dallas Morning News  Schnurman, M. 12/27/20 3 doc(s)
Could Texas students eventually be required to get a COVID-19 vaccine? Dallas Morning News  Richman, T. 12/27/20 8 doc(s)
Donald Trump’s Dallas-area supporters won’t accept his loss, say populist movement continues Dallas Morning News  Jeffers Jr., G. 12/27/20 2 doc(s)
Fort Worth schools see spike in student failure rates during COVID-19. How bad is it? Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Allen, S. 12/27/20 6 doc(s)
‘Uncharted territory’ — San Antonio teachers overwhelmed with pandemic challenges San Antonio Express News  Picon, A. 12/27/20 8 doc(s)
Ken Paxton’s beefed-up 2020 voter fraud unit closed 16 minor cases, all in Harris County San Antonio Express News  Goldenstein, T. 12/27/20 3 doc(s)
As pandemic grinds on, Texas students increasingly feel alone and scared, and some are thinking about suicide Austin American Statesman  Taboada, M. 12/26/20 7 doc(s)
Coronavirus threat can mean greater isolation for kids in Austin juvenile detention Austin American Statesman  Hall, K. 12/26/20 4 doc(s)
Texans who buy personalized license plates have put $100 million into state tax rolls Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Dickson, G. 12/26/20 2 doc(s)
Pandemic forces cities to change in-person inspections for occupied homes, apartments Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Campbell, E. 12/26/20 3 doc(s)
Austin schools could shutter in January as board gives power to superintendent Austin American Statesman  Price, A. 12/25/20 6 doc(s)
Austin-Travis County moves to Stage 5 of coronavirus threat; tightest restrictions urged Austin American Statesman  Bradshaw, K. 12/25/20 5 doc(s)
How one company can test up to 50,000 Texans a day for COVID-19 for free, without a nose swab Dallas Morning News  Jimenez, J. 12/25/20  
GOP blocks $2,000 checks as Trump leaves COVID aid in chaos Dallas Morning News  Taylor, A. 12/25/20 3 doc(s)
Texas COVID-19 hospitalizations approach record high Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Dearman, E. 12/25/20 6 doc(s)
Moderna vaccine brings relief to small, rural hospitals Houston Chronicle  Dellinger, H. 12/25/20 6 doc(s)
‘Rural hospitals are drowning.’ Half of them were left off that state’s vaccine distribution lists. San Antonio Express News  Riker, M. 12/25/20 6 doc(s)
Teslas, other electric vehicles could face new fee under Texas proposal Austin American Statesman  Sechler, B. 12/24/20 2 TX bill(s)
UT study: Politics put Texas construction workers at risk early in outbreak Austin American Statesman  Jankowski, P. 12/24/20 2 TX bill(s) 1 doc(s)
In FBI probe, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton faces aggressive, ethical prosecutor Austin American Statesman  Bleiberg, J. 12/24/20 4 doc(s)
Dallas’ new police chief will be Eddie Garcia, the first Latino to lead the department Dallas Morning News  Scudder, C. 12/24/20  
For Dallas-Fort Worth holiday travelers, some things are worth the risk as COVID rages Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Lopez, B. 12/24/20 2 doc(s)
Trump threatens COVID relief bill, testing loyalty of GOP Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Freking, K. 12/24/20 1 doc(s)
San Antonio officials allowed crowded weekend boxing match at Alamodome amid surge in coronavirus San Antonio Express News  Fechter, J. 12/24/20 5 doc(s)
Abbott-backed proposal would put all Austin policing under state control Austin American Statesman  Autullo, R. 12/23/20 1 doc(s)
Gov. Greg Abbott receives COVID-19 vaccine in Austin Austin American Statesman  Price, A. 12/23/20 3 doc(s)
Escott eyes Christmas coronavirus threat, weighs calling for tighter rules if cases worsen Austin American Statesman  Osbourne, H. 12/23/20 2 doc(s)
Dallas medics will be among the first city workers to get COVID-19 vaccines Dallas Morning News  Bailey Jr., E. 12/23/20 1 doc(s)
TCU to receive 100 doses of COVID-19 vaccine. Here’s who will get vaccinated first Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Lopez, B. 12/23/20 1 doc(s)
Southlake lost a trusted police officer. His cancer-fighting wife lost her ‘soul mate’ Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Campbell, E. 12/23/20  
Latest COVID-19 projections suggest Houston could be nation's next hot spot Houston Chronicle  Ackerman, T. 12/23/20 4 doc(s)
Millions likely to ignore COVID holiday travel warnings Houston Chronicle  Takahashi, P. 12/23/20 1 doc(s)
Virus cases trigger rollback of restrictions in Galveston, Brazoria, Chambers and Liberty counties Houston Chronicle  Powell, N. 12/23/20 1 doc(s)
