Selected newspaper articles related to Maurice Angly, Jr.

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Headline Newspaper Columnist Date
Maurice Angly Jr. Austin American Statesman  Staff 02/04/12
Former Austin-area state representative Maurice Angly Jr. dies Austin American Statesman  Glueck, K. 02/04/12
Tearful Mutscher awaits sentence Austin American  Castlebury, G. 03/16/72
Challenges seem few for state treasurer Houston Post  Wiese, A. 12/19/71
Rep. Angly rips into Mutscher Austin American  Staff 12/07/71
4 Solons ask Mutscher out Daily Texan  Griffith, D. 10/05/71
Dirty 30 may try to oust Mutscher Dallas Morning News  Kinch, S. 10/05/71
'Dirty 30s' ask session to impeach Mutscher Houston Post  West, F. 10/05/71
Angly, Bullock differ on law Austin American  Castlebury, G. 09/29/71
Bullock asks probe of alleged reward Austin American Statesman  Staff 09/29/71
Angly wants Gus impeached Austin American  Kuempel, G. 09/28/71
Mutscher in jam Dallas Morning News  Moorehead, R. 09/28/71
Jesse James, Treasurer Dallas Morning News  McNeely, D. 07/18/71
Angly says bank financed property Dallas Morning News  Morehead, R. 01/31/71
James pins bank woes on Angly Houston Post  Staff 01/31/71
Angly: Sharpstown loan financed purchase San Antonio Express    01/31/71
Mutscher defends bill San Antonio Light  UP. 01/31/71
Graves sidesteps prompt Mutscher ouster showdown Austin American  Castlebury, G. 01/28/71
House study urged in state, bank link Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Bain, B. 01/28/71
Solon seeks probe of state deposits at Sharpstown San Antonio Express  Staff 01/28/71
Texas won't lose deposits in bank San Antonio Express  James, J. 01/27/71
Mutscher issue raised in special Senate race Houston Post    07/01/73
Angly to stay active Austin American Statesman    05/04/73
Angly foiled in campaign to unseat state treasurer Austin American Statesman    11/09/72
Not through Angly says of politics Houston Post    11/09/72
Not through Angly says of politics Houston Post    11/05/72
Angly promises to recruit blacks for treasury unit Houston Post  Kennedy, Tom  11/02/72
Bullock orders investigation of Angly's financial statement Houston Chronicle    10/29/72
Angly lists $593,894 net worth Houston Post    10/28/72
Issue 'clear' to Angly: 'corruption... of office' Fort Worth Star-Telegram    10/23/72
James accused of 'vicious lie' Dallas Morning News    09/02/72
Rep. Angly announces bid for state treasurer post Dallas Morning News    02/06/72
Angly will seek treasurer's post Austin American Statesman    02/01/72
Angly will enter treasurer's race San Antonio Express News    02/01/72
Rep. Angly talks of making race Dallas Morning News    10/29/71
Angly sees leadership failure Austin American Statesman    08/27/69
Angly critical of bond system Austin American Statesman    01/12/68
Rep. Angly sworn in at Austin Dallas Morning News  Banks, Jimmy  12/19/67
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