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Legislation authored by Guy Floyd

Includes legislation with Guy Floyd as the primary author for the 60th through 62nd Legislatures. For other types of authorship, search the Legislative Archive System.

62nd Regular Session
HB 377 Caption: Relating to prohibiting hunting from any type of aircraft or airborne device and authorizing hunting game animals and game birds, not classified as migratory, from an automobile on private property.
HB 378 Caption: Relating to the use of a .22 caliber jetgun or rocketgun in taking or shooting, or attempting to take or shoot, certain wild animals.
HB 568 Caption: Relating to providing that a holder of certain contracts of sale covering real property may not revoke, cancel, or terminate such contract nor take possession of the property by reason of default in payments until he has given written notice of the default and allowed a grace period to expire, and providing that a holder must accept payment if made in a certain medium within the grace period.
HB 624 Caption: Relating to the sale of water improvement bonds.
HB 695 Caption: Relating to the authorization of the commissioners court in certain counties to regulate the use of land lying outside the limits of incorporated cities towns, and villages.
HB 699 Caption:
HB 753 Caption: Relating to the authority of the State Department of Health to issue certificates of need for the construction or expansion of nursing and convalescent homes and similar institutions where required as a prerequisite for securing loans.
HB 754 Caption: Relating to the authority of commissioners courts to regulate cerain real estate subdivisions.
HB 840 Caption: Relating to providing that certain communications by a patient who has voluntarily submitted to treatment or is being examined for admission to voluntary treatment for drug abuse shall be privileged.
HB 947 Caption: Relaing to the creation, establishment, and operation of a county civil service system in certain counties.
HB 995 Caption: Changing the title of presiding officer of corporation courts from "recorder" to "judge of the municipal court."
HB 996 Caption: Relating to estalishing a Public Records Commission of Texas to supervise and control microfilm recording of public records in Texas.
HB 997 Caption: Relating to microfilming, to retention of records by counties.
HB 1089 Caption: Relating to requiring of certain county officials and others records and reports of certain monies received or disbursed by them, with certain exceptions.
HB 1267 Caption: Relating to uuthorizing the Board of Managers of hospital districts to convey unneeded real estate back to the city or county from which it was taken when the real estate is not needed for said hospital district.
HB 1433 Caption: Relating to hours of work for female employees.
HB 1436 Caption: Relating to providing for the establishment of the San Antonio State Center for Human Development and the El Paso State Center for Human Development.
HB 1631 Caption: Relating to prison made goods and services.
HB 1671 Caption: Relating to the state purchasing procedures.
HJR 69 Caption: Proposing an amendment to authorize the adoption by Bexar County of a charter to modernize and strengthen the county organization.
HJR 70 Caption: Proposing an amendment to authorize the adoption by any county in the state a charter to modernize and strengthen the county government.
HR 466 Caption: Requesting the Texas Legislative Council to make a study of all state boards, commissions, agencies, and other regulatory bodies.
62nd 2nd Called Session
HCR 9 Caption: Providing for the adoption of Joint Rules of Procedure for the Senate and House of Representatives of the 62nd Legislature.
62nd 3rd Called Session
HCR 4 Caption: Amending the Joint Rules of the 62nd Legislature relating to bills expending state funds.
HR 7 Caption: Amending Rule IX of the House Rules concerning calendars and amending Rule XXIII of the House Rules concerning suspension of rules or the regular order of business.
HR 8 Caption: Creating an interim committee to study the Rules of the House of Representatives and the Joint Rules of the Texas Legislature.
HR 57 Caption: Amending the House Rules concerning admission to the Floor.
HR 68 Caption: Extending best wishes and a speedy recovery to the Honorable A. L. (Tony) Dramberger.
62nd 4th Called Session
HCR 13 Caption: In memory of the Honorable Robert Lee Bobbitt of San Antonio.