Selected newspaper articles related to Barbara Jordan

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Headline Newspaper Columnist Date
A UT oral history project honors Houston congresswoman Barbara Jordan's impact on her students San Antonio Express News  Warren, P. 03/19/24
DEI BAN: New law a major issue at UT forum Austin American Statesman  Kepner, L. 02/21/24
Want to know more about Black history in Texas? Visit these historical landmarks Austin American Statesman  Malenfant, M. 02/08/24
Eddie Bernice Johnson, who broke barriers, represented Dallas in long House career, dies Dallas Morning News  Jeffers Jr., G. 01/01/24
Two thousand years ago, a young family became refugees Houston Chronicle  Editorial 12/24/23
Juneteenth, Jim Crow and how the fight of one Black Texas family to make freedom real offers lessons for Texas lawmakers trying to erase history... Midland Reporter Telegram  Littlejohn, J. 06/17/23
Former Texas Congresswoman Barbara Jordan honored with a state office building named for her Corpus Christi Caller Times  Moritz, J. 04/19/23
Houston civil rights icon Barbara Jordan is memorialized at the Texas Capitol Mall Houston Chronicle  Wallace, J. 04/19/23
Committee holds hearing on electric grid Lufkin Daily News  Nichols, R. 02/10/23
Thumbs: Brown is the new blue? Texas makes best beach list. Houston Chronicle  Editorial 03/12/22
Texas House OKs arrests for absent Democrats; Senate takes up GOP elections bill Austin American Statesman  Lindell, C. 07/14/21
Democrats send a clear message about voting rights Bryan Eagle  McNeely, D. 07/13/21
Texas at fore of fight over voting rights Dallas Morning News  Jeffers Jr., G. 07/12/21
POLITIFACT: Black senators have served together Austin American Statesman  Mulder, B. 12/13/20
An overdue honor for an overarching Texan Austin American Statesman  Herman, K. 11/29/20
Kamala Harris’ selection as Biden’s running mate marks an ‘enormously important moment’ Houston Chronicle  Grieder, E. 08/12/20
After admissions scandal, Texas Southern University needs to do better by its students Houston Chronicle  Editorial 06/08/20
Battle Oak legacy trees planted at historic Woods Cemetery in northwest Houston Houston Chronicle  Feuk, M. 03/11/20
Celebrating Barbara Jordan’s legacy of fighting for justice for all Austin American Statesman  Gonzalez Claytor, S. 02/15/20
Dorothy Browne Austin American Statesman  Staff 01/11/20
Senate’s Confederate debate exposes wounds, spurs soul searching Austin American Statesman  Lindell, C. 05/12/19
Freeway honors considered for 4 Texas dignitaries Houston Chronicle  Begley, D. 04/10/19
Make black history a school requirement in Texas Corpus Christi Caller Times  Joseph, P. 02/21/19
What we can learn from the extraordinary life of Barbara Jordan Austin American Statesman  Butler, J. 02/14/19
It’s time to recognize Texas women who are making history Austin American Statesman  Rouhani, J. 04/09/18
As you vote, remember Barbara Jordan’s ethical wisdom Austin American Statesman  Sherman, M. 02/22/18
Barbara Jordan remains unique to Texas Senate Houston Chronicle  Pandit, E. 11/19/17
Confederate monument controversy not new to Texas Corpus Christi Caller Times  Moritz, J. 08/18/17
What Barbara Jordan might say about the state of U.S. politics Austin American Statesman  Delco, W. 02/12/17
Exhibit to honor Barbara Jordan Austin American Statesman  Staff 02/05/17
Barbara Jordan's memory in tug-of-war over immigration Houston Chronicle  Diaz, K. 06/11/16
Anti-immigration group using Barbara Jordan’s words for their cause San Antonio Express News  Diaz, K. 06/09/16
In a life of firsts, Barbara Jordan won a lasting legacy Houston Chronicle  Diaz, K. 06/07/16
EMILY’s List correct that Texas hasn’t elected a Latina to Congress Austin American Statesman  Hinchliffe, E. 03/01/16
McClendon did public service the right way San Antonio Express News  Editorial 09/18/15
UT-Austin grapples with campus statues of Confederate leaders Dallas Morning News  Barnett, M. 05/06/15
UT students want statue of Confederate leader moved Austin American Statesman  Chang, J. 03/27/15
'The struggle' altered course of history Houston Chronicle  James, C. 02/16/15
