Selected newspaper articles related to Al Edwards

Entries marked with are biographical in nature.

Headline Newspaper Columnist Date
Texas tried a ‘booty bill,’ and it didn’t go well. Now, the target is drag shows Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Rusak, R. 05/21/23
9th annual Acres Homes Juneteenth parade celebrates history, highlights social issues affecting Black community Houston Chronicle  Umanzor, J. 06/19/22
Juneteenth takes on added meaning as nation remembers George Floyd, leaders push for federal holiday Houston Chronicle  Powell, N. 06/19/20
Virtual funeral for former state rep Al Edwards set for Friday Houston Chronicle  Scherer, J. 05/07/20
ALBERT ELY EDWARDS SR. 1937-2020 Houston Chronicle  Staff 05/07/20
Al Edwards, former state rep whose bill created Juneteenth holiday, dies at 83 Houston Chronicle  Scherer, J. 04/30/20
Texas law limits children's access to loaded firearms Austin American Statesman  Selby, W. 06/02/18
Nellye Joyce Punch, Fifth Ward educator who taught achievers, dies at 96 Houston Chronicle  George, C. 01/06/18
Leaving a proud legacy Dallas Morning News  King, J. 06/18/17
The Pride Of Emancipation Houston Chronicle  George, C. 06/18/17
New Capitol monument fills in historic gaps of Texas African-Americans Austin American Statesman  Editorial 11/27/16
Texas Capitol’s first African-American monument taking shape Austin American Statesman  Mekelburg, M. 09/28/16
A long journey for Juneteenth monument, and still a ways to go Austin American Statesman  Phillips, A. 06/19/15
Houston legislator recalls fight for Juneteenth holiday Houston Chronicle  Rice, H. 06/19/15
An East Austin home for Texas’ long-homeless Juneteenth statues Austin American Statesman  Herman, K. 06/17/15
Monument to African-American history in Texas planned for Capitol Houston Chronicle  Ward, M. 03/09/15
Juneteenth statues get new home for now Austin American Statesman  Herman, K. 06/19/13
Anybody want a Juneteenth statue? Austin American Statesman  Herman, K. 11/25/12
Get moving on our Juneteenth monument Austin American Statesman  Editorial 06/19/12
Texas Capitol deserves a fitting memorial for blacks Austin American Statesman  Phillips, A. 05/01/11
April fooles Austin Chronicle  Whittaker, R. 03/31/11
Doc's house vetoed for guv bag drag Houston Chronicle  Casey, R. 08/25/10
Doc sues Med Board over rights Houston Chronicle  Casey, R. 08/20/10
Lawsuit challenging Miles win dropped Houston Chronicle  Holley, J. 05/15/10
Around the house Austin Chronicle  Whittaker, R. 04/15/10
Miles keeps the lead, but Edwards not giving up Houston Chronicle  Tolson, M. 03/25/10
Edwards asks for recount of primary results Houston Chronicle  Moran, C. 03/16/10
Recount may change rep's 11-vote loss Dallas Morning News  Wire Reports 03/05/10
'A win is a win,' but it still could change Houston Chronicle  Olson, B. 03/04/10
Miles squeaks by Edwards to reclaim House seat Houston Chronicle  Tolson, M. 03/03/10
Texas House 146 Houston Chronicle  Editorial 02/26/10
Edwards, Miles rekindle old rivalry Houston Chronicle  Holley, J. 02/24/10
Lege Races: Austin and elsewhere Austin Chronicle  Whittaker, R. 02/18/10
Miles going after Al Edwards' House seat again Houston Chronicle  Scharrer, G. 12/19/09
Struggling Texans need viable food-stamp service Houston Chronicle  Coleman, G. 12/17/09
Session will hit some where it hurts San Antonio Express News  Fikac, P. 06/28/09
Rural doctors get incentive Amarillo Globe-News  Editorial 06/22/09
Juneteenth statue, like event itself, is years in waiting Austin American Statesman  Phillips, A. 06/19/09
Perry signs bill to lure more doctors to rural areas Amarillo Globe-News  Rangel, E. 06/18/09
Two new state laws to lure doctors to underserved areas Houston Chronicle  Zheng, Z. 06/02/09
