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Legislation authored by Edward Guy LeStourgeon

Includes legislation with Edward Guy LeStourgeon as the primary author for the 37th through 38th Legislatures. For other types of authorship, search the Legislative Archive System.
Please note author information is not complete for the 43rd through 45th Legislatures or for sessions prior to the 30th.

38th Regular Session
HB 11 Caption: An act to amending legislation relating to the writ for the apprehension of persons who are lunatics or non compos mentis and their detention.
HB 364 Caption: Relating to providing for the licensing of public classers; providing for boards of examiners to be appointed by the commissioner to examine applicants who desire to be licensed as public classers of certain farm ranch and orchard products, where such products have been standardized.
HB 675 Caption: Relating to making it unlawful for any person, firm or corporation to sell, or offer for sale for human consumption any milk which has had the cream line increased by any artificial means; providing for an appropriate penalty for the violation thereof.
HJR 8 Caption: Proposing an amendment to Article 16 of the Constitution of the State of Texas, giving the Legislature power and authority to publish or print or have published or printed all book furnished to and used by the public schools of Texas.
38th 2nd Called Session
HB 64 Caption: Relating to empowering municipal corporations and county commissioners courts licensing and regulating public indoor recreating places; limiting license to adult citizens of the United States.
HB 126 Caption: Relating to protecting and promoting the fruit and vegetable industry of this State, and protecting the growers, shippers and consumers of fruits and vegetables grown within this State, and protecting and promoting the reputation of such fruits and vegetables grown within this State in foreign and domestic markets.
HB 228 Caption: Relating to appropriating Fifty Thousand Dollars out of the State Treasury to build and equip a chemical laboratory for the purpose of increasing the facility of the teaching of industrial chemistry at the A & M College.