Selected newspaper articles related to Barry Telford

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Headline Newspaper Columnist Date
Barry Bradford Telford Tribute Archive  Staff 06/04/24
Capitol shows ongoing devotion to displays of faith Austin American Statesman  Selby, W. 03/12/09
Creating an air of uncertainty Dallas Morning News  Loftis, R. 01/19/09
U.S. Senate candidate makes campaign stop in Texarkana Texarkana Gazette  Jordan, K. 10/28/08
Texas Capitol's lobby has a revolving door San Antonio Express News  Sandberg, L. 01/29/06
Ex-legislators made big cash as lobbyists San Antonio Express News  A.P. Wire 11/17/05
Report targets lobbying money Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Dyer, R. 11/16/05
Lawmakers back mitigation bank Texarkana Gazette  Sheridan, J. 01/17/05
Texas agencies begin consolidation Texarkana Gazette  Gardner, A. 09/01/04
Speaker campaign inquiry expands Austin American Statesman  Copelin, L. 03/12/04
Laney turns over campaign records from '02 Dallas Morning News  Hoppe, C. 03/12/04
Laney's campaign records subpoenaed Houston Chronicle  Ratcliffe, R. 03/12/04
Probe demands Demo's records San Antonio Express News  Selby, W. 03/12/04
GOP hits Demo funding San Antonio Express News  Selby, W. 02/28/04
Legislature sees Anglo Democrats dwindling El Paso Times  Scharrer, G. 12/06/03
El Paso lawmakers ready for re-election El Paso Times  Scharrer, G. 11/30/03
A big loss Texarkana Gazette  Editorial 11/26/03
Political losses will be blow to area Texarkana Gazette  Sheridan, J. 11/23/03
Re-election not in Telford's plans Texarkana Gazette  Bischof, G. 10/21/03
Remap at risk in GOP standoff Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Root, J. 10/04/03
Redistricting still requires lots of work Texarkana Gazette  Sheridan, J. 09/29/03
Ads critical of redistricting session Tyler Morning Telegraph  Staff 09/28/03
Amended map passes Senate Texarkana Gazette  Sheridan, J. 09/25/03
Lawmaker takes aim at redistricting Texarkana Gazette  Brand, A. 08/08/03
Sides spar over effects of redistricting standoff Texarkana Gazette  Sheridan, J. 07/30/03
Telford: Redistricting map 'decimates Northeast Texas' Texarkana Gazette  Staff 07/03/03
Redistricting meet draws hundreds Texarkana Gazette  Sheridan, J. 06/29/03
Dems frown at governor over session Texarkana Gazette  McCormick, S. 06/20/03
Legislature eases way for TAMU-T Texarkana Gazette  Thomason, J. 06/02/03
TAMU-T bill goes to new committee Texarkana Gazette  Thomason, J. 05/24/03
Expansion may have tough time Texarkana Gazette  Thomason, J. 05/21/03
Senate gives initial OK for TAMU-T to expand Texarkana Gazette  Thomason, J. 05/20/03
Legislative panel to take look at Valor Texarkana Gazette  Brand, A. 05/17/03
Killer D's defend flight out of Austin Abilene Reporter-News  Hall, J. 05/14/03
Democrats on lam from Texas House Texarkana Gazette  Sheridan, J. 05/14/03
Lawmakers defend their walkout Wichita Falls Record News  Hall, J. 05/14/03
Texas honors Rader Texarkana Gazette  Thomason, J. 04/29/03
Rattling locks on the courthouse doors Houston Chronicle  Robison, C. 03/23/03
State puts TAMU-T vote on hold Texarkana Gazette  Thomason, J. 03/18/03
TAMU-T motion goes to House Texarkana Gazette  Thomason, J. 02/22/03
Craddick to close bill analysis office Dallas Morning News  Slover, P. 12/04/02
Legislators gear up for insurance crisis Austin American Statesman  Grisales, C. 11/10/02
State wants help in losing spare tires Texarkana Gazette  Thomason, J. 02/12/02
Despite misses, Perry takes 2nd spot in shooting event Houston Chronicle  Ratcliffe, R. 08/24/01
Ad puts legislator over a fuzzy line Dallas Morning News  Hoppe, C. 05/23/01
Truan port plan is dead Corpus Christi Caller Times  Ray, S. 05/22/01
Private schools' UIL bid stalls again Dallas Morning News  Alonzo, R. 05/22/01
Colonia bill dies in committee San Antonio Express News  Inklebarger, T. 05/22/01
State revenue seen as $18 million less San Antonio Express News  Selby, W. 05/21/01
Speaker tries to keep Texas' House in order Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Root, J. 05/20/01
Applause for legislators Austin American Statesman  Editorial 04/26/01
A plea for the workers Austin American Statesman  Editorial 04/13/01
Bill would add values to lessons Valley Morning Star  Editorial 04/04/01
Final approval on education bills is expected today Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Dyer, R. 04/03/01
Texas needs character education Dallas Morning News  Cain, D. 03/24/01
Teach character, too El Paso Times  Editorial 03/20/01
