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Selected newspaper articles related to Allan Shivers

For assistance locating copies of these articles, please contact your local library.

Entries marked with are biographical in nature.

Headline Newspaper Columnist Date
Allan Shivers' stamp on Texas barely reached El Paso El Paso Times  Foster, Ed  01/22/85
Shivers: East Texan to core Dallas Morning News  Morehead, Richard M.  01/19/85
Former Gov. Shivers is buried after service attended by 1,500 Austin American Statesman  Hight, Bruce  01/17/85
Texas loses favorite son in ex-Gov. Shivers Beaumont Enterprise    01/17/85
Memories of Allan Shivers Dallas Morning News  Banks, Jimmy  01/17/85
More than 1,500 pay last respects to Shivers Dallas Morning News  Attlesey, Sam  01/17/85
The Shivers legacy Dallas Morning News  Murchison, William  01/17/85
'Great Texas statesman' Dallas Times Herald  Hamilton, Arnold  01/17/85
Ex-Gov. Shivers remembered for devotion to state, nation Houston Chronicle  Robison, Clay  01/17/85
Shivers buried in Austin following simple funeral Houston Post    01/17/85
Allan Shivers, RIP Port Arthur News    01/17/85
Rites today will reflect way Shivers wanted it Austin American Statesman  Hailey, Mike  01/16/85
Gov. Allan Shivers Austin American Statesman    01/16/85
Allan Shivers Bryan Eagle    01/16/85
The Shivers legacy Dallas Morning News  Biffle, Kent  01/16/85
All-around governor Dallas Morning News    01/16/85
A man of quality Dallas Times Herald  Mcknight, Felix  01/16/85
A Texas titan passes Dallas Times Herald    01/16/85
Shivers: a man of courage Fort Worth Star-Telegram    01/16/85
Gov. Allan Shivers Houston Chronicle    01/16/85
Shivers was ramrod of Texas politics, an enigmatic leader Houston Chronicle  Robison, Clay  01/16/85
Shivers lies in state at Senate Houston Post  Price, Jorjanna  01/16/85
Allan Shivers Houston Post    01/16/85
Allan Shivers was strong, able leader San Antonio Express News    01/16/85
Shivers' mark in history San Antonio Light    01/16/85
Ex.-Gov. Allan Shivers dies of heart attack Austin American Statesman  Henry, John C.  01/15/85
Texans remember Shivers with admiration Austin American Statesman    01/15/85
Shivers recalled as suave maestro of Texas politics Austin American Statesman  McNeely, Dave  01/15/85
Former governor Shivers, 77, dies Dallas Times Herald  Hamilton, Arnold  01/15/85
Allan Shivers, 77, longest-sitting Texas governor, dies Fort Worth Star-Telegram    01/15/85
Heart attack kills ex-Gov. Shivers Houston Chronicle    01/15/85
Allan Shivers dies at 77 of heart attack Houston Post    01/15/85
Maverick Democrats Shivers opened Texas to GOP Dallas Morning News  Biffle, Kent  08/20/84
Gov. Shivers wouldn't mudsling, go to Washington San Antonio Light  Baker, Kathy  11/17/82
Ex-Gov. Shivers to be honored for work with cancer hospital Houston Post    10/03/80
Shivers prefers Bush, but won't vote in Republican primary Austin American Statesman    05/02/80
Shivers: still in touch with today's hot issues Beaumont Enterprise  Moore, Steve  04/08/79
Shivers not seeking reappointment as UT regent, but would consider it Austin American Statesman  Kelly, Lee  03/04/78
Higher education is a 'whipping boy,' Allan Shivers says Dallas Times Herald    06/06/76
Progress, taxes called right order Fort Worth Star-Telegram    03/14/76
No new taxes leave Shivers cold San Antonio Express News    03/14/76
Briscoe's miserly line irks Shivers Austin American Statesman  Bell, Brenda  03/13/76
Shivers attacks critics of college expenditures Houston Post    01/26/76