Family physicians hail ‘most important legislation to pass in decades’ Rio Grande Guardian  Aguilar, J. 05/31/09
Legislation would address rural-area doctor shortages Tyler Morning Telegraph  Dillard, C. 05/31/09
House has final say on rural doctor fund Amarillo Globe-News  Rangel, E. 05/29/09
Smokeless tobacco bill could help recruit doctors Houston Chronicle  Zheng, Z. 05/28/09
Hinojosa wins passage for physician loan repayment legislation Rio Grande Guardian  Taylor, S. 05/27/09
Kuempel plans return to Austin San Antonio Express News  Scharrer, G. 05/26/09
Bill seeks more rural doctors Amarillo Globe-News  Rangel, E. 05/20/09
House backs tobacco tax tweak Austin American Statesman  Staff 05/13/09
House OKs changes to smokeless tobacco tax Houston Chronicle  Stone, J. 05/13/09
Watch your appraised values and know how to get it changed when it is incorrect Victoria Advocate  Berger, M. 05/02/09
Bills moving like Austin traffic San Antonio Express News  Ratcliffe, R. 04/18/09
Texas Legislature Houston Chronicle  Ratcliffe, R. 04/16/09
Lawmakers set record for most bills filed Dallas Morning News  Funk, M. 03/14/09
House, Senate budget proposals for youth lockups are at odds Austin American Statesman  Ward, M. 03/06/09
Houston's Al Edwards relishes return to state House Houston Chronicle  Stiles, M. 02/02/09
Photograph from party helps exonerate ex-Rep. Miles Houston Chronicle  Rogers, B. 01/16/09
GOP pals ensure decent digs for dethroned Craddick Dallas Morning News  Brooks, K. 01/10/09
Who wants to be 'Anybody but Craddick'? Austin Chronicle  Whittaker, R. 11/20/08
Let the race begin Austin Chronicle  Whittaker, R. 11/13/08
Democrat Thibaut takes a Harris County seat Houston Chronicle  Staff 11/05/08
Candidates felled by paperwork Austin American Statesman  Copelin, L. 06/28/08
Williams' donations have been welcomed by Texas politicians Houston Chronicle  Robison, C. 06/23/08
Primary didn't sway Texas superdelegates Dallas Morning News  Jeffers Jr., G. 04/24/08
Rep. Miles out on bail after turning himself in Houston Chronicle  Staff 04/17/08
Legislator indicted on gun charge Dallas Morning News  Brooks, K. 04/15/08
32 Lone Star superdelegates: courted, committed, confused Dallas Morning News  Levinthal, D. 03/07/08
For Dem hopefuls, superdelegates prove difficult to pin down San Antonio Express News  Sandberg, L. 03/07/08
Craddick's allies mostly fare well in primary Austin American Statesman  Copelin, L. 03/06/08
Craddick supporters withstand primaries Bryan Eagle  Staff 03/06/08
Craddick appears to weather primaries Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Dyer, R. 03/06/08
Change Houston Chronicle  Editorial 03/06/08
Voters turn out three local state representatives Houston Chronicle  Turner, A. 03/06/08
Craddick still has allies San Antonio Express News  Scharrer, G. 03/06/08
House races elsewhere Dallas Morning News  Brook, K. 03/05/08
Edwards leading in District 146 Houston Chronicle  Staff 03/05/08
Craddick's allies are raking in funds San Antonio Express News  Scharrer, G. 02/27/08
Meet Texas' superdelegates Houston Chronicle  Ratcliffe, R. 02/19/08
How to lose your seat in one term Houston Chronicle  Robison, C. 02/18/08
Candidates hoping to swing state their way San Antonio Express News  Ratcliffe, R. 02/18/08
He brings energy to office, but does Miles go too far? Houston Chronicle  Turner, A. 02/04/08
Different outcomes for Miles, DA Houston Chronicle  Casey, R. 01/18/08
Lawmaker accused of wielding gun, threats Houston Chronicle  Stiles, M. 01/12/08
Hot local, national races to fill long primary ballot Houston Chronicle  Fikac, P. 01/03/08
Texans haven't impeached a governor since 1917 Lubbock Avalanche Journal  McNeely, D. 09/01/07
Juneteenth: 'a measurement of how far we've come' San Antonio Express News  Staff 06/19/07
