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Legislation authored by John Martin Duncan

Includes legislation with John Martin Duncan as the primary author for the 30th through 30th Legislatures. For other types of authorship, search the Legislative Archive System.
Please note author information is not complete for the 43rd through 45th Legislatures or for sessions prior to the 30th.

30th Regular Session
HB 36 Caption: Relating to prohibiting and punishing lobbying and regulating the methods and manner of presenting addresses, statements, arguments and briefs to the Legislature and the committees and members thereof.
HB 38 Caption: Relating to creating the Texas Library Commission, and defining its powers and duties.
HB 222 Caption: Relating to prohibiting contracts and agreements for the sale and future delivery of cotton, grain, provisions and other commodities, stocks, bonds and other securities upon margin, commonly known as dealing in futures.
HB 235 Caption: Relating to fixing and regulating the liability of common carriers in certain cases.
HB 255 Caption: Relating to creating a Board of Medical Examiners for the examination and licensing of all physicians, surgeons and obstetricians; and fixing suitable penalties for illegal practice.
HB 287 Caption: Relating to providing for taking deposition in civil cases, orally, and the method and procedure thereof.
HB 351 Caption: Relating to providing that a foreign corporation applying to the Secretary of State for a permit to do business in this State shall file with its application a resolution by its board of directors consenting that service of process upon any agent of such company in this State in any action brought in this State shall be a valid service upon the company, and providing that no such permit shall be issued until such resolution be filed.
HB 352 Caption: Relating to revoking and cancelling the authority and permit of any foreign insurance company or other foreign corporation doing business in this State under a permit from this State issued through the Commissioner of Agriculture, Insurance, Statistics and History, or through the Secretary of State, which shall, without the consent of the other party to the sit or proceedings brought by or against it in any court of this State, remove said suit or proceedings to any Federal court or shall institute any court of proceedings against any citizen of this State in any Federal court.
HB 394 Caption: Relating to providing that the jury in a felony case after it has been empaneled and sworn or any portion of the jury after being selected may in the discretion of the court be allowed to separate without being in charge of an officer.
HB 406 Caption: Relating to providing for the taking of testimony concerning the books, papers, correspondence, vouchers, checks, drafts or other instruments or memoranda pertaining to the business of a corporation incorporated under the laws of this State, or transacting business in this State under permit from the State, and fixing penalties for violation of this Act.
HB 419 Caption: Relating to prohibiting attorneys any counselors at law bringing suits under barratrous contracts, and their clients having knowledge of the barratry, from recovering in causes of action covered by such contracts.
HB 456 Caption: Relating to the personal attendance of witnesses; providing for the attendance of witnesses residing out of the county in civil cases, also for the subpoenas duces tecum.
HB 518 Caption: Relating to defining the powers and duties of the Courts of Civil Appeals of the several supreme judicial districts of the State of Texas where there is or may be a conflict of opinion by any of the said Courts of Civil Appeals on a question of law involved in any cause pending before the said courts, and prescribing the duties of the Supreme Court of the State of Texas in such cases.
HB 519 Caption: Relating to the charge of the court to the jury in a criminal cause.
HB 717 Caption: Relating to establishing an asylum for the aged and indigent white blind of the State of Texas, and providing for its government and maintenance.