Selected newspaper articles related to A.R. 'Babe' Schwartz

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Headline Newspaper Columnist Date
Former Texas leaders decry bill giving landowners the upper hand in beach access fights Houston Chronicle  Scherer, J. 03/07/23
"Speak now or forever hold your pee” Austin American Statesman  Herman, K. 03/07/21
Babe gets a bench at the Texas State Cemetery Austin American Statesman  Herman, K. 02/08/20
Galveston beach soon to get longer Galveston Daily News  Heath, K. 01/24/19
State cemetery still looking for new boss and other updates Austin American Statesman  Herman, K. 08/26/18
Babe Schwartz lived a life devoted to the people Galveston Daily News  Gaido, P. 08/16/18
Island company building part of Trump's border wall Galveston Daily News  Ferguson, J. 08/16/18
A. R. "Babe" Schwartz Houston Chronicle  Staff 08/16/18
Schwartz a liberal in the Texas Senate San Antonio Express News  A.P. Wire 08/13/18
Out of the mouth of ‘Babe’ came progress Austin American Statesman  Herman, K. 08/12/18
Honor Schwartz's legacy by keeping Texas beaches open Galveston Daily News  Smith, M. 08/12/18
A.R. "Babe" Schwartz, a Galveston champion in Austin, dies at 92 Galveston Daily News  Ferguson, J. 08/12/18
Senator a champion of state’s beaches Houston Chronicle  Powell, N. 08/11/18
CORRECTIONS Houston Chronicle  Staff 03/07/18
Jack Ogg, longtime Texas lawmaker and father to Harris County DA, dies Houston Chronicle  Downen, R. 03/06/18
At 90, Schwartz still fighting for Texas beaches Houston Chronicle  Rice, H. 08/15/16
Dedicating 'Babe's' Beach Galveston Daily News  Bassett, M. 05/25/16
Schwartz' beach legacy is great, but not secure Galveston Daily News  Smith, M. 02/17/16
Major agenda Houston Chronicle  Editorial 01/14/15
What would happen if TWIA shut down? Galveston Daily News  Taylor, H. 09/15/14
Billionaire Musk gets states to compete to help finance SpaceX McAllen Monitor  Preston, D. 02/17/14
Texas senator plans 13 hours of talk to block abortion bill Business Week  Mildenberg, D. 06/25/13
Category 5 problem: Coastal windstorm woes swirl as state meetings near Corpus Christi Caller Times  Spruill, R. 07/09/12
Open beaches ruling may sink high court careers Houston Chronicle  Hart, P. 04/16/12
Official wants judges ousted for Texas beach ruling Beaumont Enterprise  Rice, H. 04/04/12
A place for Jews in State Cemetery Austin American Statesman  Herman, K. 05/22/11
Texas Supreme Court rehears open beaches case; skepticism about D.C. transparency Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Editorial 03/19/11
What Babe said about Texas Open Beaches Act Galveston Daily News  Taylor, H. 02/13/11
How much did the port spend? Galveston Daily News  Taylor, H. 07/15/09
Open Beaches act faces legal challenge Galveston Daily News  Jones, L. 07/12/09
Want to rig the game? Get elected Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Kennedy, B. 06/07/09
Beach provision causing a storm Austin American Statesman  Yadron, D. 06/05/09
Legislature allows Mitchell to sue port Galveston Daily News  Aulds, T. 06/03/09
Standoff testing Straus' leadership Dallas Morning News  Hoppe, C. 05/24/09
Don’t bet on Texas casinos Galveston Daily News  Turner, B. 03/03/09
Taylor appointed to Ike review committee Galveston Daily News  Staff 10/06/08
Hundreds of homes facing seizure because of erosion caused by Ike Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Burdeau, C. 09/19/08
Biggest obstacle to Galveston recovery is water Houston Chronicle  Langford, T. 09/19/08
Governor's office stokes intelligence gathering in state Houston Chronicle  Ratcliffe, R. 09/07/07
Intelligence database worrying some San Antonio Express News  Ratcliffe, R. 09/03/07
Closing park board costs more than pennies Galveston Daily News  Kinnear, J. 07/25/07
Former state representative from Galveston Houston Chronicle  Ellison, D. 04/22/07