San Antonio hits new daily record of COVID-19 cases as hospitalizations, deaths mount San Antonio Express News  Fechter, J. 12/23/20 2 doc(s)
‘We’ve had enough’ — Moderate Republicans ditched Donald Trump for Joe Biden in the party’s key Bexar County strongholds. But the defections didn’t he San Antonio Express News  Fechter, J. 12/23/20  
Amazon plans to open three new facilities in San Antonio and create over 1,500 jobs San Antonio Express News  Iszler, M. 12/23/20  
Lake Buchanan infested with zebra mussels, joining dozens of other Texas waterways, officials say Austin American Statesman  Bradshaw, K. 12/27/20 1 doc(s)
Beto O'Rourke to teach on democracy and campaigning at University of Texas this spring Austin American Statesman  Price, A. 12/27/20  
Fact-check: Is the Texas oil and gas industry 35% of the state economy? Austin American Statesman  Mulder, B. 12/27/20 2 doc(s)
Despite smooth election, GOP leaders seek vote restrictions Dallas Morning News  Cassidy, C. 12/27/20  
Dallas County adds 10 COVID-19 deaths, sees total confirmed and probable cases climb past 180,000 Dallas Morning News  Jimenez, J. 12/27/20 3 doc(s)
Can COVID-19 vaccines get us to herd immunity? ‘The jury is definitely still out’ Dallas Morning News  Baumgaertner, E. 12/27/20 3 doc(s)
Why does the ‘COVID slide’ look worse in math? Texas schools struggle to get students back on track Dallas Morning News  Richman, T. 12/27/20 1 doc(s)
From a near riot to the biggest hack of Texans’ information, 2020 was filled with wins and losses Dallas Morning News  Lieber, D. 12/27/20 1 doc(s)
He claimed election fraud. He wouldn’t leave office. It was 147 years ago — in Texas Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Kennedy, B. 12/27/20  
Pandemic. Recession. Oil bust. How Houston weathered economic collapse under COVID-19 Houston Chronicle  Osborne, J. 12/27/20 3 doc(s)
Newspapers and the rise of Texas barbecue Houston Chronicle  Reid, J. 12/27/20  
UTSA, Port San Antonio unite on research, workforce initiative San Antonio Express News  Lingle, B. 12/27/20  
Bexar County leader 'encourages' Spurs to 'hold off' on fans San Antonio Express News  Orsborn, T. 12/27/20 1 doc(s)
Former Travis County employee sues Ken Paxton, challenging anti-Israel boycott law Austin American Statesman  Hall, K. 12/26/20 3 doc(s)
COVID, legislation, lawsuits signal change in college sports Austin American Statesman  Pells, E. 12/26/20 3 doc(s)
Collin County’s data woes concern residents amid coronavirus spike Dallas Morning News  Lopez, B. 12/26/20 2 doc(s)
Texas reports 4,096 new coronavirus cases, 200 deaths Dallas Morning News  Keomoungkhoun, N. 12/26/20 3 doc(s)
UT collects electronic time capsules to document 2020 Houston Chronicle  Britto, B. 12/26/20 1 doc(s)
Texas receives smaller portion of federal stimulus Houston Chronicle  Carballo, R. 12/26/20 1 doc(s)
Following statewide trend, Northside, North East ISDs restrain Black and special ed children at disproportionate rates, report finds San Antonio Express News  Torralva, K. 12/26/20 1 doc(s)
Texas is a hub of hyper-partisanship as American politics grow ever more divisive San Antonio Express News  Wermund, B. 12/26/20 1 doc(s)
Texas hasn’t said when or how inmates will receive the coronavirus vaccine San Antonio Express News  McCullough, J. 12/26/20 2 doc(s)
Evolving Texas grid marks beginning of the end for fossil fuel electricity San Antonio Express News  Tomlinson, C. 12/26/20 3 doc(s)
30 years on, Texas colonia residents billed for service they never received San Antonio Express News  Dexheimer, E. 12/26/20 3 doc(s)
North Austin retirement community among first to receive access to COVID-19 vaccine Austin American Statesman  Moreno-Lozano, L. 12/25/20 1 doc(s)
Virus rules not enforced. Grieving Texas family asks: Why? Austin American Statesman  Weber, P. 12/25/20 2 doc(s)
College grants to help North Texans learn workforce skills Dallas Morning News  Ravikumar, V. 12/25/20  
Texas reports 16,392 new coronavirus cases, 308 deaths Dallas Morning News  Keomoungkhoun, N. 12/25/20 2 doc(s)
Texas hospital offers vaccine to pharmacists, school nurses Houston Chronicle  A.P. Wire 12/25/20 2 doc(s)
San Antonio area school leaders, facing loss of millions in state funding, plead for continued grace period San Antonio Express News  Torralva, K. 12/25/20 2 doc(s)
Gov. Greg Abbott allows only limited COVID-19 restrictions for Texas' worst hot spots. Local leaders say it's not enough. San Antonio Express News  Mulcahy, S. 12/25/20 6 doc(s)
