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Legislation authored by Robert Milner Leath

Includes legislation with Robert Milner Leath as the primary author for the 44th through 45th Legislatures. For other types of authorship, search the Legislative Archive System.
Please note author information is not complete for the 43rd through 45th Legislatures or for sessions prior to the 30th.

45th Regular Session
HB 117 Caption: Relating to providing that no provision of the Acts creating the State Insurance Commission or the Board of Insurance Commissioners, or relating to the supervision or operation of insurance companies in this State, shall be construed to prohibit any insurance policies of any kind in this State from extending to any insured in this State the benefit of any saving its effects in the acquisition cost of the business of such insured.
HB 118 Caption: Relating to defining who are insurance agents and exempting from the provisions of this Act citizens of this State who arbitrate in the adjustment of losses between the insurers and insured.
HB 374 Caption: Relating to providing that all insurance companies issuing or delivering any form of insurance policy in this State, which term shall include surety and fidelity and other forms of bonds written by insurance companies, other than fire, life, tornado, windstorm, hail, automobile, title and workman's compensation insurance policies, shall file with the commissioner its classification of risks and premium rates or schedules of rates.
HB 390 Caption: Relating to validating and legalizing bonds issued by counties for the construction of roads within such counties and the levy of taxes for payment of such county bonds.
HB 403 Caption: Relating to amending certain statute relating to the organization and operation of mutual life insurance companies, so as to provide that the officers of such companies shall give bond in some solvent surety company authorized to transact business in this State for the protection of the policyholders against fraud, dishonesty, embezzlement and other dishonest acts of such officers.
HB 598 Caption: Relating to increasing the allowance for office and traveling expenses for County Superintendent of Rusk County to not exceeding Nine Hundred ($900.00) Dollars per annum.
HB 833 Caption: Relating to providing for the regulation of aeronautics within this State.
HB 948 Caption: Relating to contracts of the Highway Department.
HB 1085 Caption: Relating to regarding nine (9) or ten (10) pin alleys that sell goods and services for the privilege of playing as operating for profit.
HB 1096 Caption: Relating to creating county-wide equalization school districts in all counties containing a population of not less than twenty thousand (20,000) nor more than thirty two thousand, five hundred (32,500), according to the last preceding Federal Census, and containing a valuation of Seventy Five Million ($75,000,000.00) Dollars or more.
HB 1111 Caption: Relating to increasing pay of deputy tax collectors of Rusk County.
45th 1st Called Session
HB 31 Caption: Relating to authorizing certain independent school districts to borrow money in a sum not to exceed One Hundred and Fifty Thousand ($150,000) Dollars to supplement funds on hand for the construction and equipping of public free school buildings, and to issue time warrants therefor without an election.
44th Regular Session
HB 69 Caption: Relating to creating the Special District Court of Rusk County, Texas, prescribing its jurisdiction, limiting its existence, fixing its terms.
HB 326 Caption: Relating to providing the salaries of county commissioners in certain counties.
HB 460 Caption: Relating to creating a more efficient road system for Rusk County, Texas, making county commissioners of said county ex-officio road commissioners, and prescribing their duties as such, and providing for their expenses and compensations as road commissioners, and defining the powers and duties of such county commissioners.
HB 492 Caption: Relating to transfers of children from independent or other school districts to some other district in same county.
HB 694 Caption: Relating to fixing compensation and excess fees for district attorneys, criminal districts attorneys and their assistants in certain counties.
HB 926 Caption: Relating to contracts for the State Highway Commission.
44th 1st Called Session
HB 143 Caption: Relating to amending certain Bill relating to transfers of children from independent or other school districts to some other district in same county, providing for the clarification of said Bill and making appropriation of $10,000 for carrying out provisions of said Bill, providing for the purchase of necessary forms, wages, rent, equipment, and supplies incident to a proper administration of said law for each year of the biennium ending September 1st, 1937.