Docents bring the history of Governor's Mansion to life Houston Chronicle  Elliott, J. 12/23/06
What's in a name? San Antonio Express News  Fikac, P. 07/27/06
Feisty 'Dean' of Texas politics served 42 years Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Moritz, J. 06/23/06
Ex-senator supports vehicle use Corpus Christi Caller Times  Dean, B. 11/12/05
'Don't bet on it' Galveston Daily News  Elder, L. 02/10/05
Familiar actions Galveston Daily News  Thompson, C. 08/10/03
Here's the buzz on 1979 walkout Dallas Morning News  Kuempel, G. 05/13/03
Land office, AG begin to resolve beach ownership dispute Galveston Daily News  Schladen, M. 06/25/98
Meaty subjects on tap for GLO-sponsored coastal conference Galveston Daily News  Schladen, M. 03/23/98
State, locals battle over beach front Galveston Daily News  Schladen, M. 03/22/98
Legendary senator Schwartz has heart attack, recovering at hospital Galveston Daily News  Swift, W. 10/03/97
Decades-old wet-dry issue clear as mud Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Shlachter, B. 09/29/97
County keeps strong profile Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Moritz, J. 01/15/97
Land commissioner praises coastal management program Galveston Daily News  Lutz, H. 01/11/97
Working for Waco interests Waco Tribune Herald  Wallace, M. 12/15/96
Doctors challenge UTMB clinics Galveston Daily News  Watt, C. 09/04/96
Quest for common ground won Jordan broad respect Austin American Statesman  McNeely, D. 01/18/96
An unhealthy advantage? Some doctors warily eye a UTMB monopoly Galveston Daily News  Watt, C. 12/24/95
Private doctors crying foul over UTMB's growth Galveston Daily News  Lucey, R. 11/12/95
Lawmakers-turned-lobbyists target of ethics reform effort Dallas Morning News    05/10/95
Island-born state senator running Texas today Galveston Daily News    05/06/95
Casino backers are studying their cards Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Gonzalez, J. 02/15/95
Casino interests seek lobbying coordinator for state battle Dallas Morning News  Kuempel, G. 10/02/94
Track eligible for casino in lobbyist plan Galveston Daily News  Williams, C. 09/29/94
Gold Star betting on port rights to attract investors Galveston Daily News  Williams, C. 08/03/94
More casinos deal themselves in for a shot at Texas gambling Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Gonzalez, J. 07/14/94
'Killer Bees' reunite to recall feat of legislative legerdemain San Antonio Express News    06/19/94
In 1979, the buzz was about killer bees Austin American Statesman  Eskenazi, S. 06/10/94
Railroad Commission too lax with beach pollution violations San Antonio Express News    06/05/94
Effort to return prayer to school meets resistance Austin American Statesman  Garcia, J. 01/21/94
Senate race already heating up Galveston Daily News  McCune, B. 09/27/93
Rep. Martin announces Senate candidacy Galveston Daily News  McCune, B. 09/21/93
'Hats off' to Ike Harris for work in Texas Senate Austin American Statesman  Knaggs, J. 09/04/93
Parker will say today if he plans to run again Houston Chronicle  Stewart, R. 09/01/93
Festive end to legislative session fizzles Austin American Statesman  McNeely, D. 06/01/93
Brooks is cut loose as Galveston County consultant in Austin Houston Chronicle  Moran, K. 04/13/93
Killer Bees' hive on quiet Tarrytown street Austin American Statesman  Kelly, L. 05/25/79
A Bee's life not lonely one Austin American Statesman  Kelly, L. 05/24/79
They got the wrong man Austin American Statesman  Bratz, C. 05/21/79
'Queen Bees' say they don't know Austin American Statesman  Kelly, L. 05/21/79
Police hunting 'Killer Bee' senators Houston Chronicle  Fish, R. 05/19/79
Senate delays another filibuster by consumer advocates Dallas Morning News  Davis, S. 04/06/79
Deceptive trade filibuster cut off Dallas Morning News  Kuempel, G. 04/05/79
Filibusters in Senate complain of 'gag' tactics Houston Post  West, F. 04/05/79
