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Daily Legislative Clipping Service for December 7, 2020 Select another date

The Legislative Reference Library produces a Daily Newspaper Clipping Service for members of the Legislative community. Each morning, Library staff members select and compile articles of interest to the legislature from over 30 national and regional newspapers.

Headline Newspaper Columnist Date Related Links
Hairstylists get more training than Texas cops? Lawmakers must strengthen standards. Houston Chronicle  Editorial 12/07/20 1 doc(s)
Frisco lawmaker files first bill in response to serial murder spree tied by police to Billy Chemirmir Dallas Morning News  Scudder, C. 12/07/20 1 TX bill
Opponents readying for long fight, though key I-45 deadline to TxDOT days away Houston Chronicle  Begley, D. 12/07/20 1 doc(s)
Alamo reports support preserving San Antonio’s Woolworth building and restoring lunch counter central to civil rights history San Antonio Express News  Huddleston, H. 12/07/20 4 doc(s)
Amid COVID surge, San Antonio students pour back into some campuses, abandon others San Antonio Express News  Torralva, K. 12/07/20 5 doc(s)
She lost work to the pandemic. Now she helps thousands of jobless Texans maneuver through the state’s unemployment system. Austin American Statesman  Ferman, M. 12/07/20 3 doc(s)
Williamson health district recommends 14-day quarantine for coronavirus exposure Austin American Statesman  Osborn, C. 12/07/20 4 doc(s)
UT Dell Medical School study: As coronavirus rates go up, so do food insecurity fears Austin American Statesman  Villalpando, N. 12/07/20  
Dallas County reports 1,852 more coronavirus cases, 3 deaths Dallas Morning News  Branham, D. 12/07/20 4 doc(s)
Texas Gov. Abbott takes political thumps on multiple fronts at Dallas far right rally Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Clarridge, E. 12/07/20  
‘Bold leadership’ conquered dreaded polio disease in the 1950s Houston Chronicle  Holley, J. 12/07/20  
Hydrogen could be the ultimate green energy storage device for wind and solar Houston Chronicle  Tomlinson, C. 12/07/20  
Fact-checking Gov. Abbott’s reasons for ruling out another COVID lockdown Houston Chronicle  Mulder, B. 12/07/20 2 doc(s)
San Antonio officials report 1,021 new coronavirus cases, 2 new deaths San Antonio Express News  Picon, A. 12/07/20 4 doc(s)
Who will lead us as COVID threat spikes? Austin American Statesman  Editorial 12/06/20 2 doc(s)
If Congress can’t even pass a law to help save kids from sex abuse, what can it get right? Dallas Morning News  A.P. Wire 12/06/20 1 TX bill 1 doc(s)
Lawmakers can end Texas’ dismal record on maternal mortality Dallas Morning News  Editorial 12/06/20 2 TX bill(s) 2 doc(s)
Here’s why the Texas Legislature probably won’t do much to help the Fort Worth area Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Editorial 12/06/20 1 doc(s)
‘Things are getting worse,’ Texas. Listen to experts, White House alarm on COVID. Houston Chronicle  Editorial 12/06/20 4 doc(s)
Thumbs up, thumbs down Houston Chronicle  Editorial 12/05/20 3 doc(s)
Downplaying COVID even as cases surge San Antonio Express News  Editorial 12/05/20 3 doc(s)
Texans are reinventing themselves. Shouldn’t colleges do the same? Austin American Statesman  Merisotis, J. 12/06/20  
Why should U.S. universities educate international students? Dallas Morning News  Gonzalez, J. 12/06/20 1 doc(s)
Why former Democrats in the Rio Grande Valley voted for Trump Dallas Morning News  Villalba, J. 12/06/20  
Flawed and costly, death penalty should end San Antonio Express News  Barnes, R. 12/05/20 3 doc(s)
As COVID spiked in Texas, lawmakers escaped to Maui for a corporate-backed confab on the economy Dallas Morning News  McGaughy, L. 12/06/20  
2,900 Texas bars are classified as restaurants. The state hardly checks for compliance Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Dent, M. 12/06/20  