Jokers jest over missing photo Dallas Morning News  Selby, W. 04/07/07
New Orleans turning to Brown for advice Houston Chronicle  Mack, K. 01/19/07
Fight may leave Craddick weaker Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Dyer, R. 01/11/07
80th Texas Legislature Houston Chronicle  Staff 01/10/07
Solid support for rural Texas cements respect for Jones Lubbock Avalanche Journal  Rangel, E. 12/29/06
Ban on pit bulls? You can't in Texas Houston Chronicle  Babineck, M. 11/27/06
Dog bites man Houston Chronicle  Editorial 11/27/06
Two pit bulls kill Harris County boy San Antonio Express News  Bryant, S. 11/23/06
Ambition the size of Texas Austin American Statesman  Editorial 11/04/06
Bridge-building Democrat to step down Houston Chronicle  Elliott, J. 07/06/06
Edwards happy to be called father of Juneteenth Houston Chronicle  Ellison, D. 06/18/06
Monument marks nation's oldest Juneteenth celebration Galveston Daily News  Hawes, K. 06/17/06
Will it look like Al? Let's nip it in the bud Austin American Statesman  Editorial 05/20/06
School finance plan takes shape behind closed doors El Paso Times  Grissom, B. 04/23/06
Five bills up for debate in Perry school plan El Paso Times  Grissom, B. 04/23/06
School finance plan takes shape behind closed door El Paso Times  Grissom, B. 04/22/06
Perry chases 76 votes for tax package Houston Chronicle  Elliott, J. 04/21/06
Well, we'll always have a statue to remember him Austin American Statesman  Editorial 04/15/06
Shake-up in House District 146 Houston Chronicle  Mack, K. 04/13/06
Al Edwards: future plans include education and community issues Houston Chronicle  Mack, K. 04/13/06
Cheerleading-regulation proponent loses bid Austin American Statesman  Staff 04/12/06
Edwards battles to keep his seat Houston Chronicle  Mack, K. 04/12/06
Veteran facing political novice Houston Chronicle  Mack, K. 04/09/06
Not dancing around their Senate choice Dallas Morning News  Jeffers Jr., G. 04/03/06
Endorsements Houston Chronicle  Editorial 04/02/06
State House District 146 - Democratic Houston Chronicle  Staff 04/02/06
TSU rallies supporters Houston Chronicle  Tresaugue, M. 03/23/06
Devine, Harless in a tight race for open House seat Houston Chronicle  Murphy, B. 03/08/06
No rest on seventh day for candidates Houston Chronicle  Mack, K. 03/06/06
Is 'Duke' Cunningham episode a preview for Texas? Houston Chronicle  Robison, C. 03/05/06
House races put spotlight on education Austin American Statesman  Embry, J. 03/02/06
Rivals contend District 146 needs change Houston Chronicle  Mack, K. 03/02/06
Primary decisions at hand Houston Chronicle  Staff 02/26/06
Group names conceal other primary players Houston Chronicle  Mack, K. 02/24/06
Coleman views the entry of 2 new rivals as payback Houston Chronicle  Mack, K. 02/10/06
Filing point out faint rifts in Legislature Dallas Morning News  Slover, P. 01/03/06
Deadly dog attacks spark effort to strengthen laws San Antonio Express News  Chasnoff, B. 12/29/05
Edwards' fight moves beyond cheerleading Houston Chronicle  Mack, K. 12/02/05
Cheerleading controversy heats up again Houston Chronicle  Elliott, J. 09/02/05
Perry's crusade: ban gay unions Austin American Statesman    08/24/05
Chamber music Dallas Morning News  Brooks, K. 08/11/05
Give Juneteenth proper honor Austin American Statesman  Editorial 07/10/05
Under the dome Austin American Statesman  Copelin, L. 07/09/05
Makeover ordered for Juneteenth bronze icon Austin American Statesman  Copelin, L. 07/07/05
Both houses, both parties back eminent domain limits Houston Chronicle  Hughes, P. 07/05/05
'Texas Monthly' honors Ogden Bryan Eagle  Avison, A. 06/30/05
House panel OKs a tax plan Houston Chronicle  Elliott, J. 06/30/05