Employes protest work conditions Dallas Times Herald    10/25/75
Allan Shivers pursues goals with single-minded attention Daily Texan  Katz, Todd  07/23/75
Former Texas governor elected regent chairman Austin American Statesman  Wisch, Steve  01/18/75
Political critique - the years of Allan Shivers Dallas Times Herald  Connally, John B.  03/27/74
Connally recalls Shivers era Austin American Statesman    03/25/74
Shivers: a man of distinctions Dallas Morning News  West, Dick  03/17/74
Shivers also supporting Nixon Houston Chronicle  Steacy, Tom  07/21/72
The lady and the mansions San Antonio Express News  Lewellyn, Hattie  05/16/71
Shivers claims he urged Smith to veto controversial bill Houston Post  Ashby, Lynn  01/21/71
Shivers selected bank chairman Austin American Statesman    08/21/68
Gov. Connally's V-P chances are 'good' Houston Chronicle    06/14/68
Shivers says NLRB pro-labor Dallas Morning News  Moss, Marquita  04/18/68
Crime top U.S. worry, says Shivers Dallas Morning News  Davis, Stewart  11/07/67
Allan Shivers inaugurated as U.S. CC head Houston Chronicle    05/03/67
Allan Shivers returns to national spotlight Dallas Morning News  Banks, Jimmy  04/30/67
Shivers to appoint peace-dollar panel Dallas Morning News  Klinefelter, Karen  04/30/67
3 ex-governors on hand for inauguration events Dallas Morning News  Moss, Marquita  01/18/67
Shivers talks to Mississippi economic group Dallas Morning News    04/08/64
Shivers says nation's strength found in diversity of opinion Dallas Morning News  Morehead, Richard M.  12/11/63
Allan Shivers Dallas Morning News  Moore, Walter B.  07/29/63
Shivers sees accord on many issues Dallas Morning News    01/12/63
Allan Shivers: on the sidelines Dallas Morning News  Banks, Jimmy  11/26/61
Shivers testifies land deals were all under Giles' office Dallas Morning News  Turner, Thomas  02/04/61
Shivers won't run for Senate Dallas Morning News    01/24/61
Shivers blasts Kennedy in state-wide TV talk Dallas Morning News    11/08/60
Shivers emerging as big gun in South Dallas Morning News  Baskin, Robert  11/04/60
Shivers hails Byrnes stand in two Virginia speeches Dallas Morning News    11/02/60
Shivers blasts JFK in TV talk Dallas Morning News    11/01/60
Shivers fires sharp retort back to LBJ Dallas Morning News    10/30/60
Shivers lauds women for role in campaign Dallas Morning News    10/29/60
Nixon has Texas edge, Shivers says in Dallas Dallas Morning News    10/28/60
Shivers unleashes attack on Kennedy farm program Dallas Morning News    10/27/60
Shivers says JFK aims to cripple oil industry Dallas Morning News    10/26/60
Shivers raps Kennedy's fiscal views Dallas Morning News    10/25/60
Shivers talk hits federal school aid Dallas Morning News    10/14/60
Shivers says isles promised to reds Dallas Morning News    10/12/60
Shivers announces he'll speak again Dallas Morning News    10/08/60
Shivers says resonse larger than expected Dallas Morning News  Morehead, Richard M.  10/04/60
Shivers answers critics with some tart remarks Dallas Morning News    10/02/60
A Texan for Texans Dallas Morning News    09/30/60
Shivers rips into Kennedy Dallas Morning News  Lehrer, Jim  09/30/60
Shivers step praisedin Washington Dallas Morning News    09/30/60
Shivers named to delegation Dallas Morning News  Duncan, Dawson  09/10/60
'Not seeking any office.' Shivers says Dallas Morning News    07/27/60
Shivers delivers political attack Dallas Morning News  Turner, Thomas  03/15/60
Shivers proposes areasw for conservative action Dallas Morning News  Goulden, Joe  11/05/59
