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02/18/1892 22nd 1st C.S. Calling a special session of the 22nd Legislature to convene March 14, 1892, for the following purposes: re-apportion the state into Congressional, Senatorial, Judicial and Representative districts, and provide for election of officers therein; pass all laws necessary to put in force and give effect to each and all of the five amendments of the present state constitution, adopted by the people at an election duly held therefore on the second Tuesday of August A.D. 1891… ; provide for the protection of the public and investors against the fraudulent and fictitious issuance and circulation of railway bonds and stock and county and municipal scrip and bonds; restrict and regulate the issuance of bonds and stocks by such corporations and to give full effect to the constitution on that subject; adopt such laws as may be necessary to protect livestock within the State from contagious and infectious diseases, and from the rigor of Federal quarantine regulations with reference thereto; re-enact or amend and strengthen chapter 117, General Laws 1889, defining, punishing and prohibiting trusts and conspiracies against trade; accept by resolution, and authorize the Governor to receive from the Federal government, the return of and to appropriately disburse all money due the citizens or inhabitants of this State, collected as taxes from them under the act of Congress approved August the 5th, 1861, and amendatory acts thereto; change the laws that quarterly examinations of teachers shall not conflict with the time of holding their summer normal schools; receive and act on the report of the committee appointed to investigate the case of Jay Gould vs. the I. & G. N. R. R.; provide more secure liens for artisans, mechanics, material-men, contractors, builders and laborers and their assigns for material and money furnished and services performed in building and construction; amend Article 2899, Revised Statutes, and amendments thereto, that receivers of railroads and other corporations may be held liable for damages when the death of or injury to persons is caused by the negligence or carelessness of themselves or their servants in executing their trusts; amend, modify, change or reenact chapter 95, General Laws, 22nd Legislature, providing for uniformity of public school text books; correct, modify, change, reenact, repeal or amend chapter 62, General Laws, 22nd Legislature, limiting and regulating the right of aliens to own real estate in Texas; define perpetuities, and to restrict, regulate, or prohibit corporations owning land in this state, on prescribed conditions; make appropriation out of the general revenue to pay off public debt bonds issued in 1871, and to become due in March and April; elect a United States Senator James Stephen Hogg Legislative proclamation