Strayhorn labels Perry plan a 'mess' Dallas Morning News  Stutz, T. 06/28/05
Strayhorn pans Perry's funding plan San Antonio Express News  Fikac, P. 06/28/05
Magazine: local lawmakers among state's worst Houston Chronicle  Mack, K. 06/24/05
New bills looking much like old ones San Antonio Express News  Fikac, P. 06/23/05
Juneteenth celebrations taking root Houston Chronicle  Rodriguez, L. 06/19/05
Magazine lists 'best and worst' lawmakers Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Dyer, R. 06/18/05
Magazine salutes S.A. rep San Antonio Express News  Sandberg, L. 06/18/05
Juneteenth events to promote unity Bryan Eagle  Saugier, M. 06/12/05
Immortalizing a House member - on your dime Austin American Statesman  Editorial 06/05/05
What they said Houston Chronicle  Staff 05/31/05
Capital cast Houston Chronicle  Mack, K. 05/31/05
Cheerleading has cleaned up before San Antonio Express News  Levy, A. 05/29/05
Dog-bite law may get more teeth Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Morrison, E. 05/26/05
At a glance Houston Chronicle  Staff 05/19/05
Craddick's mantra: exclude many but affect all Austin American Statesman  Editorial 05/17/05
'Daily Show' has too much fun with a goofy Texas bill Austin American Statesman  Editorial 05/16/05
Stick to the issues that matter Galveston Daily News  Editorial 05/16/05
Cheering's leaders: bah to regulating sis, boom Austin American Statesman  Sefton, D. 05/15/05
Three cheers for morals! Austin American Statesman  Teepen, T. 05/14/05
Bill on cheering fails in Senate Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Douglas Jr., J. 05/14/05
The hoorays are fine if the hips don't grind San Antonio Express News  Editorial 05/13/05
An outsider's take on Texas' great cheerleader brouhaha Corpus Christi Caller Times  Henry, R. 05/12/05
No cheers for the Texas House Valley Morning Star  Editorial 05/10/05
House bill worth at least two bits San Angelo Standard Times  Editorial 05/09/05
The dumbest session yet? Joke's on us Austin American Statesman  Kelso, J. 05/08/05
House to cheerleaders: don't shake your booty Corpus Christi Caller Times  Averyt, L. 05/08/05
Final stretch Houston Chronicle  Editorial 05/08/05
Why didn't parents stop raunchy Texas cheering? Houston Chronicle  Harrop, F. 05/08/05
No cheers for House McAllen Monitor  Editorial 05/08/05
Newsmaker San Antonio Express News  Staff 05/08/05
Please, liberate our schools Austin American Statesman  Young, J. 05/07/05
Two bits, four bits, six bits... Corpus Christi Caller Times  Editorial 05/07/05
State representative dies in car accident Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Moritz, J. 05/07/05
Cheerleaders are yelling for a sporting chance Dallas Morning News  Goodloe, K. 05/06/05
2,4,6,8! Is this a way to legislate? Houston Chronicle  Casey, R. 05/06/05
Cheerleader bill 'isn't even on the radar' in the Senate Houston Chronicle  Mack, K. 05/06/05
House 'horseplay' is nothing to cheer about Austin American Statesman  Editorial 05/05/05
Gimme a 'yea' - or a 'nay'? Beaumont Enterprise  Everett, V. 05/05/05
Sexy-cheerleading bill OK'd Dallas Morning News  Brooks, K. 05/05/05
Taking action when no one else wants to Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Kennedy, B. 05/05/05
Senators have no pep for cheerleader bill San Antonio Express News  Scharrer, G. 05/05/05
Cheerleader bill gets mixed vote from ET Reps Tyler Morning Telegraph    05/05/05
Cheerleading cops Waco Tribune Herald  Editorial 05/05/05
2, 4, 6, 8 - bill seems to irritate Waco Tribune Herald  Culp, C. 05/05/05
Capitol roundup Austin American Statesman  Staff 05/04/05
House says cheerleaders must keep gyrations G-rated Austin American Statesman  Lisheron, M. 05/04/05
Rah emotions in Austin Dallas Morning News  Brooks, K. 05/04/05