Birth on Demand San Antonio Express News  McDonald, C. 12/06/20  
White House report: Texas in COVID-19 'red zone' Austin American Statesman  Cobler, N. 12/05/20 2 doc(s)
Abbott floats idea of state taking over policing in parts of Austin Austin American Statesman  Autullo, R. 12/05/20  
Dallas plans for medics, firefighters and cops to be first in line for COVID-19 vaccine Dallas Morning News  Bailey, E. 12/05/20 1 doc(s)
Federal judge restores DACA, orders DHS to accept first-time applications from immigrants Dallas Morning News  Sacchetti, M. 12/05/20 4 doc(s)
Nursing home residents added to first wave of Texans eligible for COVID-19 vaccine Dallas Morning News  Morris, A. 12/05/20 1 doc(s)
COVID spread remains minimal in Texas schools despite state surge Houston Chronicle  Carpenter, J. 12/05/20  
International student enrollment has dropped at San Antonio’s universities San Antonio Express News  Picon, A. 12/05/20  
Can the pragmatic Joe Straus thread the needle and jumpstart his political career? Austin American Statesman  Mortiz, J. 12/06/20  
Garrett Foster's family remembers slain protester on his 29th birthday Austin American Statesman  Choi, H. 12/06/20  
Cornyn prods Rep. Bobby Scott to stop stalling Jenna’s law, aimed at child sexual abuse Dallas Morning News  Thompson, E. 12/06/20 1 TX bill 2 doc(s)
Dallas County reports 1,675 new coronavirus cases, two COVID-19 deaths Dallas Morning News  Scudder, C. 12/06/20 2 doc(s)
Texas GOP event at Dallas City Hall draws crowd airing grievances over election, other issues Dallas Morning News  Scudder, C. 12/06/20  
Tarrant County reports 1,302 coronavirus cases, 1 death on Saturday Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Howland, J. 12/06/20 3 doc(s)
Trump’s border wall falls short of his campaign promise — but leaves behind a legacy Houston Chronicle  Foster-Frau, S. 12/06/20 3 doc(s)
Coronavirus is ablaze in West Texas as tourists flock to Big Bend and Marfa Houston Chronicle  Rosenzweig-Ziff, D. 12/06/20 2 doc(s)
Texas A&M communications expert reveals how to talk about COVID vaccines so people will listen Houston Chronicle  Gray, L. 12/06/20 1 doc(s)
Here’s what you need to know about Pfizer, Moderna COVID-19 vaccines Houston Chronicle  Garcia, J. 12/06/20 3 doc(s)
School districts worry a fiscal cliff could await them in January Houston Chronicle  Webb, S. 12/06/20  
UH receives $1.3M to study the successes, challenges of Latina STEM majors Houston Chronicle  Britto, B. 12/06/20  
Legislators should take chance to revamp law enforcement rules Houston Chronicle  Grieder, E. 12/06/20 1 doc(s)
Former San Antonio gang member’s death sentence overturned due to intellectual disability San Antonio Express News  Selcraig, B. 12/06/20 4 doc(s)
States submit vaccine orders as coronavirus death toll grows Austin American Statesman  Christie, B. 12/05/20 2 doc(s)
Feds charge 13 in drug trafficking ring that sold to UT students in Austin Austin American Statesman  Osbourne, H. 12/05/20  
Dallas County reports 906 new coronavirus cases, 8 more deaths; Tarrant County adds 1,503 cases and 7 deaths Dallas Morning News  Steele, T. 12/05/20 2 doc(s)
Lobbyist asks that Texas restaurant workers get high priority for COVID-19 vaccine Dallas Morning News  Blaskovich, S. 12/05/20 4 doc(s)
TEA investigating 12 school districts that claimed high military enlistment rates San Antonio Express News  Carpenter, J. 12/05/20 2 doc(s)
San Antonio reports 1,316 new COVID cases, four more deaths San Antonio Express News  O'Hare, P. 12/05/20 1 doc(s)
Republicans Pushed to Restrict Voting. Millions of Americans Pushed Back. New York Times  Rutenberg, J. 12/06/20  
The Elderly vs. Essential Workers: Who Should Get the Coronavirus Vaccine First? New York Times  Goodnough, A. 12/06/20  
Supreme Court to Hear Case on Trump’s Medicaid Work Requirements New York Times  Liptak, A. 12/05/20  

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