Bill opens door for TC, TAMU-T partnership Texarkana Gazette  Tracey, L. 03/14/01
Admire Telford for trying to do the right thing Austin American Statesman  Leggett, M. 03/10/01
Redistricting spurring on lawmakers Austin American Statesman  Elizondo Jr., J. 02/26/01
Democrat criticized over letter Austin American Statesman  A.P. Wire 02/15/01
GOP calls for probe of Telford Houston Chronicle  Ratcliffe, R. 02/15/01
GOP considers Democrat's invitation a misuse of funds Dallas Morning News    02/14/01
Democrats delay candidate session Houston Chronicle  Ratcliffe, R. 02/14/01
Legislator aims to avert bans on hunting, fishing San Antonio Express News  Gormly, K. 02/05/01
Lawmakers urged to focus on rural needs Abilene Reporter-News  Tinsley, A. 01/26/01
Texas hunters' rights proposed Waco Tribune Herald  Embry, J. 12/03/00
Legislation will preserve hunting, fishing rights Texarkana Gazette  Staff 11/16/00
Italy among rural Texas towns still looking for direct Internet access Dallas Morning News  Shah, A. 10/03/00
Barry Telford announces candidacy for District 1 Texarkana Gazette  Staff 12/04/99
Telford speaks at TRTA convention Texarkana Gazette  Tracey, L. 09/30/99
Open container bill dies in committee San Antonio Express News  Tolley, L. 05/25/99
'8-liner' bill goes down for the count Austin American Statesman  Herman, K. 05/24/99
Abortion notification bill tentatively passes House Dallas Morning News  Hoppe, C. 05/22/99
Abortion notice bill approved by House Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Brooks, K. 05/22/99
Texas House backs parental notification bill Houston Chronicle  Hughes, P. 05/22/99
Notification bill wins House's OK San Antonio Express News  Prentice, M. 05/22/99
Vote on abortion measure delayed Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Brooks, K. 05/20/99
Abortion bill nearing compromise Austin American Statesman  Elizondo Jr., J. 05/12/99
TAAS Reforms Dallas Morning News  Editorial 05/04/99
Ratliff abandons bid to rewrite constitution Texarkana Gazette  Minor, J. 05/02/99
Capitol notebook Houston Chronicle  Staff 05/01/99
Bill would protect displayed art from creditors Texarkana Gazette  Minor, J. 04/25/99
Education a pivotal issue for Texans Texarkana Gazette  Minor, J. 02/14/99
Lawmakers savor their assignments Texarkana Gazette  Minor, J. 01/31/99
Laney gives Telford spot on Calendars Committee Texarkana Gazette  Minor, J. 01/29/99
Friends, relatives recount Ed Howard's contributions Texarkana Gazette  Cush, B. 09/30/98
Telford praises law-enforcement grads Texarkana Gazette  Dunn, L. 08/16/98
Lawmakers tackle proposed school voucher system Bryan Eagle  Tracey, L. 05/08/98
Comptroller's Office delays TISD review Texarkana Gazette  Tracey, L. 03/14/98
Texas speaker urges push for completion of bypass Texarkana Gazette  Minor, J. 11/12/97
Texas oddity: home equity loan resistance Austin American Statesman  McLeese, D. 11/02/97
Lawmakers divided on amendment to allow home equity loans Texarkana Gazette  Minor, J. 11/02/97
Telford: don't pay for homestead designation Texarkana Gazette  Singleton, J. 10/09/97
Legislation should help state's timber industry Tyler Morning Telegraph    07/23/97
Bush likely to sign violent-lyrics proposal Dallas Morning News  Newton, C. 06/07/97
Anti-rap measure slipped in Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Brooks, A. 06/06/97
Lyrics ban is slipped into state budget bill Austin American Statesman  Brooks, A. 06/05/97
Telford: Tax exemptioin will cause problem Texarkana Gazette  Minor, J. 06/04/97
Bush: faith defines success Texarkana Gazette  Minor, J. 06/01/97
Tradition falls away as House approves home equity bill Austin American Statesman  Hight, B. 05/30/97
House sends home equity bill to voters Dallas Morning News    05/30/97
Texas voters to decide fate of home equity loans Houston Chronicle  Ratcliffe, R. 05/30/97
Home-equity bill on way to voters San Antonio Express News  Spicer, E. 05/30/97
Doctors praise bill allowing HMO suits Texarkana Gazette  Beckerdite, J. 05/25/97
Bill sounds sour note with music industry Austin American Statesman  Brooks, A. 05/22/97
Lobbying prompts bill's review Texarkana Gazette  Minor, J. 05/21/97
Poultry waste regulation bill ruffles feathers among producers Texarkana Gazette  Minor, J. 05/19/97
House OKs $5.6 million Amtrak loan Texarkana Gazette  Minor, J. 05/10/97
Lawmakers hope to avoid special session Texarkana Gazette  Minor, J. 05/09/97
Telford touts House tax plan Texarkana Gazette  Minor, J. 05/08/97
Lawmakers react differently to Clinton's action Texarkana Gazette  Minor, J. 05/07/97
Senate bill focuses on issues of annexation Texarkana Gazette  Minor, J. 05/06/97