Honor civil rights heroes by voting San Antonio Express News  Davis, W. 08/04/14
Abbott's policies concern disabled San Antonio Express News  Gonzalez, J. 07/29/13
Terral Smith says that 40 years ago, U.S. placed Texas under Voting Rights act for failing to print ballots in Spanish Austin American Statesman  Owen, S. 11/18/12
Fine arts are no frill and deserve funding Corpus Christi Caller Times  Floyd, R. 03/18/11
Barbara Jordan gone, but new foundation promotes her work San Angelo Standard Times  McNeely, D. 03/09/11
Barbara Jordan to be honored Austin American Statesman  Staff 02/18/11
Racist schemes called for Voting Rights Act Houston Chronicle  Casey, R. 04/29/09
Van de Putte's role takes her to next level San Antonio Express News  Martin, G. 08/28/08
TSU has to change with the time Houston Chronicle  Johnson, J. 04/30/08
Perry calls for changes at Texas Southern Austin American Statesman  A.P. Wire 04/14/07
Amid state history for eternity Houston Chronicle  Hughes, P. 09/24/06
She was a strong voice in their lives Dallas Morning News  Staff 09/15/06
Conference coming to Dallas highlights reversal of fortune Dallas Morning News  Adams-Wade, N. 04/12/06
Black people still rare on Texas ballot Austin American Statesman  Selby, W. 02/23/06
Capitol center shorts blacks San Antonio Express News  Selby, W. 01/17/05
Jordan, Chavez statues approved Austin American Statesman  Staff 05/24/03
Jordan will speak again to city's poor Houston Chronicle  Ellis, R. 02/21/03
In increasingly diverse Legislature, GOP wrestles with hate-crimes bill Austin American Statesman  McNeely, D. 05/07/01
Lawmaker Rangel to receive Bar award Corpus Christi Caller Times  Tinsley, A. 07/18/98
Women knock at 'men's room' in Legislature Dallas Morning News  Biffle, K. 04/12/98
Inclusion is policy's goal, legislator says Austin American Statesman  Kelley, M. 02/22/98
Forum addresses minorities' concerns about national test plan for students Dallas Morning News    02/22/98
Dwindling dominance Dallas Morning News    01/13/98
TSU instates president and celebrates 50th year Houston Chronicle  Lum, L. 03/08/97
Republican's writings ripped by 14th District foe San Antonio Express News  Scott, S. 09/30/96
Ron Paul defends newsletter passages Austin American Statesman  Kay, M. 09/26/96
Ron Paul's criticism of Jordan criticized Austin American Statesman  Kay, M. 07/25/96
Morris attacks foe's article on Barbara Jordan Dallas Morning News  Slater, W. 07/25/96
Opponent targets Ron Paul's criticism of Barbara Jordan Fort Worth Star-Telegram    07/25/96
Foes cites '92 Paul newsletter calling Barbara Jordan 'a fraud' Houston Chronicle  Robison, C. 07/25/96
Candidate draws fire for remarks on civil rights leader Jordan San Antonio Express News  Scott, S. 07/25/96
Time to honor black lawmakers Bryan Eagle    02/16/96
Jordan taught ethics of self-respect San Antonio Express News    01/24/96
TSU remembers Barbara Jordan Houston Chronicle  Villafranca, A. 01/22/96
A Jordan interview from 1970 is released Austin American Statesman    01/21/96
Paying tribute amid the morning's mist Austin American Statesman  Harmon, D. 01/21/96
Barbara Jordan honored by a president, the people Austin American Statesman  Palomo, J. 01/21/96
When she spoke, Barbara Jordan created memories Dallas Morning News    01/21/96
Legacy of oratory Dallas Morning News    01/21/96
'So beloved by people' Dallas Morning News  Huang, T. 01/21/96
Mourners bid Jordan farewell Dallas Morning News  Nichols, B. 01/21/96
Former congresswoman laid to rest among Texas legends Dallas Morning News  Stutz, T. 01/21/96
Do we know what we lost with the demise of Barbara Jordan? Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Brink, B. 01/21/96
Barbara Jordan laid to rest near Stephen F. Austin Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Sanchez, C. 01/21/96
Supreme Court may undermine Jordan's legacy Houston Chronicle  Bernstein, A. 01/21/96
The Fifth Ward Houston Chronicle  Dyer, R. 01/21/96
She had 'too short of a lifetime' Houston Chronicle  Milling, T. 01/21/96
Today's pols missing Jordan's integrity Houston Chronicle  Robison, C. 01/21/96
