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01/15/1887 20th R.S. Recommending passage of a bill to refund patent fees to Capitol contractors John Ireland Legislative message
03/31/1885 19th R.S. Message upon adjournment John Ireland Legislative message
03/25/1885 19th R.S. Relating to auditing claims against the Federal Government for moneys expended in defending the Texas frontier, urging legislation to give authority to auditorial board to make a contract to secure payment of claims John Ireland Legislative message
03/23/1885 19th R.S. Calling attention to the inequality of taxation now prevalent in this State, and transmitting communication from the Comptroller of Public Accounts of estimates based upon certain rates of revenue taxation John Ireland Legislative message
02/23/1885 19th R.S. Transmitting statement from Superintendent of Penitentiaries and Financial Agent of State Penitentiaries in response to joint committee report of the Senate and House of Representatives on recent visit of penitentiaries at Huntsville and Rusk (including the killing of Goodall, food, iron furnace, water supply, etc.), and resignations from Penitentiary Board John Ireland Legislative message
02/17/1885 19th R.S. Transmitting letter from ex-Governor P.H. Bell, relating to pension act excluding from benefits all persons residing outside the limits of the State and requesting the present pension act be modified as to have Governor Bell's name, as well as all old soldiers similarly situated, on the original muster roll, with benefits equal to those on the roll who are inside of the limits of the State John Ireland Legislative message
01/29/1885 19th R.S. Transmitting statement prepared by the Secretary of the Land Board, in compliance with Senate resolution (relating to school lands, university lands, Deaf and Dumb Asylum lands, Lunatic Asylum lands, Blind Asylum lands, and Orphan Asylum lands); resolution by Senator Houston of Wheeler, adopted January 16, 1885 John Ireland Legislative message
01/28/1885 19th R.S. Relating to Greer County and recommending renewal of appropriation for survey of boundary line between the State of Texas and the territory of the United States, from the northeast corner of said State . . . John Ireland Legislative message
01/15/1885 19th R.S. Relating to the recent deaths of Colonel H.P. Brewster, Commissioner of Insurance, Statistics and History, and General W. Steele, former Adjutant General, and recommending suitable measures in honor of these distinguished men John Ireland Legislative message
02/06/1884 18th 1st C.S. Message upon adjournment of special session, expressing thanks John Ireland Legislative message
01/30/1884 18th 1st C.S. Complying with request of the two houses in SCR 1, relating to error in enrollment of SB 327, 18th R.S. (Lunatic Asylum bill) John Ireland Legislative message
01/08/1884 18th 1st C.S. Discussing topics of the special session: fence cutting, free schools, redemption of lands purchased by the state for the non-payment of taxes, protection of property of the state at the capital, judicial districts, investment of school funds, exposition at New Orleans, deficiencies, county liabilities, school lands, taxation, and attachment law John Ireland Legislative message
04/13/1883 18th R.S. Message upon adjournment, summarizing legislation and expressing thanks John Ireland Legislative message
04/11/1883 18th R.S. Enclosing communication from Postmaster-General relating to validity of depositions and suggesting repeal of article 2231, Revised Statutes, and memorial to Congress John Ireland Legislative message
03/30/1883 18th R.S. Transmitting communications from Messrs. Cunninham & Ellis and Morrow, Hamby & Co. relating to penitentiaries, and from the Comptroller, asking for a detail from the State troops to guard his office John Ireland Legislative message
03/24/1883 18th R.S. Returning SB 218 to the Senate for reconsideration, relating to mistake or oversight in drafting of the bill or in its enrollment John Ireland Legislative message
03/09/1883 18th R.S. Relating to appropriations for the last two years ending on "second instant." and calling attention to article 3, section 44 of the Constitution John Ireland Legislative message
02/16/1883 18th R.S. Letter from Ben E. McCulloch, assistant superintendent of penitentiary, suggesting legislation for relief of certain class of criminals, and a law granting to convicts a financial reward for the use and benefit of their families John Ireland Legislative message
02/15/1883 18th R.S. Calling attention to paying taxes on lands heretofore unrendered and recommending passage of an act for compilation of a complete and perfect abstract by the Commissioner of the General Land Office, transmitting resolution of the Capitol Board relating to the difficulties attending the erection of temporary capitol building John Ireland Legislative message
02/08/1883 18th R.S. Relating to death of Governor E.J. Davis and suggesting such action by the House and Senate as will testify our respect for the distinguished dead John Ireland Legislative message
02/01/1883 18th R.S. Calling attention to accompanying communication of Hon. F.R. Lubbock, State Treasurer; Lubbock's letter suggesting joint committee to examine the books of the Treasury Department and count money in the vaults John Ireland Legislative message