Bill would give health coverage to children Texarkana Gazette  Minor, J. 04/07/97
Bills would funnel state money to faith-based organizations Texarkana Gazette  Minor, J. 03/24/97
Legislature considers repeal of helmet law Texarkana Gazette  Minor, J. 03/19/97
Bill would allow limited tuition voucher system Texarkana Gazette  Minor, J. 03/17/97
Utility deregulation bill sparks skepticism Texarkana Gazette  Minor, J. 03/10/97
Bill to divert lottery funds to education spurs skepticism Texarkana Gazette  Minor, J. 03/03/97
Bill would require direct OB/GYN access Texarkana Gazette  Beckerdite, J. 02/25/97
Texas Senate approves 'zero tolerance' bill Texarkana Gazette  Minor, J. 02/17/97
Bill to end mandatory early release for prisoners stirs up controversy Texarkana Gazette  Minor, J. 02/10/97
Legislators reserve judgment on Bush's property tax proposal Texarkana Gazette  Minor, J. 01/29/97
Texas flirts with idea of home equity lending Texarkana Gazette  Brumble, M. 01/27/97
Lawmakers snag influential appointments Texarkana Gazette  Minor, J. 01/24/97
False accusations prompt lawmaker to file bill Texarkana Gazette  Minor, J. 01/10/97
Way to go Texarkana Gazette    12/25/96
Legislators believe welfare waiver would help ease transition for jobless Texarkana Gazette  Minor, J. 12/09/96
Leaders brace for cuts Texarkana Gazette  Minor, J. 12/08/96
Telford urges agency to do background checks Texarkana Gazette  Minor, R. 11/20/96
1st District candidates detail views Tyler Morning Telegraph  Beckerdite, J. 10/25/96
ETSU-T becomes part of Texas A&M system Texarkana Gazette  Bischof, G. 09/15/96
Camps for troubled children under scrutiny Corpus Christi Caller Times  Brown, C. 07/26/96
Camps under fire Houston Chronicle  Smith, M. 07/21/96
Doing time by roughing it Austin American Statesman  Todd, M. 07/20/96
Policy of keeping abused kids in tents to be reviewed Dallas Morning News  Parks, S. 07/19/96
Concerned residents calling on elected officials to help curb speed Texarkana Gazette  McPherson, K. 03/02/96
Texas Ranger forced out, sources say Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Cochran, M. 02/09/96
Telford: review how trusties (sic) are selected Texarkana Gazette  McPherson, K. 01/27/96
Law-enforcement group picks Barry Telford for honor Texarkana Gazette    12/15/95
ETSU-T regents hold farewell meeting on Texarkana campus Texarkana Gazette  Gilbert, T. 11/11/95
Telford talks to teachers about retirement changes Texarkana Gazette  Davis, R. 10/05/95
New Boston prison 'opens doors' Texarkana Gazette  Davis, R. 07/12/95
Nonresident tuitition may be eased at ETSU-T Texarkana Gazette  Gilbert, T. 06/09/95
Bill boosts pensions of 4 state employees Austin American Statesman  Wear, B. 05/16/95
Texas House OKs merger proposal Texarkana Gazette  Bischof, G. 05/09/95
House adds restrictions to home-rule plan Lubbock Avalanche Journal  Parker, P. 05/06/95
Laney, Bullock support proposed pension boosts Austin American Statesman  Wear, B. 05/05/95
Willis changes beneficiary -- without amendment Austin American Statesman  Wear, B. 05/02/95
Beware of the Bubba bills Dallas Morning News  Pederson, R. 04/30/95
Pension boost approved for retired teachers Amarillo Globe-News  Parker, P. 04/27/95
House waits on Senate version of merger bill Texarkana Gazette  Rooks, J. 04/13/95
House approves letting Arkansas officials transport inmates to Texas Texarkana Gazette  Warren, C. 03/17/95
Telford vows to bring retirement system under legislative control Texarkana Gazette  Harris, J. 03/12/95
Ratliff's math subtracts from smaller schools' budgets Texarkana Gazette  Rooks, J. 03/09/95
Teachers' pensions at center of storm Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Roser, M. 12/16/94
Reform group leader calls for new probe of Granberry San Antonio Express News    08/18/94
Prison costs could rise by $1.3 billion Amarillo Daily News  Robbins, M. 04/22/94
$1.6 billion more needed to open prisons, panel told Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Gonzalez, J. 04/22/94
Thanks for the good ones, but send more! Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Ivins, M. 06/01/93
No-play rollback is really to get kids in uniform Houston Post  Newberry, R. 05/17/93
House OKs bill to roll back no-pass rule Dallas Morning News  Holmes, M. 05/14/93
House cuts no-pass, no-play to 3 weeks Austin American Statesman  Graves, D. 05/13/93
Seven district highway offices to remain open San Antonio Express News  Scott, S. 04/17/93
State Rep. Telford, 44, suffers a heart attack Austin American Statesman    01/29/91