Cleaner cheering wins out in House Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Root, J. 05/04/05
Bill that bans dirty dancing, but doesn't define it, nears passage Houston Chronicle  Mack, K. 05/04/05
House votes to turn naughty cheerleaders into outlaws San Antonio Express News  Garcia, G. 05/04/05
Some boo cheerleading bill Dallas Morning News  Durnan, K. 05/02/05
Rest assured; your lawmakers are hard at work San Angelo Standard Times  Flippin, P. 05/02/05
Can Texas rein in out-of-control cheerleaders? San Antonio Express News  Seltzer, R. 05/01/05
Chamber music Dallas Morning News  Brooks, K. 04/28/05
Not a fitting memorial Austin American Statesman  Editorial 04/26/05
House passes marriage measure Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Moritz, J. 04/26/05
House oks proposal to ban gay marriage Houston Chronicle  Robison, C. 04/26/05
Under the dome Austin American Statesman  Copelin, L. 04/23/05
Legislative notes Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Staff 04/22/05
Legislator wants AG to investigate record gas prices Houston Chronicle  Gilbert, J. 04/22/05
In session San Antonio Express News  Staff 04/22/05
A second opinion Dallas Morning News  Editorial 04/15/05
Missing Democrats doom budget measure Houston Chronicle  Mack, K. 04/15/05
Who's got the spirit? Dallas Morning News  Curtis, B. 04/10/05
Absentee reps doom health care proposal San Antonio Express News  Garcia, G. 04/08/05
Capitol roundup Austin American Statesman  Staff 04/06/05
Anti-booty-shaking bill wins OK Dallas Morning News  Brooks, K. 04/06/05
Notebook Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Staff 04/06/05
Baseball as city shaper Houston Chronicle  Casey, R. 04/06/05
Measure adds bite to leash law Houston Chronicle  Elliott, J. 04/05/05
In session San Antonio Express News  Staff 04/05/05
Bill watch San Antonio Express News  Staff 04/05/05
Edwards still keeps colleagues guessing Dallas Morning News  Brooks, A. 04/04/05
Censoring dancers isn't House's duty San Antonio Express News  Anglin, M. 04/04/05
Capitol full of cheer Austin American Statesman  Editorial 04/02/05
Cheerleading bill leaves decency to eye of beholder Houston Chronicle  Mack, K. 04/01/05
Bill watch San Antonio Express News  Staff 03/31/05
Capitol roundup Austin American Statesman  Staff 03/30/05
Under the dome Dallas Morning News  Brooks, K. 03/30/05
Legislators waste time on trivialities Valley Morning Star  Editorial 03/28/05
Bill would take shake out of game Austin American Statesman  Kelso, J. 03/27/05
Fellow Dems question Rep. Edwards' priorities Houston Chronicle  Mack, K. 03/25/05
More grandstanding McAllen Monitor  Editorial 03/25/05
Bunch of sis, boom, baloney! San Antonio Express News  Editorial 03/25/05
Edwards' follies Austin American Statesman  Editorial 03/23/05
Students may have to dance to beat of state drum San Antonio Express News  LaCoste-Caputo, J. 03/23/05
American digest Austin American Statesman  Staff 03/20/05
Legislating morality Houston Chronicle  Editorial 03/20/05
The face of Juneteenth? It looks a lot like colleague, legislators say Austin American Statesman  Martinez, M. 03/19/05
Bring it on Austin American Statesman  Editorial 03/19/05
Hits and misses Dallas Morning News  Editorial 03/19/05
Bill to ban racy cheerleading avoids key questions Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Cromer, K. 03/19/05
Capitol roundup Austin American Statesman  Staff 03/18/05
Pompoms would be ok to shake; not booties Austin American Statesman  Castro, A. 03/18/05
Notebook Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Staff 03/18/05
Legislator wants cheerleaders to keep their routines clean Houston Chronicle  A.P. Wire 03/18/05
In session San Antonio Express News  Staff 03/18/05
Under the dome Dallas Morning News  Staff 03/17/05