Blazing trails even in her death Houston Chronicle  Walt, K. 01/21/96
Admirers share their many memories Houston Chronicle  Bernstein, A. 01/21/96
Barbara, you showd us how to soar Houston Chronicle  Califano Jr., J. 01/21/96
The White House Houston Chronicle  Mathis, N. 01/21/96
Praise and prayer Houston Chronicle  Tolson, M. 01/21/96
The private Jordan enjoyed a good laugh Houston Chronicle  Woodfin, M. 01/21/96
'Every voice' lifts in praise of one who lifted everyone San Antonio Express News  Clack, C. 01/21/96
Burial is held at historic cemetery near Capitol San Antonio Express News  Scott, S. 01/21/96
President eulogizes Jordan San Antonio Express News  Tolley, L. 01/21/96
UT bids fond farewell to Jordan Austin American Statesman  Dworin, D. 01/20/96
Ben Barnes, former lieutenant governor Austin American Statesman  Barnes, B. 01/20/96
Rodney Ellis, Texas senator Austin American Statesman  Ellis, R. 01/20/96
Jordan's legacy extolled by colleagues Austin American Statesman  Kelley, M. 01/20/96
Houston mourners honor Jordan Dallas Morning News  Nichols, B. 01/20/96
Mile-long crowd mourns as Jordan returns to Houston Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Sanchez, C. 01/20/96
Massive crowd honors woman 'who made it' Houston Chronicle  Lum, L. 01/20/96
'For all she meant to us' Houston Chronicle  Rodriguez, L. 01/20/96
Jordan's gift transcended her voice San Antonio Express News  Guerra, C. 01/20/96
Hometown pays homage to Jordan San Antonio Express News  Tolley, L. 01/20/96
Gov. Bush welcomes conventioneers to Texas Austin American Statesman  Kay, M. 01/19/96
Jordan's legacy gains and gives strength Austin American Statesman  Harmon, D. 01/19/96
Hundreds visit coffin, bid farewell to Jordan Austin American Statesman  Hiott, D. 01/19/96
Jordan remembered as woman who practiced what she preached Austin American Statesman  Palomo, J. 01/19/96
Barbara Jordan followed her conscience Dallas Morning News  Estrada, R. 01/19/96
Barbara Jordan draws a stream of mourners Dallas Morning News  Slater, W. 01/19/96
Governor joins thousands in mourning Jordan at LBJ Library Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Sanchez, C. 01/19/96
Mourners recall woman who made difference Houston Chronicle  Turner, A. 01/19/96
President will speak at funeral Houston Chronicle  Zuniga, J. 01/19/96
Jordan challenged us all to be better San Antonio Express News  Glasgow, D. 01/19/96
Jordan's students mourn death of their dear 'B.J.' San Antonio Express News  Scott, S. 01/19/96
Jordan, 'voice of conscience, integrity,' dead at 59 Amarillo Globe-News  Robbins, M. 01/18/96
Stateswoman remembered Amarillo Globe-News  Wyatt, J. 01/18/96
Jordan's words ring on Austin American Statesman    01/18/96
'When Barbara Jordan spoke to you, you knew you had been spoke at' Austin American Statesman    01/18/96
Pupils told to reap rewards of education Austin American Statesman  Jayson, S. 01/18/96
For some blacks, Jordan leaves ambiguous legacy Austin American Statesman  Lindell, C. 01/18/96
Jordan on Jordan Austin American Statesman  Morris, A. 01/18/96
Jordan lent spark to UT Austin American Statesman  Roser, M. 01/18/96
Key moments in Barbara Jordan's life Austin American Statesman    01/18/96
Her inspiration reached far beyond native Texas Austin American Statesman  Eskenazi, S. 01/18/96
Quest for common ground won Jordan broad respect Austin American Statesman  McNeely, D. 01/18/96
A voice for justice Austin American Statesman  Palomo, J. 01/18/96
'Her spirit lives on in all who loved her' Austin American Statesman  Richards, A. 01/18/96
Barbara Jordan Dallas Morning News    01/18/96
'Gentle lady from Texas' broke stereotypes, became role model Dallas Morning News  Camia, C. 01/18/96
Stateswoman Barbara Jordan dies at 59 Dallas Morning News  Loe, V. 01/18/96
Former legislator's death leaves 'stabbing sense of loss' Dallas Morning News  Simnacher, J. 01/18/96
Students remember her high standards, intensity Dallas Morning News  Slater, W. 01/18/96
One of a kind Fort Worth Star-Telegram    01/18/96
Jordan was passionate about the right to know Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Record, P. 01/18/96