Migratory Shivers family owns many homes Dallas Morning News  Tolbert, Frank  08/20/59
Oil industry taking beating, says Shivers Dallas Morning News  Turner, Thomas  03/08/57
Shivers to enter pipe line work Dallas Morning News    01/06/57
Governor Shivers Senate plan to come after Nov. 6 Dallas Morning News  Morehead, Richard M.  10/30/56
Shivers raps Adlai again in speech at Jacksonville Dallas Morning News    10/26/56
Mr. Shivers gets back Dallas Morning News  Morehead, Richard M.  10/21/56
Shivers returning home, could clear senate fog Dallas Morning News    10/16/56
The governor is picketed by negroes Texas Observer    03/21/56
The Shivers speech Texas Observer    03/07/56
Mr. Shivers sets his course again Dallas Morning News  Duncan, Dawson  03/04/56
Defends record of seven years Dallas Morning News  Duncan, Dawson  03/02/56
Two papers urge Shivers not to run Dallas Morning News    02/24/56
Land scandals illustrate corruption, Skelton says Dallas Morning News    02/24/56
Gov. Shivers and Yarborough debate corruption charges Dallas Morning News  Duncan, Dawson  02/23/56
Says His friends urging candidacy Dallas Morning News  Duncan, Dawson  02/22/56
Gov. Shivers again rapped by California school paper Dallas Morning News    09/21/55
Civil service rejects Shivers' plea for critic Dallas Morning News    06/29/55
Shivers says South leads change in party's attitude Dallas Morning News    06/29/55
A retirement isn't Shivers' idea Dallas Morning News  Morehead, Richard M.  06/19/55
Gov. Shivers pleads for postal clerk Dallas Morning News    06/16/55
Overflow crowd applauds Shivers Dallas Morning News    06/12/55
Shivers gets new protest on USC talk Dallas Morning News    06/07/55
USC faculty group joins in protests Dallas Morning News    06/05/55
USC affirms invitation to Shivers Dallas Morning News    06/02/55
Shivers silent on protests to USC talk Dallas Morning News    05/31/55
TCU Prexy apologizes to Shivers Dallas Morning News    05/29/55
Class boycott urged if Gov. Shivers talks Dallas Morning News    05/28/55
USC's Senate raps Shivers Dallas Morning News    05/27/55
Inauguration rites readied in capital Dallas Morning News  Duncan, Dawson  01/16/55
Career parallel in Hogg-Shivers Dallas Morning News  Utecht, Byron C.  12/10/54
Rights proof up to South, Shivers says Dallas Morning News    11/18/54
Shivers, Thornton proclaim Saturday United States day Dallas Morning News    10/20/54
Korean aid praised by Governors Dallas Morning News    06/05/54
Shivers stands firm on wisdom of Ike vote Dallas Morning News    05/03/54
Gov. Shivers near decision on race Dallas Morning News  Duncan, Dawson  04/17/54
Shivers presented Washington award Dallas Morning News  Hornaday, Walter  02/23/54
Shivers to accept society's award Dallas Morning News    02/20/54
Gov. Shivers due award Dallas Morning News    01/30/54
Governor Shivers gives report on stewardship Dallas Morning News    12/09/53
Shivers called one of the best in poll on good governors Dallas Morning News    11/07/53
Shivers has little news in Capital Dallas Morning News  Schumm, Ruth  11/06/53
Gov. Shivers dinner guest of President Dallas Morning News    10/17/53
Governor celebrates birthday, anniversary Dallas Morning News    10/06/53
Gov. Shivers will speak at Yamboree Dallas Morning News    10/01/53
Ike to see Shivers' big yard on Rio Grande Valley visit Dallas Morning News  Duncan, Dawson  09/30/53
Shivers to meet with Ike's aids Dallas Morning News    09/25/53
Governor Shivers tours East Texas Dallas Morning News    09/09/53
Shivers enjoys golfing with President in rain Dallas Morning News    05/07/53