Dogs' role in death not clear Houston Chronicle  Bryant, S. 03/17/05
School finance talk shifts to Senate Dallas Morning News  Stutz, T. 03/16/05
Senate has own ideas for tax bill Houston Chronicle  Elliott, J. 03/16/05
The governor's cup may runneth over San Antonio Express News  Fikac, P. 03/06/05
Sales tax increase advances in House Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Dyer, R. 03/03/05
Bill to juggle taxes heads to full House San Antonio Express News  Fikac, P. 03/03/05
Bill to hold dog owners in attacks clears hurdle Houston Chronicle  Gilbert, J. 03/02/05
Owner of violent dogs targeted by lawmaker Houston Chronicle  Bryant, S. 03/01/05
Lawmakers explore pros, cons of legalized gambling El Paso Times  Scharrer, G. 02/23/05
Saavedra's wish list Houston Chronicle  Editorial 02/16/05
Central Texans advance in House Austin American Statesman  Embry, J. 01/28/05
State restores funding to drug-abuse program Houston Chronicle  Bryant, S. 12/02/04
Prairie View voting dispute erupts anew Dallas Morning News  A.P. Wire 09/04/04
Juneteenth debate continues San Antonio Express News  Easton, P. 06/19/04
All-white nominations upset many El Paso Times  Scharrer, G. 04/17/04
Dispute fails to boost student voting Houston Chronicle  Kliewer, T. 03/08/04
Student voting questioned again where Supreme Court stepped in Austin American Statesman  McNeely, D. 01/01/04
Prairie View voting issue to be appealed Houston Chronicle  Kliewer, T. 12/24/03
'We still know who we are' Dallas Morning News  Jeffers Jr., G. 06/02/03
Dem who stayed sees racial divide Houston Chronicle  Williams, J. 06/02/03
Seven who stayed behind find Austin not an easy place to be Dallas Morning News  Jeffers Jr., G. 05/15/03
Democrats: We'll stay till bill dies Austin American Statesman  Copelin, L. 05/14/03
Democrats still AWOL Beaumont Enterprise  Reinhart, D. 05/14/03
7 Dems show up for work Houston Chronicle  Robison, C. 05/14/03
3 more Democratic reps show in paralyzed House San Antonio Express News  Fikac, P. 05/14/03
New alliances in House turning heads Dallas Morning News  McKenzie, W. 02/11/03
Craddick plays conservative card Houston Chronicle  Robison, C. 01/31/03
Were they thinking of King, or politics? Dallas Morning News  Jeffers Jr., G. 01/21/03
Democratic chief holds on Dallas Morning News  Jeffers Jr., G. 01/16/03
State house Houston Chronicle  Editorial 10/26/02
Legislators try to beat deadlines for bills Austin American Statesman  Staff 05/11/01
House panel OKs redrawing districts Houston Chronicle  Ratcliffe, R. 05/01/01
Campaign funds are a regularly milked cash cow Houston Chronicle  Berger, E. 04/02/01
Ozone strategy forming Dallas Morning News  A.P. Wire 08/23/00
State house Houston Chronicle  Editorial 10/12/98
Coalition vows to fight for TSU's Douglas Houston Chronicle  Zuniga, J. 05/14/98
Black Democrats urge Overstreet support Houston Chronicle  Robison, C. 12/19/97
Edwards files suit to counter sexual harassment charges Houston Chronicle  Flynn, G. 09/20/97
Texas legislator sued on charges of sexual harassment Austin American Statesman  A.P. Wire 07/30/97
Former employee files sexual harassment suit Houston Chronicle  Flynn, G. 07/29/97
Thrift too often left behind when lawmakers pack Austin American Statesman  Eskenazi, S. 06/01/97
Funding for state troopers' cars is a black-and-white issue Dallas Morning News  Hoppe, C. 05/15/97
Letter spurs confusion over affirmative action issue Houston Chronicle  Lum, L. 04/12/97
College-admissions meeting set Dallas Morning News  Moreno, S. 04/10/97
Lawmakers want federal opinion on ruling Houston Chronicle  Ratcliffe, R. 04/10/97
Difference of opinion about Hopwood Houston Chronicle  Lum, L. 03/26/97
Legislators seek aid for TSU Dallas Morning News    03/10/97
