Selected newspaper articles related to Sarah Tilghman Hughes

Entries marked with are biographical in nature.

Headline Newspaper Columnist Date
Judge Hughes was a woman of courage and conviction Dallas Times Herald  Ivins, Molly  04/28/85
Sarah T. - the tough little judge Dallas Morning News  Pederson, Rena  04/27/85
Judge Sarah T. Hughes dies Dallas Morning News  Deener, Bill  04/25/85
Judge Sarah Hughes recalled as pioneer Dallas Times Herald  Shultz, Gary  04/25/85
Judge Hughes, 88, dies Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Martin, Jane  04/25/85
Federal judge Sarah Hughes dies at age 88 Houston Chronicle    04/25/85
The improbable Sarah Dallas Morning News  Pederson, Rena  05/19/82
Judge Sarah Hughes proudest of hard work, not ceremonies San Antonio Express News  Jarboe, Jan  08/23/81
Texas judicial lion limits her duties Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Bailon, Gilbert  08/17/81
Judge Sarah Hughes has heard last trial Dallas Times Herald  Oglesby, Roger  08/16/81
Sarah Hughes is a hundred-pound jurist with a ton of impatience Austin American Statesman  King, James  06/23/80
Judge Sarah T. Hughes, at 83, is still a fighter Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Johnson, Barbara  04/05/80
Sarah Hughes' day in court not over Dallas Times Herald  Eyre, Ruth  09/02/75
Judge and citizen Dallas Times Herald    08/06/75
Judge Hughes, 79, retires from post Austin American Statesman    08/05/75
Judge Hughes leaves post Dallas Morning News  Pederson, Rena  08/05/75
Sarah T. Hughes retires as federal judge Dallas Times Herald  Eyre, Ruth  08/04/75
Women are called 'forgotten majority' Dallas Morning News  Cobler, Sharon  02/19/75
Judge Hughes stays in the swim at 78 Dallas Times Herald  Eyre, Ruth  08/22/74
Law has 'first lady' San Antonio Light    04/20/72
Women seek office Dallas Times Herald  Richardson, Barbara  01/18/72
She's short in stature, long on statutes Dallas Morning News  Crosby, Kay  10/24/71
And were afraid to ask Dallas Times Herald  Castleberry, Vivian  10/24/71
Judge Hughes would accept Dallas Times Herald  Hampton, Ot  09/25/71
Smith urges activism Dallas Morning News    01/31/70
An emergency call to Judge Hughes in Dallas Houston Post  Feldman, Trude  11/21/65
Judge Sarah T. Hughes has proved men wrong Houston Chronicle    04/29/65
Judge Hughes can't be pushed around Houston Post    04/25/65
Judge backs mental test Dallas Morning News    05/25/64
Judge Hughes lectures on installment buying Dallas Morning News  Geddie, John  05/13/64
Judge Sarah T. Hughes cited for outstanding achievement Dallas Morning News    09/23/63
Judge Sarah T. Hughes cited for outstanding achievement Dallas Morning News    09/22/63
Judge Hughes says jury shouldn't set sentence Dallas Morning News    11/17/62
Senate confirms jobs for 7 Texans Dallas Morning News  Mashek, John  03/17/62
ABA opposes judge Austin American Statesman    03/08/62
Body ignores ABA on Hughes protest Dallas Morning News  Mashek, John  03/08/62
Judge Hughes feted by lawyers, judges Dallas Morning News    12/03/61
Oath rites scheduled for judge Dallas Morning News    10/17/61
Comment declined on Hughes Dallas Morning News    10/16/61
Tuesday certain to be big day on calendar for Judge Hughes Dallas Morning News  Mckee, Ruby Clayton  10/15/61
Judges, marshals get recess appointments Dallas Morning News    10/11/61
B&PW backing Judge Hughes Dallas Morning News    10/06/61
Yarborough praises nomination of Hughes Dallas Morning News  Mashek, John  09/27/61
Dream finally fulfilled Dallas Morning News  Singer, Griff  09/26/61
Nominations clear patronage in state Dallas Morning News  Mashek, John  09/26/61
Judge Hughes' selection seen Dallas Morning News    09/16/61
Judge Hughes eyed for federal post Dallas Morning News  Mashek, John  08/11/61
Dist. judge seeks high court post Dallas Morning News    04/20/58
Judge Hughes eyes race for higher court Dallas Morning News    01/12/58
County GOP takes aim at Judge Hughes Dallas Morning News  Bradford, Ben  05/17/56
14th Court judge asks re-election Dallas Morning News    05/07/56
Judge Sarah Hughes gives rundown on B&PW jubilee Dallas Morning News    09/23/55
Judge Hughes reports on trip to Germany Dallas Morning News  Holman, Ruth  12/12/52
Sarah Hughes named to UNESCO post Dallas Morning News    11/20/52
Judge Hughes set for tour of Germany Dallas Morning News    10/01/52
Women urge equal rights, equal pay Houston Chronicle  International News  07/01/52
Hughes veep boom ires Irving club Dallas Morning News    06/17/52
Dallas woman for veep? Houston Chronicle    06/12/52
Judge Hughes says draft women now Dallas Morning News  Oden, Marjorie  07/14/51
Sarah Hughes has operation Dallas Morning News    11/06/50
Sarah T. Hughes approval seen Dallas Morning News    09/19/50
Judge Hughes to get award Monday from Women's C of C Dallas Morning News    05/16/48
Judge Sarah T. Hughes wins Zonta Club's service award Dallas Morning News    04/21/46
Scanned from microfilm - 324.23 roll 4 (1946-1958) Microfilm    11/30/45
Ten years on bench Dallas Morning News    02/13/45
44 women merit state posts, Judge Hughes tells Stevenson Dallas Morning News  Thornton, William  10/31/44
Sarah T. Hughes appointed judge of district court Dallas Morning News    02/02/35