Senators filibuster consumer protection law attack Dallas Times Herald  Tiede, S. 04/04/79
Consumer protection filibuster is shut down Houston Chronicle  Fish, R. 04/04/79
Filibuster halts action in Senate on consumer bill Houston Post  West, F. 04/04/79
Senate filibuster wins approval for lay members on bar board Houston Chronicle  Fish, R. 03/22/79
Sen. Doggett begins filibuster to change State Bar measure Houston Post  Bonavita, F. 03/22/79
Spilled milk thwarts filibuster bluster Austin American Statesman    05/27/77
Filibuster threat delays Senate on highway bill Austin American Statesman  Ford, J. 03/31/77
Filibuster snags highway aid bill Dallas Morning News    03/31/77
Highway bill hits filibuster Houston Post  Bonavita, F. 03/31/77
Senate reverses Carrillo action Big Spring Herald  A.P. Wire 01/07/76
Judge Carrillo awaits next move in Senate Corpus Christi Caller Times  Staff 01/05/76
State Senate closes doors in Carrillo impeachment Big Spring Herald  A.P. Wire 10/07/75
Carrillo impeachment trial begins in Senate Big Spring Herald  A.P. Wire 10/06/75
Senator's under no talking rule Bonham Daily Favorite  UP. 08/19/75
Schwartz abandons filibuster on redistricting Houston Post    05/29/75
2-hour filibuster halts action on redistricting bill in Senate Austin American Statesman    05/28/75
Filibuster frustrates action in legislature Dallas Morning News  Davis, S. 05/28/75
Remapping foes filibuster keeps other bills waiting Dallas Times Herald    05/28/75
Governor broadens session Houston Post  Staff 09/26/72
Martin claims letters 'false' Houston Post  Holcomb, H. 04/26/72
Osorio allegedly sought bank bills Houston Post  Staff 03/07/72
Mutscher, aide bank loans reported wiped off books Houston Post  Holcomb, H. 11/28/71
Mutscher one-time Moody firm officers Houston Post  West, F. 10/27/71
Martin urges Moody ouster in foundation Houston Post  Wiese, A. 10/27/71
Sharp tells of $700,000 stock financing Dallas Morning News  Johnson, T. 08/19/71
Sharp claims 'agreement' Dallas Morning News  Atterberry, A. 08/19/71
Tells why he sought bank bills Houston Chronicle  McNutt, G. 08/15/71
SEC hears Sharp made offer on bills Houston Post  Staff 08/14/71
Mutscher hit in FDIC suit Austin American  A.P. Wire 08/13/71
Sharp links Barnes to 'deal' Dallas Morning News  Johnson, T. 08/13/71
Barnes calls bank payoff report a lie Houston Chronicle  Staff 08/13/71
3 legislators tell bank bill roles Houston Chronicle  Harper, F. 08/12/71
Grand jury hears Shannon Houston Post  James, A. 08/12/71
Schwartz charges Bates lied to Senate about bill Houston Chronicle  Beveridge, R. 04/27/71
Drug center visit urged as lesson for possible user Houston Post  A.P. Wire 01/27/71
Mauzy lists income, urges solons follow Dallas Times Herald  Staff 01/26/71
Filibusterers reach 'cease-fire' Dallas Morning News  Banks, J. 05/25/69
Sen. 'Babe' Schwartz to be honored at dinner Dec. 13 Jewish Herald-Voice  Staff 12/07/67
Who gets the tiger? Texas Observer  Staff 05/26/67
Revision bill sent to panel Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Kinch, S. 04/18/67
Dateline Austin: Constitution revision Houston Post  Gardner, W. 04/18/67
Sigma Delta Chi honors Galveston Legislator Dallas Morning News  Burton, J. 04/16/67
Legislature trains spotlight on Constitutional revision Houston Post  West, F. 04/16/67
State affairs panel cancels meeting Austin American Statesman  Wood, S. 04/04/67
Explosive week looms in Legislature Dallas Morning News  Banks, J. 03/26/67
Controversial issues dot Austin legislative docket Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Pershing, H. 03/26/67
Sunday closing now hot issue Houston Post  Gardner, W. 03/26/67
'Filibustering, chubbing' Austin American Statesman  Jones, G. 03/23/67
Barbara Jordan takes Senate gavel for day Houston Chronicle  Staff 03/22/67
Sen Jordan scores 'First' by presiding Houston Post  Gardner, W. 03/22/67
Final passage is expected this week on the city option sales tax Austin American Statesman  Staff 03/19/67