State legislators vow to push $10 million bailout of ailing TSU Houston Chronicle  Milling, T. 03/09/97
TSU instates president and celebrates 50th year Houston Chronicle  Lum, L. 03/08/97
Transportation committee considers limits on passengers in pickup beds Amarillo Globe-News  Burton, M. 03/04/97
Bill would restrict divorce Amarillo Daily News  Burton, M. 02/14/97
Arguments persist about race policies Austin American Statesman  Gamboa, S. 02/14/97
Plan brewing to stall college funding Dallas Morning News    02/14/97
State universities told to boost minority enrollment Houston Chronicle  Robison, C. 02/14/97
Affirmative action backers cite funds San Antonio Express News  Foy, N. 02/14/97
Legislators oppose new at-large posts for HISD's board Houston Chronicle  Williams, J. 01/18/97
Rep. Edwards' mother dies Austin American Statesman    01/14/97
Clark endorses McKenna in runoff Houston Chronicle  Bernstein, A. 12/09/96
10,000 cheer Clinton at Alamo Houston Chronicle  Gonzalez, J. 11/03/96
State House II Houston Chronicle    10/16/96
Congresswoman urges delay in redistricting after court ruling Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Langford, T. 06/18/96
Vouchers opposed by many minority lawmakers Austin American Statesman  Brooks, A. 06/06/96
Minority aid program kept alive and within law Houston Chronicle  Ackerman, T. 04/19/96
Farrar is faring well Houston Chronicle  Villafranca, A. 03/13/96
Moon case takes shine off abuse law, but statute will stay Houston Chronicle  Kliewer, T. 02/25/96
Priceless gift: inspiration Houston Chronicle  Tutt, B. 01/18/96
Buyout of TSU contract part of 'disturbing trend' Houston Chronicle  Ackerman, T. 12/08/95
Prairie View A&M will swear in 'new' president Bryan Eagle    09/27/95
Pious right peddles myths Waco Tribune Herald  Young, J. 08/24/95
Letter opposes school prayer Dallas Morning News    08/09/95
New law punishes parents who let kids get hold of guns Amarillo Globe-News  Robbins, M. 07/30/95
TSU won't renew president's contract Houston Chronicle  Ackerman, T. 06/03/95
House approves bill to overhaul juvenile system Austin American Statesman  Arrillaga, P. 05/26/95
Legislator says prayer could help welfare recipients Austin American Statesman  Gamboa, S. 05/06/95
House hikes teacher pay Houston Chronicle  Walt, K. 05/06/95
Lawmakers criticize home-rule districts Amarillo Globe-News  Parker, P. 05/05/95
School measure opposed Dallas Morning News  Stutz, T. 05/05/95
Bill branded racist El Paso Times  Scharrer, G. 05/05/95
Education bill racist, critics say Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Roser, M. 05/05/95
Minorities claim racism in home rule Houston Chronicle  Walt, K. 05/05/95
Minorities vow to block home rule in education bill San Antonio Express News  Calderon, D. 05/05/95
Bill would require guns to be kept out of children's reach Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Roser, M. 05/04/95
Black caucus to look at current fights, past glories at meeting Austin American Statesman  Brooks, A. 04/21/95
Portrait of a dispute -- over portraits Austin American Statesman  Ward, M. 04/18/95
Parents channel grief to push gun-access law Dallas Morning News    04/17/95
Welfare bill backed by House Dallas Morning News  Moreno, S. 04/07/95
Alimony added to welfare reform Houston Post    04/07/95
Texas lawmakers confront 2 inexpensive opportunities El Paso Times    04/03/95
House votes to punish adults for kids' gun use Austin American Statesman  Ward, M. 03/30/95
Bill to keep handguns from kids clears hurdle Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Sanchez, C. 03/30/95
House backs penalties if kids get unsafely stored weapons Houston Post  Lenz, M. 03/30/95
Juvenile code Corpus Christi Caller Times    03/26/95
