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Legislation authored by Woodville Jefferson Rogers

Includes legislation with Woodville Jefferson Rogers as the primary author for the 34th through 38th Legislatures. For other types of authorship, search the Legislative Archive System.
Please note author information is not complete for the 43rd through 45th Legislatures or for sessions prior to the 30th.

38th Regular Session
SB 174 Caption: Relating to providing that freight charges on carloads of coal delivered at any point within the State of Texas where railroad track weighing scales are owned, or used, or maintained at the point of delivery, or in the line of transit, shall be based upon the actual weight of said coal.
SB 316 Caption: Relating to making an appropriation of the unexpended balance of the American Legion Memorial Sanatorium appropriation.
SB 317 Caption: Relating to amending certain statute relating to the charter of cities and towns.
38th 2nd Called Session
SB 45 Caption: Relating to regulating motor trucks and jitney lines operating for hire on public roads and authorizing street, suburban and interurban railway companies to operate motor trucks or jitney lines for transportation of passengers for hire in incorporated cities and towns subject to regulation by such cities and towns and within five miles thereto under regulation by commissioners' courty of the county.
SB 106 Caption: Relating to amending certain statutes defining the 15th and 59th Judicial District Courts in Grayson and Collin counties so as to change the terms and time of holding court in each of said judicial districts.
SB 111 Caption: Relating to providing for a change in the terms and time of holding court in each of said Fifteenth and Fifty-ninth Judicial Districts.
37th Regular Session
SB 35 Caption: Relating to the recording of registration certificates of pure bred sires in the county clerk's office and prohibiting the charging of a fee for service of certain animals where not registered and a registration certificate recorded.
SB 97 Caption: Relating to extending time to certain railway corporations for construction of extensions, etc.
SB 134 Caption: Relating to creating, establishing and providing for the maintenance and operation of a State Tuberculosis Sanatorium to be located in Kerr County, Texas, near Kerrville, on a site now owned by the American Legion, Department of Texas, and being used as a tuberculosis sanatorium.
SB 163 Caption: Relating to declaring the eleventh day of November of each year a legal holiday and designating November 11th as "Victory Day."
SB 164 Caption: Amending what is known as the "Limiting Right of Suffrage to citizens of the United States by limiting the meaning of citizens".
SB 165 Caption: Relating to providing funds for the relief and assistance of the education of mothers, widows, orphans and children of veterans of the World War; to provide for a commissioner of War Relief, etc.
SB 187 Caption: Relating to fixing the fees for District and County Attorneys in Justice Court.
SB 188 Caption: Relating to fixing the fees of District and County Attorneys in District and County Courts.
SB 189 Caption: Relating to fixing the maximum fees for County Attorneys in counties containing a city of 25,000 inhabitants or in counties containing as many as 50,000 inhabitants.
SB 256 Caption: Relating to amending the fees for county officers; providing that County Commissioners shall allow ex-officio fees where fees fail to reach the maximum, etc.
SB 262 Caption: Relating to empowering Commissioners' Courts to employ stenographers.
SJR 10 Caption: Relating to concerning the exemption of State, County, City and District bonds from taxation.
37th 1st Called Session
SB 43 Caption: Relating to amending the act providing that incorporated cities may permit obstruction of a street, not a part of a designated State highways, by railway passenger trains for longer time than specified by law.
SB 60 Caption: Relating to validating charters issued prior to the passage of a law regulating the adoption of charters, the act applying only to such cities.
34th Regular Session
HB 159 Caption: Relating to amending a certain Statute providing that taxes may be paid in two semi-annual installments.
HB 218 Caption: Relating to amending a certain Statute requiring tax receipts to show amount of taxes unpaid and accrued penalties.
HB 625 Caption: Relating to creating the Prosper Independent School District in Collin and Denton counties.