Inspirational Texan Barbara Jordan dies Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Gonzalez, J. 01/18/96
A great spirit (and voice) has left us Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Ivins, M. 01/18/96
Jordan's complex stance could not be limited to any label Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Northcott, K. 01/18/96
Tarrant residents remember Jordan, say she'll be missed Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Staples, G. 01/18/96
Ceremonies and programs to pay tribute Houston Chronicle    01/18/96
Barbara Jordan Houston Chronicle    01/18/96
In her own words . . . Houston Chronicle    01/18/96
Eulogy Houston Chronicle    01/18/96
TSU remembers famous alumna Houston Chronicle  Ackerman, T. 01/18/96
Jordan stood in flow, changed history's course Houston Chronicle  Ellis, R. 01/18/96
Oh, how voice of thunder will be missed Houston Chronicle  Ely, J. 01/18/96
A striking example of things changing for better Houston Chronicle  Loewenheim, F. 01/18/96
Priceless gift: inspiration Houston Chronicle  Tutt, B. 01/18/96
From 5th Ward to 93rd Congress Houston Chronicle    01/18/96
Ethical ideals won respect Houston Chronicle  Bernstein, A. 01/18/96
A voice for justice dies Houston Chronicle  Hines, C. 01/18/96
Eloquence came from her head, not her voice Houston Chronicle  Hobby, B. 01/18/96
Fifth Ward full of memories, sad reminders Houston Chronicle  Makeig, J. 01/18/96
Justice, ethics Jordan embodied remain with students, colleagues Houston Chronicle  Walt, K. 01/18/96
Barbara Jordan: Texas pathfinder San Antonio Express News    01/18/96
What they said San Antonio Express News    01/18/96
Integrity was her hallmark San Antonio Express News  Davidson, B. 01/18/96
Thundering voice made an impression San Antonio Express News  Calderon, D. 01/18/96
The Jordan blend: intellect, impishness San Antonio Express News  Casey, R. 01/18/96
Political pioneer Jordan dies San Antonio Express News  Tolley, L. 01/18/96
Racism climbs list of Texans' top concerns Austin American Statesman  Herman, K. 10/30/95
Prop 187's message Houston Post    11/12/94
Black legislators find fault with Richards Austin American Statesman  Brooks, A. 11/03/94
Bush, Richards court black vote in Dallas, Houston churches Dallas Morning News  Slater, W. 10/31/94
Jordan upstages bush at black church service Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Roser, M. 10/31/94
Candidates for governor go to church Houston Chronicle  Ratcliffe, R. 10/31/94
Politics from the pulpits Houston Post  Herman, K. 10/31/94
Bush, Jordan clash before black voters San Antonio Express News  Davidson, B. 10/31/94
Proposition 187 Corpus Christi Caller Times    10/28/94
Jordan urges Democrats to bolster Richards vote San Antonio Express News  Anderson, C. 10/26/94
A tide of 'Illegals' Lubbock Avalanche Journal    10/22/94
Redistricting suit Dallas Morning News    08/19/94
Efforts on immigrants protested Dallas Morning News  Trejo, F. 08/12/94
It's a great day for Barbara Jordan - and for Texas Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Ivins, M. 08/08/94
Houston lawyer still energized by SSC Dallas Morning News  Kilday, A. 08/07/94
Immigration Fort Worth Star-Telegram    08/05/94
Morales files $5 billion lawsuit to cover illegal immigrants' care Houston Post  Herman, K. 08/04/94
Jordan wins Presidential Medal of Freedom Austin American Statesman  Gamino, D. 07/22/94
A Texas legacy: he showed that two parties can play the game Houston Chronicle  Tolson, M. 04/24/94
Jordan says panel will deliver key immigration policy proposals Dallas Morning News  Lagesse, D. 04/15/94
Immigration panel hears variety of suggestions Austin American Statesman  Montes, E. 03/18/94
Jordan pans proposal to use troops at border Austin American Statesman  Garcia, J. 03/17/94
Right for job Waco Tribune Herald    01/04/94
Universities make painful cuts as funds dwindle San Antonio Express News    10/31/93
Investigate Bledsoe Houston Post    10/20/93
Jordan says official asking for trouble Houston Post  Lenz, M. 09/28/93
Austin legislator asks for a little privacy, please Austin American Statesman    04/04/93
Barbara Jordan says Supreme Court post might tempt her back into office Fort Worth Star-Telegram    04/01/93