House passes revision of juvenile justice code Amarillo Globe-News  Parker, P. 03/24/95
Juvenile crime bill goes to Senate amid criticism Dallas Morning News  Hoppe, C. 03/24/95
Minority lawmakers blast crime bill Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Sanchez, C. 03/24/95
Juvenile justice bill hit by minority legislators Houston Chronicle  Robison, C. 03/24/95
House approves juvenile justice bill Houston Post  Herman, K. 03/24/95
Concealed-handgun proponents confident Austin American Statesman  Eskenazi, S. 03/22/95
S.A. teacher's plea gains House favor on gun law San Antonio Express News  Scott, S. 03/22/95
House begins work on gun legislation Tyler Morning Telegraph    03/22/95
Time for prayer in schools urged Dallas Morning News  Stutz, T. 03/21/95
Opponents upbeat about restricting annexation Houston Chronicle  Williams, J. 03/21/95
Affirmative action proposal angers minority legislators Austin American Statesman  Eskenazi, S. 03/10/95
Minority legislators rip move to end racial hiring Houston Chronicle    03/10/95
Senate OKs bill on truck passengers Dallas Morning News    03/09/95
Bills aim to keep kids from guns Austin American Statesman  Ward, M. 03/08/95
House panel considers bills to help keep guns from kids Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Sanchez, C. 03/08/95
Conservative coalition will not disclose donors Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Sanchez, C. 02/05/95
Racial bias reported in loans, jobs Houston Chronicle  Tuell, S. 02/02/95
For Texas House Houston Post    10/17/94
For Texas House II Houston Chronicle    10/14/94
Year of transition Houston Chronicle  Ackerman, T. 09/25/94
Three lawmakers demand that Metro drop bid for fare increase Houston Chronicle  Williams, J. 09/15/94
Elections will go on despite 'tainted' lines Houston Chronicle  Bernstein, A. 09/03/94
Black lawmakers want to create more minority districts Houston Chronicle  Bernstein, A. 08/23/94
Juneteenth celebration had uphill battle for recognition Houston Post  Stanton, R. 06/19/94
Juneteenth special day in Texas that spread San Antonio Express News    06/18/94
Lawmaker's tenacity helped forge Juneteenth Houston Chronicle  Makeig, J. 06/17/94
Bill targets adults failing to secure guns Houston Chronicle  Hanson, E. 04/28/94
AG's counsel resigns, denies wrongdoing Dallas Morning News  Hoppe, C. 01/29/94
Turner explores run for mayor Houston Post    09/12/93
Judiciary needs more blacks, appeals judge tells coalition Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Jones, J. 08/08/93
TSU picks first woman president Houston Chronicle  Ackerman, T. 08/07/93
Public financing of Texas legislative caucuses attacked Dallas Morning News  Moreno, S. 08/03/93
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Edwards action not illegal: prosecutors Houston Post  Price, Jorjanna  01/24/86
Edwards won't run for mayor Houston Chronicle  Bernstein, Alan  09/24/85
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Edwards' conduct being investigated by ethics division Houston Post  Price, Jorjanna  06/22/85
2 fired aides claim abuses by lawmakers Austin American Statesman    06/12/85
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Ex-Edwards aides allege irregularities Houston Post  Price, Jorjanna  06/11/85
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State legislator leads anti-apartheid march Dallas Morning News    12/25/84
3 arrested at South African Consulate Dallas Morning News    12/08/84
Rep. Edwards arrested in apartheid protest Houston Chronicle    12/08/84
Legislator, 2 activists arrested in protest Houston Post  Simmon, Jim  12/08/84
Lawmaker asks students to join S. Africa protest Dallas Morning News    12/07/84
Legislator claims man convicted unjustly, seeks legal defense funds Houston Chronicle    06/30/83