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Legislation authored by Hubert R. Hudson

Includes legislation with Hubert R. Hudson as the primary author for the 55th through 57th Legislatures. For other types of authorship, search the Legislative Archive System.

57th Regular Session
SB 122 Caption: Relating to amending a certain Act relating to the operation of certain City Water Boards, after a city has annexed all the territory of certain Water Control and Improvement Districts.
SB 140 Caption: Relating to amending the Texas Probate Code permitting a testator to devise or bequeath property to the trustee of any trust the terms of which are evidenced by a written instrument in existence before or concurrently with the execution of his will.
SB 141 Caption: Relating to amending the Texas Banking Code of 1943, clarifying, harmonizing and confirming the provisions of those Statutes dealing with action without bond by banks with trust powers and by trust companies authorized to serve as trustee, executor, administrator, guardian, receiver, or, although without general depository powers, depository for any moneys paid into court.
SB 142 Caption: Relating to amending the Texas Probate Code to add reciprocity provisions authorizing out-of-state banks and trust companies, including national banks, to act in certain fiduciary capacities in the State of Texas, when and to the extent that banks and trust companies organized under the laws of the State of Texas, and national banks, with their principal offices in this state, are permitted to so act in other states, territories or the District of Columbia; fixing penalties for violation.
SB 165 Caption: Relating to amending a certain Statute relating to the investment of the State Permanent School Fund by the State Board of Education.
SB 166 Caption: Relating to providing regulation, licensing and registration of professional nurses; creating the Texas Board of Professional Nursing; setting an effective date.
SB 242 Caption: Relating to amending a certain Act relating to the requirements for certification of junior and senior high school teachers, elementary school teachers, defining terms, providing for an effective date, providing for notice of students of the requirements of this section.
SB 257 Caption: Relating to amending a certain Statute providing for procedure in the filing of suit for taxes paid under protest.
SR 349 Caption: Directing the Texas Commission on Higher Education to advise the Senate on all institutions requesting to change their designation to universities.
SR 443 Caption: Welcoming the students of Villa Maria High School of Brownsville to the State Capitol.
SR 451 Caption: Directing the State Board of Teachers Examiners to make a report to the Legislature concerning the quality of "how to teach" methods in the State.
57th 1st Called Session
SB 37 Caption: Relating to amending a certain Act by changing the effective date of said Act to September 1, 1961, providing for the allocation of professional units to districts reporting increases on the basis of current average daily attendance.
SB 47 Caption: Relating to authorizing establishment of Rehabilitation districts to provide education, training, special services and guidance for handicapped persons; providing for its financing and administration.
SR 68 Caption: Instructing the members of the Conference Committee on H. B. No. 20 on the Senate's desires for the bill.
57th 3rd Called Session
SB 10 Caption: Relating to amending a certain Statute providing for the limiting of hours of labor and prescribing of wages for overtime labor for certain female employees including employees of banking institutions.
SB 77 Caption: Relating to creating Pan American College in Hidalgo County, Texas, and providing for organization, control and management of the college, the appointment of a Board of Regents, and selection of a President; providing for effective date of September 1, 1965, and blending of organization with Pan American College until that date.
SCR 22 Caption: Inviting United States Senator John Tower to address a Joint Session of the Legislature.
SR 29 Caption: Requesting the chairmen for the Board of Trustees for the several major permanent State funds coordinate and make annual reviews of their procedures and investments.
SR 56 Caption: Memorializing Congress to reject the proposal to purchase $100,000,000 in United Nations Bonds.
56th Regular Session
SB 8 Caption: Relating to establishing districts for the creation and operation of a Citrus and Vegetable Commission in the State of Texas.
SB 176 Caption: Relating to permitting school districts in counties having in excess of one hundred fifty thousand (150,000) population; and having or acquiring authority to levy a tax for maintenance purposes of not more than One Dollar and Seventy-five Cents ($1.75) per One hundred Dollars ($100.00) of assessed valuation to levy, allocate and expend Fifty Cents (50ยข) per One Hundred Dollars ($100.00) of assessed valuation of such maintenance levy for construction, repair, renovation, or equipment of public free school buildings and purchase of sites therefor.
SB 207 Caption: Relating to amending certain acts by providing additional purposes for which the monies appropriated to the Texas Liquor Control Board may be expended.
SB 381 Caption: Relating to amending certain acts and adding provisions relating to applications of candidates for county school trustee or trustee of a school district and preparation of the official ballot for the election.
SB 423 Caption: Relating to establishing a system of checks and balances in selection of officials charged with the investment of, and establishing an efficient investment program based upon uniform standards and investment policies for the Employees Retirement Funds of the Employees Retirement System of Texas, the Retirement Funds of the Teacher Retirement System of Texas, and the State Permanent School Fund, hereinafter called the "Funds".
SCR 70 Caption: Suspending the Joint Rules of the Legislature to allow either chamber to consider S. B. No. 423.
SR 5 Caption: In memory of James Spitler Graham.
SR 7 Caption: In memory of R. Paul Gilmore.
SR 191 Caption: Memorializing Congress to do eliminate wasteful spending in the Foreign Aid Program.
SR 196 Caption: Electing the children of a Member of the Senate to the office of Sweetheart.
SR 317 Caption: Recognizing the people of Tibet in their fight for freedom against Chinese Communism.
SR 488 Caption: Welcoming the Brownsville High School A Capella Choir to the State Capitol.