Legislators resume redistricting tussle Houston Post  Wiese, A. 06/02/71
Senate locked in filibuster Austin American Statesman    04/23/71
SEC deal 'a mess' - Tower Austin American  Henderson, N. 01/31/71
Bernal vote bill delayed San Antonio Express  Ford, J. 01/27/71
Connally for crime code change Dallas Morning News  Gardner, W. 04/23/67
Med school proposal is a waiting game Houston Chronicle  McNeely, D. 04/18/67
Channel span bill goes to 'friendly' subpanel Houston Post  Staff 04/18/67
Changes sought in Criminal Code Dallas Morning News  Heard, R. 04/09/67
State Senate marks first as Negro woman presides Dallas Morning News  Moss, M. 03/22/67
Barbara Jordan takes Senate gavel for day Houston Chronicle  Staff 03/22/67
Sen Jordan scores 'First' by presiding Houston Post  Gardner, W. 03/22/67
Rehabilitation commission for handicapped backed Dallas Morning News  A.P. Wire 03/10/67
3 negro solons say no word or hostile glance given them Austin American Statesman  A.P. Wire 03/05/67
3 Texas negro legislators have little in common Dallas Morning News  Kowert, N. 03/05/67
First Texas negro legislators of century accepted well Houston Chronicle  Heard, R. 03/05/67
Senate marks 'Barbara day" Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Staff 02/23/67
Most legislators voice support for Connally plan Houston Chronicle  Staff 02/06/67
Negro legislators well received Houston Post  Gardner, W. 01/29/67
Jordan might say yes to Supreme Court seat Houston Post  Herman, Ken  03/31/93
Barbara Jordan named influential woman of century Austin American Statesman  Dart, Bob  03/13/93
National Organization for Pygmies (NOP) needs you San Antonio Express News  Stinson, Roddy  01/07/93
Hispanic coalitin denounces Jordan Houston Chronicle  Keeton, Laura  10/23/92
Freedom of information group to honor Jordan Austin American Statesman  Maccormack, Zeke  09/06/92
Richards, Jordan stir convention Austin American Statesman  Brooks, A. Phillips  07/14/92
Keynote address from heaven? Houston Chronicle  Rugeley, Cindy  07/13/92
Jordan comes to aid of her party again Austin American Statesman  Brooks, A. Phillips  07/12/92
Richards to chair convention San Antonio Express News    06/27/92
Richards reported choice to preside at convention Dallas Morning News  Slater, Wayne  06/26/92
Richards, Jordan in line for key convention roles Houston Chronicle  Rugeley, Cindy  06/26/92
Jordan remarks called sexist by men's group Austin American Statesman    10/26/91
Barbara Jordan to be honored by international law fraternity Houston Chronicle    01/04/91
Richards picks Jordan as ethics counselor Austin American Statesman  Copelin, Laylan  12/06/90
Richards gives Jordan ethics post Dallas Morning News    12/06/90
Richards picks Jordan for post Dallas Times Herald    12/06/90
Richards names Barbara Jordan adviser on ethics in government Houston Post  Hailey, Mike  12/06/90
Jordan likes teaching, but 'never say never' Houston Post  Grandolfo, Jane A.  11/03/90
'Fortunate' Jordan leaves Brackenridge 9 days after accident Austin American Statesman  Lim, Grace  08/09/88
Jordan leaves hospital Dallas Morning News  Kilday, Anne Marie  08/09/88
Cheerful Jordan declares victory Austin American Statesman  Lim, Grace  08/05/88
Jordan thanks rescuers Dallas Morning News  Kuempel, George  08/05/88
Jordan's recovery encourages doctor Austin American Statesman  Lim, Grace  08/02/88
Jordan's condition upgraded Austin American Statesman  Lim, Grace  08/01/88
Jordan 'vastly' improved after near-drowning Dallas Morning News  Slater, Wayne  08/01/88
Jordan taken off critical list Houston Post  Bonavita, Fred  08/01/88
Jordan listed critical after near drowning Austin American Statesman  Lim, Grace  07/31/88
Jordan nearly drowns Dallas Morning News  Slater, Wayne  07/31/88
Jordan to make a temporary return to limelight via convention Houston Chronicle  Abram, Lynwood  07/21/88
Spirit of '88 San Antonio Express News  Pisano, Marina  02/10/88
Jordan to receive gold medal Austin American Statesman    02/10/87
Barbara Jordan Austin American Statesman    11/09/86
Texans will be willing to pay price, Jordan says Dallas Morning News    06/13/86
