Selected newspaper articles related to John Allen

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Entries marked with are biographical in nature.

Headline Newspaper Columnist Date
Navigation district enlarged Austin American Statesman  A.P. Wire 03/21/67
Middle Sabine Navigation District gains 4 counties Houston Post  Staff 03/21/67
House changes mind, praises John Allen Houston Chronicle  Collier, Bill  02/12/75
Bales to drop probe of Allen Houston Chronicle    03/06/73
Panel says no probe of Allen Austin American Statesman  Jones, Lee  03/01/73
Allen resolution sent to panel Houston Chronicle    02/13/73
Bales asks probe of Allen conviction Austin American Statesman    02/12/73
Allen investigation urged Dallas Morning News    01/11/73
Lawmaker asks House action in Rep. Allen nepotism case Houston Chronicle    01/11/73
Resolution to ask for study of representative's conduct Houston Chronicle    01/11/73
House to get resolution on Allen expulsion Houston Chronicle  Byers, Bo  01/08/73
Quail breakfast postponed to avoid fight Dallas Morning News  Kinch, Sam  12/22/72
He won't yield seat, Allen says Houston Post    12/19/72
Rep. Allen assessed fine after nepotism guilty plea Austin American Statesman  Barry, Tom  11/08/72
Attorney General rules personnel data not of record Dallas Morning News  Lewis, Jim  07/25/72
Past, present legislators assigned fall trial dates Austin American Statesman  Barry, Tom  06/09/72
Grand jury indicts four Austin American Statesman  Barry, Tom  05/26/72
Two of House among indicted Dallas Morning News    05/26/72
Ratliff, Moyer, Holmes, Allen indictments continue shakeup Houston Chronicle  Collier, Bill  05/26/72
4 indicted in Austin jury probe Houston Post  Wiese, Art  05/26/72
Children of solons paid during college Houston Chronicle  Kuempel, George  04/11/72
Probe of Rep. Allen would satisfy Bales Austin American Statesman    01/04/72
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