Dark days: Experts fear the holidays will fuel the US crisis San Antonio Express News  Lush, T. 12/25/20 1 doc(s)
Austin-area leaders call for virtual religious gatherings for holidays amid coronavirus threat Austin American Statesman  Moreno-Lozano, L. 12/24/20 4 doc(s)
Rio Grande Hospital Workers Turned Down the Vaccine. A Senator and a Sheriff’s Deputy Lined Up Instead. Austin American Statesman  Davila, V. 12/24/20 4 doc(s)
SEC's 'thorough and deliberate approach' about football was the right call against COVID in the end Austin American Statesman  Guilbeau, G. 12/24/20  
Study: Graduation gap widens between white, Black athletes Austin American Statesman  Iacobelli, P. 12/24/20 2 doc(s)
Pfizer to supply US with additional 100M doses of vaccine Dallas Morning News  Alonso-Zaldivar, R. 12/24/20 4 doc(s)
Some Texans in Congress ready to return to Washington as Trump throws huge COVID relief bill into doubt Dallas Morning News  Thompson, E. 12/24/20 2 doc(s)
Gov. Greg Abbott pardons seven Texans ahead of Christmas Dallas Morning News  Barragan, J. 12/24/20 1 doc(s)
Down to 17 ICU beds, Dallas County posts record 2,512 coronavirus cases and — yet again — 30 deaths Dallas Morning News  Jimenez, J. 12/24/20 2 doc(s)
3 takeaways from Drew Springer’s win over Shelley Luther for a North Texas Senate seat Dallas Morning News  Morris, A. 12/24/20 2 TX bill(s)
‘Worst we’ve seen’ in Dallas County as ICU nears capacity; COVID cases, deaths surging Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Stevenson, S. 12/24/20 1 doc(s)
Tarrant COVID hospitalizations spiking; 11 deaths include 2 in Mansfield in their 40s Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Stevenson, S. 12/24/20 1 doc(s)
How Arlington officials are preparing for first rounds of COVID vaccine distribution Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Broussard, K. 12/24/20 1 doc(s)
Hidalgo says no Harris County curfew to curb spread of COVID-19 — for now Houston Chronicle  Despart, Z. 12/24/20 2 doc(s)
Pennsylvania Lt. Gov. Fetterman relentlessly trolls Dan Patrick seeking $1M voter fraud bounty Houston Chronicle  Wermund, B. 12/24/20 1 doc(s)
One wanted normalcy and one went remote: How two West Texas universities operated in COVID-19 hot spots this fall San Antonio Express News  McGee, K. 12/24/20  
State officials organization to review complaint from LBJ, NAACP regarding semifinal loss Austin American Statesman  Cantu, R. 12/23/20  
US deaths in 2020 top 3 million, by far most ever counted Dallas Morning News  Stobbe, M. 12/23/20 3 doc(s)
Dallas County adds 30 COVID-19 deaths, 2,366 new cases; the county’s death toll is now over 1,500 Dallas Morning News  Keomoungkhoun, N. 12/23/20 2 doc(s)
‘It’s that easy’: Texas Gov. Greg Abbott receives his COVID-19 vaccination Dallas Morning News  Morris, A. 12/23/20 7 doc(s)
Texas AG Pushed to Rescind Houston Virus Relief Funding Dallas Morning News  Coronado, A. 12/23/20 6 doc(s)
Consumer relief: COVID bill to end ‘surprise’ medical bills Dallas Morning News  Alonso-Zaldivar, R. 12/23/20 1 doc(s)
Tarrant County COVID-19 hospitalizations rise again, adult ICU beds at 96% capacity Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Stevenson, S. 12/23/20 1 doc(s)
‘Didn’t feel a thing,’ Texas Gov. Greg Abbott says after getting COVID-19 vaccine Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Dearman, E. 12/23/20 2 doc(s)
Man in Tarrant County custody dies from COVID-19, becomes 3rd inmate to die this month Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Johnson, K. 12/23/20 1 doc(s)
Surprise billing deal means time is ripe for health care reform Houston Chronicle  Tomlinson, C. 12/23/20 1 doc(s)
Texas Fracking Billionaires Drew Covid-19 Aid While Investing in Rivals Wall Street Journal  Mullins, B. 12/28/20  
How Much Herd Immunity Is Enough? New York Times  McNeil Jr., D. 12/27/20  
Early Vaccine Doubters Now Show a Willingness to Roll Up Their Sleeves New York Times  Hoffman, J. 12/27/20  
Vaccine Rollout Presenting States With Questions Over Race and Access Wall Street Journal  Vielkind, J. 12/26/20  
Answering Trump, Democrats Try and Fail to Jam $2,000 Payments Through House New York Times  Cochrane, E. 12/25/20  
Pfizer Seals Deal With U.S. for 100 Million More Vaccine Doses New York Times  LaFraniere, S. 12/25/20  
Trump’s Attack on Coronavirus Relief Divides G.O.P. and Threatens Recovery New York Times  Haberman, M. 12/24/20  
States Square Off Over Taxing Remote Workers’ Income Wall Street Journal  Vielkind, J. 12/24/20  

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