Jordan says public will accept new taxes for valued services Austin American Statesman  Cullick, Robert  06/12/86
Jordan illuminated harsh new realities Corpus Christi Caller Times    05/29/86
UT professor Jordan named to U.N. panel Austin American Statesman  Jones, Monty  09/06/85
Barbara Jordan tapes ads for gay rights laws Dallas Morning News    01/17/85
Jordan sidesteps aura of awe Austin American Statesman  Coggins, Cheryl  09/23/84
Former Rep. Jordan honored at benefit Dallas Morning News    09/22/84
Main post office named for Jordan Houston Post  Lewis, Glenn  08/28/84
Bill would honor Jordan Houston Post    10/23/81
Barbara Jordan: a very private citizen Dallas Times Herald  Stewart, Susan  05/03/81
Barbara Jordan found Carter 'vicious' politician Austin American Statesman  Evans, Rowland  11/18/80
Miss Jordan denies rumor on VP candidacy Dallas Morning News    04/23/80
Barbara Jordan named one of 11 'Women of Decade' Houston Chronicle    10/18/79
Barbara Jordan among 11 'women of decade' Houston Post    10/18/79
Texas Southern dedicates new research center Houston Post  Coulter, Bill  09/21/79
Barbara Jordan among choices for U.N. post Dallas Morning News    08/19/79
Barbara Jordan Corpus Christi Caller Times  Ozio, Ronald  03/25/79
Her 'internal compass' moved Jordan to act Houston Post  Phelan, Charlotte  02/03/79
Jordan denies terminal-illness rumors Austin American Statesman  Reaves, Gayle  01/19/79
Barbara Jordan to stay at UT; denies she has terminal illness Dallas Times Herald  Montgomery, Dave  01/19/79
Jordan says she doesn't miss House Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Thornton, Joe  01/19/79
Jordan skirts questions about supposed incurable disease Houston Post  Reeves, Monica  01/19/79
Jordan denies report of illness Austin American Statesman  Reaves, Gayle  01/18/79
Barbara Jordan denies 'terminal illness' report Dallas Morning News  Marsh, Charmayne  01/18/79
Jordan again denies any terminal malady Houston Post    01/18/79
Barbara Jordan: a self-portrait Washington Post  Jordan, Barbara  01/07/79
Rep. Jordan to leave mark with ethics guide Fort Worth Star-Telegram    10/14/78
Ruling frees Ms. Jordan's campaign funds Dallas Morning News    08/04/78
Eyeball to eyeball and neither blinked Houston Post  Bennett, Elizabeth  07/12/78
Rep. Jordan book: straight off tape, right to bookstores Dallas Morning News  Dunn, Si  06/28/78
No grand finale for Rep. Jordan Houston Chronicle  Wiessler, Judy  06/18/78
Regents officially pick Jordan for LBJ post Austin American Statesman    06/10/78
Jordan accepts UT position Austin American Statesman  Kelly, Lee  06/07/78
Jordan to give personal papers to Texas Southern, regents told Houston Post    04/07/78
Compromise isn't a sellout Dallas Morning News  Kingston, Mike  02/03/78
Jordan's decision Houston Post    12/19/77
Jordan serves well Fort Worth Star-Telegram    12/18/77
At a juncture Houston Chronicle    12/18/77
Wright views exit of Rep. Jordan Dallas Morning News  Raeke, Carolyn  12/14/77
Rep. Barbara Jordan denies 'hidden agenda' Dallas Morning News    12/13/77
Barbara Jordan to relinquish seat Dallas Morning News    12/11/77
Jordan to quit congress Houston Chronicle  Baxter, Norman  12/11/77
Jordan won't run again; no other plans, she says Houston Post  Grissom, Ken  12/11/77
Rep. Jordan expected to announce that she won't run for re - election Houston Chronicle  Baxter, Norman  12/09/77
Jordan may not seek re - election Austin American Statesman    12/04/77
Rep. Jordan may not seek re - election, sources claim Houston Post  Wiese, Art  12/01/77
Rep. Jordan, at 41, considers political future Dallas Times Herald  Nichols, Bruce  11/27/77
Rep. Jordan named among most powerful Dallas Morning News    11/03/77
Rep. Jordan: Fame levels off Austin American Statesman  Macpherson, Myra  10/30/77
Whatever happened to Barbara Jordan? Dallas Times Herald  Macpherson, Myra  10/30/77
Barbara Jordan - her career rules her life San Antonio Express News  Pemmaraju, Uma  07/04/77
Rep. Jordan criticizes Carter welfare program Houston Post    06/26/77
Aim high and you can achieve, Jordan advises black girls Houston Chronicle  Abbott, Mary Lu  03/18/77
