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Legislation authored by Charles Aaron Burton

Includes legislation with Charles Aaron Burton as the primary author for the 34th through 35th Legislatures. For other types of authorship, search the Legislative Archive System.
Please note author information is not complete for the 43rd through 45th Legislatures or for sessions prior to the 30th.

35th Regular Session
HB 50 Caption: Relating to creating a criminal district court for Tarrant County.
HB 54 Caption: Relating to regulating private employment agencies, requiring the procurement of a license from the Commissioner of Labor Statistics.
HB 58 Caption: Relating to prohibiting the employment of children in certain occupations, limiting the hours of labor for children, providing for permits for children between the ages of twelve and fifteen years, giving the Commissioner of Labor Statistics free access to all places where children are employed; providing penalties.
HB 73 Caption: Relating to requiring the erection of fire escapes on certain buildings; creating and defining offenses in violation of this Act, prescribing the punishment therefor.
HB 85 Caption: Relating to requiring the employment of citizens of the United States on public work, providing that violation render all contracts with the State, county, or municipality void.
HB 97 Caption: Relating to authorizing the Commissioner of Labor Statistics to establish free employment bureaus, making appropriations.
HB 232 Caption: Relating to providing for days of rest for certain employees of railroads; fixing penalties.
HB 589 Caption: Relating to regulating the operation of motion picture machines and theaters.
HB 656 Caption: Relating to providing for the establishment of the Grubbs' Vocational College at Arlington, Tarrant County, Texas.
34th Regular Session
HB 305 Caption: Relating to protecting the lives, health and morals of women workers, establishing an Industrial Welfare Commission for women, prescribing its powers and duties and providing for the fixing of minimum wages and the standard condition of labor for such workers; providing penalties; making an appropriation.
HB 352 Caption: Relating to amending certain laws relating to exemptions as affecting employees and ex-employees of common carriers; providing for the equipment of railroad trains with safety appliances, constables.
HB 494 Caption: Relating to repealing certain laws exempting Smith county from provisions of eight hour law in its application to road work in said county.
HB 552 Caption: Relating to providing that in certain cities which maintain a regular police department the patrolmen thereof shall be required to serve on actual duty not longer than eight hours in every twenty four hours, except in case of a riot or other emergency.