SR 566 Caption: Directing the creation of a committee to investigate the investment of funds by the Teacher Retirement System of Texas.
56th 1st Called Session
SR 31 Caption: Welcoming the students of Rio Hondo High School to the State Capitol.
SR 34 Caption: Recognizing the South Texas Veterans Alliance and supporting their effort to secure adequate hospitalization for the veterans in their community.
SR 47 Caption: Recognizing A. E. "Skeet" Perkins for his contributions to air travel.
SR 110 Caption: Welcoming the members of Friday Mountain Boys Camp to the State Capitol.
56th 2nd Called Session
SB 16 Caption: Relating to amending certain acts by correcting the boundary description of Hidalgo County Road District Number 11.
SB 21 Caption: Relating to authorizing the board of directors of any water improvement district, water control and improvement district or irrigation district, in its discretion, to contract in writing in advance to waive any immunity of such district from liability for torts or negligence of agents of such district in certain cases and circumstances.
SB 25 Caption: Relating to granting authority to the Commissioners Court of certain counties to regulate motor vehicular traffic and littering on Mustang and Padre Islands and all public beaches.
56th 3rd Called Session
SB 26 Caption: Relating to creating and establishing Road District Number 12 of Hidalgo County, Texas, for the purpose of the construction, operation, and maintenance of macadamized, graveled, or paved roads or turnpikes, or in aid thereof, describing the territory included therein.
55th Regular Session
SB 52 Caption: Relating to the construction, acquisition and equipment of buildings and other plant facilities by junior college districts.
SB 106 Caption: Relating to authorizing the Board of Directors of the Agricultural and Mechanical College of Texas, in consideration of certain benefits accruing and to accrue to the state, to convey to the United States of America certain land in Hidalgo County, Texas for the construction thereon of a federal horticultural and soils laboratory building at no expense to the State of Texas.
SB 107 Caption: Relating to making an appropriation to pay the principal of certain judgments obtained against the State of Texas by Akin Products Company and E. C. Davis and Frank Davis doing business as Pitman & Davis.
SB 124 Caption: Relating to repealing certain Acts by removing cabbage from standardization and inspection by the Commissioner of Agriculture.
SB 137 Caption: Relating to increasing certain fees chargeable by Clerks of the District Courts.
SB 206 Caption: Relating to amending certain Acts by providing for two year terms of Park Commissioners of eligible counties; providing that any bonds issued under a certain Act shall be authorized by the Commissioners' Court of the County.
SB 209 Caption: Relating to transferring a certain tract of land located on Brazos Island in Cameron County from the General Land Office to the Texas State Parks Board; reserving an easement to the Game & Fish Commission for the construction of a fish pass at Boca Chica Pass.
SB 210 Caption: Relating to amending certain statutes so as to clarify the definition of "Motor Carrier" and "Contract Carrier" and to exempt transportation of fresh-iced fish or shellfish under certain circumstances and conditions.
SB 317 Caption: Relating to amending the Texas Election Code to revise the absentee voting laws of this State.
SB 318 Caption: Relating to amending the Election Code of the State of Texas to provide for investigations and proceedings by the Attorney General in elections involving less than two counties.
SB 319 Caption: Relating to amending the Texas Election Code, conferring upon district courts the jurisdiction to order recounts of votes and to hear and determine election contests relative to the party offices of precinct chairman and county chairman.
SB 320 Caption: Relating to amending certain Statutes by conferring jurisdiction and authorizing District Courts to declare invalid water permits and filings upon application of the Board of Water Engineers or the State of Texas without the necessity of prior administrative action by the Board of Water Engineers.
SB 330 Caption: Relating to authorizing Texas insurance, casualty, and indemnity companies to invest funds in revenue obligations of Texas navigation or port districts.
SB 355 Caption: Relating to amending certain Statutes to define waste of a certain quality of underground water.
SB 356 Caption: Relating to permitting reading of the Bible in the public schools; prohibiting sectarian or doctrinal teaching.
SCR 24 Caption: Granting the City of McAllen permission to sue the State of Texas.
SCR 37 Caption: Urging the International Boundary and Water Commission to enforce the provisions of the Treaty of 1945.
SCR 86 Caption: Requesting the Chief Clerk of the House to furnish a duplicate copy of H. B. No. 920.
SCR 98 Caption: Providing for a committee to erect a statute to "The Angel of Goliad".
SR 36 Caption: Welcoming Lee V. Stewart and his wife to the State Capitol.
SR 44 Caption: In memory of Charles B. W. Dick.
SR 190 Caption: Relating to the illegal diversion of water of the Rio Grande, particularly Falcon Dam, International Boundary and Water Commission to protect rights.
SR 446 Caption: Welcoming Mrs. Jay B. Hughes, Sally J. Hughes and Stefanie Amtage to the State Capitol.
SR 472 Caption: Welcoming Bruce D. Smith to the State Capitol.
SR 473 Caption: Welcoming Myrlin O. Johnson to the State Capitol.
SR 505 Caption: Welcoming Robert Martindale and his wife to the State Capitol.
SR 531 Caption: Welcoming students of Santa Rosa High School, their teachers and their sponsors to the State Capitol.
SR 540 Caption: Welcoming William Parish and Garland Smith to the State Capitol.
SR 554 Caption: Welcoming Canon Rutenbar and his wife, Dean Richardson and his wife, and Keith Barden and his wife to the State Capitol.
SR 556 Caption: Welcoming Margaret Eleanor Shaffer and Dolly Marek to the State Capitol.