Barbara Jordan: education still no. 1 tenet Beaumont Enterprise    02/23/77
Jordan: Why Carter didn't call Dallas Morning News  Parmley, Helen  01/09/77
Tower's Senate position seen as Jordan target Dallas Morning News  Strong, Barbara  12/23/76
Jordan's expectations likely to go unfulfilled Houston Chronicle  Pincus, Walter  12/16/76
'No decision,' says Jordan after meeting with Carter Houston Chronicle    12/10/76
Jordan, Carter to discuss cabinet post Houston Post    12/09/76
The smile of Rep. Barbara Jordan Corpus Christi Caller Times  Bingham, June  11/14/76
Jordan reportedly weighing Senate race against Tower Houston Post    09/19/76
Barbara Jordan's intellect attracts Beaumont Enterprise  Reynolds, Barbara  07/18/76
Texans react to Jordan Dallas Morning News    07/18/76
Barbara Jordan: which way now? Dallas Morning News  Barta, Carolyn  07/18/76
She overcame hostility by displaying competence Houston Chronicle  Byers, Bo  07/18/76
Jordan swept N. Y., nation off their feet Houston Post  Ely, Jane  07/18/76
Rep. Jordan sparked convention Corpus Christi Caller Times    07/16/76
Jordan declares ties with women's caucus Dallas Morning News  Raeke, Carolyn  07/15/76
Jordan praises caucus Houston Post    07/15/76
Barbara's in the spotlight Dallas Morning News  Barta, Carolyn  07/14/76
Barbara Jordan, citizen Dallas Times Herald  Mcknight, Felix  07/14/76
Barbara Jordan rejects nomination Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Thornton, Joe  07/14/76
Barbara Jordan shines second time Fort Worth Star-Telegram    07/14/76
Rep. Jordan liked, praised at convention Fort Worth Star-Telegram    07/14/76
Jordan calls halt to V - P boomlet Houston Chronicle  Baxter, Norman  07/14/76
Barbara Jordan: What the dream is about San Angelo Standard Times    07/14/76
Barbara Jordan night a U.S. advance San Antonio Express News    07/14/76
Jordan stresses common purpose Corpus Christi Caller Times  Carpenter, Scott  07/13/76
Jordan's address to set tenor for the convention Dallas Times Herald  Montgomery, Dave  07/12/76
Jordan: No chance as Carter VP Austin American Statesman  Brown, Becky  07/03/76
Rep. Jordan says laws won't clean up image Corpus Christi Caller Times  Browning, Mark  07/03/76
Barbara Jordan named woman of conscience El Paso Times    05/16/76
Jordan chides leak chasers Austin American Statesman    02/13/76
Jordan decries information block, stresses protection of freedom Daily Texan  Kilday, Patti  02/13/76
Jordan heads poll Houston Post    10/23/75
Jordan gets both her wishes - Voting Act and Ford Cards Houston Chronicle  Hines, Cragg  08/07/75
Rep. Barbara Jordan sets a very fast pace Corpus Christi Caller Times  Lowe, Janet  08/01/75
Congresswoman Jordan: 'gentle lady from Texas' Austin American Statesman  Amon, Rhoda  07/10/75
Rep. Jordan rejects speculation Houston Chronicle  Tutt, Bob  07/05/75
Jordan says duty prompted her to testify for Connally Dallas Morning News    04/27/75
Jordan's views on Congress and the Presidency Houston Chronicle    03/05/75
Rep. Jordan honored by Democratic women Houston Post    03/05/75
Barbara, you've come a long way Dallas Morning News    02/13/75
Jordan feels portrait will 'talk' in future Houston Post    02/09/75
Barbara Jordan's star reaches dizzy heights for House sophomore Wall Street Journal  Pierson, John  02/06/75
Barbara Jordan Ms. Charisma? Dallas Times Herald  Sawislak, Arnold  12/17/74
Jordan advocates 'old federalism' Daily Texan  Hendricks, David  11/15/74
Jordan considering oppositoin seriously Houston Post  Chatham, Wayne  10/17/74
Jordan ignores congressional tradition Houston Post  Wiese, Art  10/06/74
Rep. Barbara Jordan Austin American Statesman  Levine, Jo Ann  03/31/74
Rep. Jordan looks back on freshman year Houston Post  Wiese, Art  12/23/73
The Wilson-Jordan camaraderie Houston Chronicle  Pederson, Rena  06/24/73
Texas new faces in Congress Dallas Morning News  Allred, Dave  01/21/73
Rep. Jordan begins work Dallas Morning News  Reed, Julia Scott  01/14/73
Barbara Jordan late to party - was 'working' Houston Chronicle  Baxter, Norman  01/04/73
Sen. Jordan talks to guild Dallas Morning News  Reed, Julia Scott  08/04/72