Mr. Shivers goes to Pittsburgh Dallas Morning News  West, Dick  04/17/53
Shivers challenges democratic leaders Dallas Morning News    04/12/53
This is home life in state mansion Dallas Morning News  Duckworth, Allen  03/01/53
Shivers talked for president Dallas Morning News  Hand, Ken  02/19/53
Shivers has no drastic reshuffling in mind Houston Chronicle  Wall, E.L.  01/25/53
Shivers' text Dallas Morning News    01/21/53
Shivers called presidential hope for 1956 Houston Chronicle    01/17/53
Gov. Shivers pledges to aid Wilson, Ike Houston Chronicle  Wall, E.L.  12/13/52
No tax cash to be used at inaugural Dallas Morning News  Morehead, Richard M.  12/02/52
Second term to give Shivers control of major state boards Dallas Morning News  Duncan, Dawson  11/24/52
First family of Texas Dallas Morning News    11/03/52
Mrs. Shivers presents son to Governor Dallas Morning News    08/16/52
'Yacht trip' insinuations against Shivers denied Dallas Morning News    07/20/52
Shivers receives state flag flown by Korean troops Dallas Morning News    02/10/52
Shivers named chairman of governors congerence Dallas Morning News    11/14/51
Paris leaders hear Shivers tell about Texas progress Dallas Morning News    10/18/51
Shivers to attend national meeting Dallas Morning News    09/30/51
Shivers due in Dallas for citrus convention Dallas Morning News    09/25/51
Shivers plans travels with vacation over Dallas Morning News    09/06/51
Shivers asks more care in U.S. spending Dallas Morning News    08/16/51
Shivers claims Texas still owns Colorado mountain Dallas Morning News    07/11/51
Gov. Shivers given hat by lawyers Dallas Morning News    07/09/51
Gov. Shivers criticizes foreign policy of U.S. Dallas Morning News  Pace, Clint  07/05/51
Court test possible on insurance levy Dallas Morning News  Morehead, Richard M.  06/30/51
Texas labor gets praise from Shivers Dallas Morning News    06/27/51
Connally rolls out rug for Shivers in capital Dallas Morning News    06/12/51
Air program to feature Gov. Shivers Dallas Morning News    06/09/51
Shivers talks of Texas at TCU commencement Dallas Morning News    05/29/51
Shivers gets petitions for Senate race Dallas Morning News    05/08/51
Shivers offered $100,000 to run for U.S. Senate Dallas Morning News  Duckworth, Allen  04/27/51
Petitions urge Gov. Shivers to enter 1952 Senate race Dallas Morning News    04/22/51
Governor's car stopped in Belton for kids' parade Dallas Morning News    04/11/51
Governor honored by Greek society Dallas Morning News    04/02/51
19-gun salute will open simple inaugural rites Dallas Morning News  Duckworth, Allen  01/14/51
Legislature applauds Shivers' economy plea Dallas Morning News  Duncan, Dawson  01/12/51
Shivers says freedom fight never-ending Dallas Morning News    12/08/50
Shivers to attend conference on oil Austin American Statesman    08/02/50
Shivers advises Texans to expect higher taxes Dallas Morning News  Thornton, William  08/04/49
Gov. Shivers to deliver first report Wednesday Dallas Morning News  Thornton, William  08/02/49
Shivers to seek goals of Jester Dallas Morning News  Duncan, Dawson  07/17/49
Neighbors pitch in to get things ready at Woodville Dallas Morning News    07/16/49
Shivers knows state's business Dallas Morning News  Morehead, Richard M.  07/12/49
Allan Shivers Austin American Statesman    04/20/47
War veteran wins helm of state Senate Dallas Morning News    08/25/46
Scanned from microfilm - 324.23 roll 5 (1946-1968) Microfilm    11/30/45
Shivers' record in law school shows ability Austin American Statesman    01/21/41