Wear and tear on legislator Dallas Morning News  Morehead, R. 03/19/67
Filibuster fails to foil sales tax OK Houston Post  Staff 03/17/67
Connally and Smith may tangle in '68 Dallas Morning News  UP. 03/12/67
Taxes, ethics, Sunday law, Savings time to be argued Dallas Morning News  Banks, J. 02/26/67
Connally's funds plea meets snag in Senate Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Kinch, S. 02/09/67
Sen. A.R. Schwartz of Galveston is sworn in San Antonio Express News  Staff 06/01/65
Loan bill approved in Senate squeaker Houston Chronicle  Staff 04/14/65
New secret Senate huddle is slated in Garwood issue Corpus Christi Caller Times  A.P. Wire 02/21/63
This seat is not for sale! Galveston Daily News  Staff 05/31/62
Schwartz, Caldwell Win Senate, House Elections Brazosport Facts  Staff 01/11/60
Schwartz is winner in Senate race Galveston Daily News  Staff 01/10/60
Schwartz wins seat in Senate Houston Chronicle  Staff 01/10/60
Out of the mouth of Babe comes a colorful career Houston Chronicle  Toohey, Mark  06/22/86
City's lobbyist in Austin gains Capitol respect Corpus Christi Caller Times  Morgan, Darla  06/16/85
Council hires 'Babe' Schwartz as Austin lobbyist Corpus Christi Caller Times  Tumiel, Cindy  02/13/85
From the dust rises another political season Galveston Daily News    05/13/84
Ex-Sen. Schwartz named to beaches study panel Houston Post    12/22/81
Schwartz files suit over campaign telegram Houston Post    11/04/81
Ex-Sen. Babe Schwartz files libel suit against finance firm members, editor Houston Chronicle  Moran, Kevin  11/03/81
The second best little whorehouse in Texas San Antonio Light  Schwartz, A.R. (Babe)  09/06/81
Ex-senator finds lobbying easy Dallas Times Herald    04/01/81
'Bull' and 'Babe' finish off final chores at Legislature Houston Post    01/14/81
Lawyers' remarks ruled no in contempt Houston Chronicle  Curran, Jim  11/11/80
Babe: class even when he swings Beaumont Enterprise  Baxter, Gordon  11/10/80
Babe's loss leaves large liberal void Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Arnold, Ann  11/09/80
Isle despairs, but Schwartz takes loss in stride Houston Post  Hull, Tupper  11/06/80
2 attorneys involved in scuffle ordered to appear in court Houston Post    11/05/80
2 lawyers involved in Schwartz scuffle say laws not enforced Houston Post  Nelson, Tom  11/01/80
Schwartz no-billed after striking lawyer Dallas Morning News    10/30/80
Grand jury to hear case of Schwartz altercation Houston Chronicle  Curran, Jim  10/29/80
Lawyer says Schwartz threatened his life Houston Post  Hull, Tupper  10/21/80
Schwartz claims Park Board acts illegally Houston Chronicle  Curran, Jim  07/04/80
Ogg, Schwartz for Senate Houston Chronicle    04/16/80
Moody asks court to hold Sen. Schwartz in contempt Houston Chronicle  Curran, Jim  03/06/80
Schwartz files suit against banker, 2 others Houston Chronicle    10/26/79
Sen. Schwartz files libel suit against Moody, 2 others Houston Post    10/26/79
Sen. Schwartz is accused of misconduct Houston Chronicle  Curran, Jim  10/25/79
Schwartz accused of misconduct Houston Post    10/25/79
Schwartz, Doggett carry liberal banner in Senate Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Martinets, Patrick  04/01/79
Schwartz continues verbal war with longtime foe Moore Austin American Statesman    03/25/79
Schwartz fears coastal disaster Corpus Christi Caller Times  Knutsen, Tom  03/23/79
Stop the fighting Fort Worth Star-Telegram    03/23/79
Senate, Moor clash on bill Dallas Morning News    03/22/79
Schwartz wins round 2 Dallas Times Herald  Tiede, Saralee  03/22/79
Senator's rift spurs committee proposal Austin American Statesman  McNeely, Dave  03/21/79
Feuding senators get Hobby's drift Dallas Morning News  Kuempel, George  03/21/79
Truce achieved in dispute between senators Houston Post    03/21/79
They make laws, too Lufkin News    03/21/79
