Selected newspaper articles related to Paul Hilbert

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Headline Newspaper Columnist Date
Tax law leads to towering savings for big-building owners Dallas Morning News  Watkins, M. 04/27/14
Property tax bill with far-reaching consequences had hidden beginning Austin American Statesman  Bell, B. 12/29/13
Under the dome Houston Chronicle  Staff 05/23/03
House speaker speaks at legislator's funeral Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Staff 11/01/01
Paul Hilbert Houston Chronicle  Editorial 10/30/01
State Rep. Hilbert, low-key but effective Houston Chronicle  Elliott, J. 10/30/01
Campaign funds are a regularly milked cash cow Houston Chronicle  Berger, E. 04/02/01
Area House member suffering form cancer Houston Chronicle  Berger, E. 03/23/01
Compromise prompts passage of annexation bill Houston Chronicle  Mason, J. 05/31/99
House panel OKs power deregulation Austin American Statesman  Hight, B. 05/13/99
Texans buy amendment from home-equity loans Austin American Statesman  Hight, B. 11/05/97
Good people of Kingwood deserve to know the real story Houston Chronicle  Stiles, M. 06/22/97
Thrill of victory has muted tone Houston Chronicle  Williams, J. 06/02/97
Thrift too often left behind when lawmakers pack Austin American Statesman  Eskenazi, S. 06/01/97
House OKs wide-ranging water bill Austin American Statesman    05/24/97
Annexation measure approved in Senate Houston Chronicle  Williams, J. 05/22/97
House panel amends, passes bill to limit city's annexation powers Houston Chronicle  Williams, J. 05/18/97
Lanier sees no legislative compromise on annexation Houston Chronicle  Williams, J. 05/17/97
Bill could curb Houston's annexation powers Houston Chronicle  Williams, J. 05/16/97
Senate panel offers solution to tax enigma Houston Chronicle  Robison, C. 05/08/97
Suburban legislators square off over annexation Houston Chronicle  Williams, J. 05/06/97
Houston, Dallas win exceptions Houston Chronicle  Williams, J. 04/27/97
No more bills on annexation to be allowed Houston Chronicle  Williams, J. 04/25/97
Legislature may open spigot on water taxes Houston Chronicle  Williams, J. 04/19/97
Tort advocates: Gray sandbagging bills Galveston Daily News  Lutz, H. 04/15/97
Tax appraisal limits, changes sought Houston Chronicle  Robison, C. 02/28/97
Bush's plan taxes bond of Republican loyalties Houston Chronicle  Robison, C. 02/11/97
Be positive on funding for remedial education Amarillo Globe-News    12/14/96
Kingwood flap draws legislators' interest Houston Chronicle  Dyer, R. 12/12/96
Bill would hold schools accountable Lubbock Avalanche Journal  Robbins, M. 12/07/96
First legislative stone is throne at cities' power of annexation Houston Chronicle  Mason, J. 12/06/96
Farrar is faring well Houston Chronicle  Villafranca, A. 03/13/96
Houston interests fare well in low-key session Houston Chronicle  Williams, J. 05/14/95
Bill would cut into city annexation powers Houston Chronicle  Williams, J. 05/11/95
Measure would limit city's power to annex Woodlands Houston Chronicle  Williams, J. 02/28/95
Annexation bills filed to restrict city power Houston Chronicle  Williams, J. 02/21/95
Environmentalists call session a disaster Houston Chronicle  Rothschild, S. 06/04/93
Looks like we've only replaced Robin Hood with Jesse James in schools Houston Chronicle  Hilbert, P. 05/30/93
House votes to halt city's annexations Houston Chronicle    05/12/93
Aircraft tax plan spurs rift Dallas Morning News  Kuempel, G. 05/05/93
Robin Hood lives Fort Worth Star-Telegram    05/05/93
House endorses bill to divide plane taxes Dallas Morning News  Kuempel, G. 05/04/93
Plane tax bill may hit Tarrant, D/FW area hard Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Johnson, M. 05/04/93
House approves bill to spread airline tax dollars across state Houston Chronicle    05/04/93
New students fail exam at ACCD San Antonio Express News  Garcia, V. 05/02/93
Repubs hope to avoid split in caucus Beaumont Enterprise  Powers, J. 04/26/93
Yeah or nay on Texas' school finance ballot? Houston Chronicle  Lay, K. 04/18/93
Grand jury won't indict lawmaker in DWI probe Dallas Morning News    03/07/92
Statement by witness could spell DWI charge for Hilbert Houston Chronicle  Johnson, Stephen  02/08/92
Lawmaker in intoxication case had flu, lawyer says Houston Chronicle  Johnson, Stephen  02/05/92