Sen. Jordan adds top state chair to list of victories Austin American Statesman  Bobo, Carolyn  06/11/72
'Woman from Fifth Ward' serves as governor for day Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Martinets, Patrick  06/11/72
Miss Jordan serves as governor Fort Worth Star-Telegram    06/11/72
'Gov.' Jordan is history-maker Houston Chronicle  Kuempel, George  06/11/72
Sen. Jordan takes oath; first black in governor's chair Houston Post  Holcomb, Henry  06/11/72
Barbara Jordan first black, first woman to be governor for a day San Antonio Express News    06/10/72
On Saturday, just call her 'Gov. Jordan' Houston Post    06/09/72
Sen. Jordan to be governor for a day Austin American Statesman    05/16/72
Sen. Jordan will serve as governor Houston Post    05/13/72
Honorary degree awarded to Sen. Jordan at H-TC Austin American Statesman    05/09/72
Sen. Barbara Jordan Houston Chronicle    04/30/72
Group to hear Sen. Jordan Dallas Morning News  Reed, Julia Scott  04/16/72
Elect Barbara Jordan Houston Chronicle    04/10/72
It makes sense Dallas Times Herald    03/31/72
Senator Jordan Dallas Morning News    03/30/72
Senator first again Dallas Times Herald  Arnold, Ann  03/30/72
Barbara Jordan Senate president pro tem Dallas Morning News    03/29/72
Sen. Jordan first black elected to pilot any legislative body Houston Chronicle  Brogan, Mary Rice  03/29/72
Rep. Jordan looks to judiciary panel Houston Chronicle  Cleland, Jack  01/03/72
Barbara Jordan opens race for Congress seat Houston Chronicle  Mcnutt, Gayle  12/12/71
Sen. Jordan decides to run for Congress Houston Post    12/12/71
Sen. Jordan lining up support for likely congressional race Houston Post  Raeke, Carolyn  11/28/71
Johnson at head of list honoring Barbara Jordan Houston Chronicle  Curtis, Tom  10/22/71
Sen. Jordan hopes Mutscher will step down Houston Chronicle    09/30/71
A legislative day with Barbara Jordan Austin American Statesman  Lowry, Candy  04/18/71
Sen. Jordan may make bid for Congress if new seat created Houston Chronicle    02/15/71
Solon to demand probe into alleged army spying Austin American Statesman    01/29/71
Jordan gets party post Dallas Morning News    09/15/70
Texas females set things right Dallas Morning News  Atterberry, Ann  08/13/70
Sen. Jordan says cities need to deal with poor Dallas Morning News  Johnson, Tom  06/16/70
Solon says Bentsen faces uphill run for Negro vote Dallas Times Herald    06/16/70
State Sen Barbara Jordan . . . wins her battles through 'the system' Houston Post  Phelan, Charlotte  05/24/70
Freedoms attacked, Senator tells meet Corpus Christi Caller Times  Slater, Paul  05/14/70
Tax not popular, needed Sen. Jordan says here Fort Worth Star-Telegram    04/12/70
UT lobby a 'threat:' Sen Jordan Houston Post  Holcomb, Henry  12/04/69
Barbara Jordan chooses words for ripples in pool of rhetoric Houston Chronicle  Franks, Zarko  11/30/69
State urban leader named Lubbock Avalanche Journal    09/28/69
Barbara Jordan to get honorary Boston degree Houston Chronicle    05/15/69
Sen. Jordan eyes try for congress Austin American Statesman    04/21/69
2 women serving in legislature Dallas Morning News    01/15/69
A pioneer in politics Houston Post  Fulenwider, Barbara  11/03/68
His presence speaks for the negro Austin American Statesman  Jordan, Barbara  06/16/68
Who speaks for the negro? Houston Chronicle  Jordan, Barbara  06/16/68
'Meaningful alliances' urged by Sen. Jordan Dallas Morning News    05/28/68
Media seen as voice to racial harmony Houston Chronicle    05/28/68
Sen Jordan will seek reelection Houston Post    01/11/68
Sen. Jordan lauded as 'Credit to State' Houston Chronicle    05/28/67
Solons praise Sen. Jordan Houston Post    05/28/67
State senate marks first as negro woman presides Dallas Morning News  Moss, Marquita  03/22/67
First speech made by negro senator Dallas Morning News    03/16/67
Seating of Sen. Barbara Jordan proud day for her, her people Houston Chronicle  Brogan, Mary Rice  01/11/67
Negro Senator - to - be sees equality Dallas Morning News  Barta, Carolyn  05/30/66
Miss Jordan sure she'll be accepted Houston Post  Bailey, Ernest  05/21/66