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03/28/1883 18th R.S. Veto - SB 333 : An act ceding to U.S. exclusive jurisdiction over certain property in Dallas for public building.
House Override - House Journal Text
Senate Override - Senate Journal Text
John Ireland Veto  
03/24/1883 18th R.S. Veto - SB 218 : To amend articles 1007 and 1008 of the Revised Statutes. John Ireland Veto  
n/a 18th R.S. Veto - SB 326 : An act to amend articles 122, 129, 137, and 138 of an act to adopt and establish Revised Civil Statutes.
Bill amended in consideration of Governor's objections and the amended bill passed;
House Discussion and Passage - House Journal Text
Senate Discussion and Passage - Senate Journal Text
John Ireland Veto