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Legislation authored by Sam Rayburn

Includes legislation with Sam Rayburn as the primary author for the 30th through 32nd Legislatures. For other types of authorship, search the Legislative Archive System.
Please note author information is not complete for the 43rd through 45th Legislatures or for sessions prior to the 30th.

32nd Regular Session
HB 490 Caption: Relating to incorporating the city of Bonham and to grant it a new charter; to define its powers and to prescribe its duties and liabilities.
31st Regular Session
HB 131 Caption: Relating to regulating the holding of the district court in Fannin County.
HB 132 Caption: Relating to amending Chapter 62 of the general laws of the Thirtieth Legislature to allow the court to exercise his discretion as to disposition of the collection of fines; making it a misdemeanor to abandon or willfully neglect to provide for the support by any person, of his wife, his or her minor children, in destitute or necessitous circumstances, and providing a penalty.
HB 318 Caption: Relating to requiring Railroad Companies to provide scales and furnish weights of commodities transported by them in carload lots and to provide a penalty for the violation thereof.
HB 407 Caption: Relating to amending Chapter CVII (107) of the Acts of 1899, same being an Act to carry into effect the amendment to the Constitution, providing that aid may be granted to certain Confederate soldiers and sailors; by adding thereto Section 2a, relating to proving their service.
HB 408 Caption: Relating to amending an Act to amend Articles 3335 and 3336 of Chapter 5, Title 66m of the Revised Statues, relating to liens on progeny of live stock kept for the purpose of standing for profit; said article being so amended as to create a preference lien on such progeny.
30th Regular Session
HB 315 Caption: Relating to prohibiting the sale, giving away or other disposal of cigarette papers in the State of Texas, and providing penalties.
HJR 13 Caption: Proposing an amendment to Section 20, Article 4, of the Constitution of the State of Texas, providing that the Secretary of State shall be elected by vote of the people.
30th 1st Called Session
HB 86 Caption: Relating to the assessment of rolling stock of railroads for school district purposes.