Senators' verbal sparring stops short of fisticuffs Austin American Statesman  McNeely, Dave  03/20/79
State senators lock tongues, threaten fisticuffs Dallas Morning News  Kuempel, George  03/20/79
Bull vs. Babe Dallas Times Herald  Tiede, Saralee  03/20/79
Senators close to slugging it out Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Martinets, Patrick  03/20/79
A heated exchange Houston Chronicle  Fish, Richard  03/20/79
Sens. Schwartz, Moore exchange angry remarks Houston Chronicle  Fish, Richard  03/20/79
Schwartz, Moore stop meeting with verbal potshots Houston Post    03/20/79
Schwartz: still trying to alter Senate ways Dallas Times Herald  Tiede, Saralee  03/12/79
Hungry senators delay filibuster Dallas Morning News    03/01/79
Parker files suit claiming illegal campaign ad used Houston Post    04/27/78
Defeated candidate sues opponent, UT officials Austin American Statesman  Beales, Rosemary  04/26/78
Schwartz' suit claims Moody didn't pay fees Houston Chronicle    08/10/77
Schwartz calls oilmen unconcerned Houston Chronicle  Curran, Jim  06/24/77
A flaming liberal finds Senate power suits him San Antonio Express News  Keever, Jack  03/27/77
New styles at Capitol Austin American Statesman  Kelly, Lee  03/21/77
Schwartz again elected head of Coastal States Organization Galveston Daily News    06/10/76
Schwartz bills to cut utilities costs draw criticism Beaumont Enterprise  Ochoa, Robert  06/06/76
Schwartz's suit $1 million penalty, but $1, actually Austin American Statesman    12/25/75
Complaints filed on Schwartz's legal activities Beaumont Enterprise  Ochoa, Robert  12/20/75
'Pressure' action laid to Schwartz Houston Post    12/20/75
Scanned from microfilm - 324.23 roll 5 (1976-) Microfilm    11/30/75
Senator denies link Houston Post    10/18/75
Senate commends Mayaguez rescue Austin American Statesman    05/20/75
Schwartz questions resolution Dallas Morning News    05/20/75
Schwartz, Patman tangle in Senate over land use proposal Houston Post    05/17/73
Schwartz defends business actions Houston Post    04/27/73
Sens. Patman, Schwartz continue their bitter feud Houston Post    03/03/73
Schwartz reports Moody suing him Houston Post    01/17/73
Patman, Schwartz clash in Senate Austin American Statesman    07/08/72
Schwartz nearly abandones oratory in favor of pugilism Houston Chronicle    07/07/72
Bates called 'liar' by Sen. Schwartz Austin American Statesman    04/27/71
Schwartz charges Bates lied to Senate about bill Houston Chronicle  Beveridge, Reid  04/27/71
Tempers flare in Senate San Antonio Express News  Bates, Jim  04/27/71
Mrs. Babe Schwartz Austin American Statesman  Wheelock, Ernestine  03/21/71
Schwartz protests bay oil proposals Houston Post    07/22/70
Sen Schwartz calls us demagogues Houston Post    09/17/69
Too bad about Babe Schwartz Lubbock Avalanche Journal    09/16/69
Galveston legislative group blasts Smith Austin American Statesman    09/15/69
Senate gadfly antagonizes his colleagues Houston Chronicle  Byers, Bo  09/07/69
Schwartz castigated Dallas Morning News    09/04/69
Schwartz blocks med bill debate Houston Post    05/28/69
Journalism group honors Schwartz Dallas Times Herald    04/16/67
Senator mentioned for federal post Dallas Morning News  Freund, Carl  07/20/66
Galveston to honor state Sen. Schwartz Houston Chronicle    07/08/66
Sen. Schwartz hits annual registration Dallas Morning News  Patrick, Carolyn  02/20/66
Galveston solon's outspokenness makes him rebel of state Senate Houston Chronicle    09/05/65
Senate drags feet, names Schwartz to pro tem post Dallas Morning News    06/01/65
Sen. Schwartz says Fort Bend is place 'filled with hate groups' Houston Chronicle    05/28/65
Foe of secrecy loses in caucus Dallas Morning News  Banks, Jimmy  01/13/65
Schwartz opposed as Senate leader Dallas Morning News  Banks, Jimmy  01/12/65
R. Yarborough cites legislator as 'outstanding statesman' Houston Chronicle    04/15/64