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Legislation authored by Frances 'Sissy' Farenthold

Includes legislation with Frances 'Sissy' Farenthold as the primary author for the 61st through 62nd Legislatures. For other types of authorship, search the Legislative Archive System.

62nd Regular Session
HB 527 Caption: Relating to authority of cities to make certain regulations following disaster or calamity.
HB 562 Caption: Relating to the construction of certain nuclear plants within the boundaries of Texas; prescribing penalties.
HB 929 Caption: Relating to providing legal services for indigents.
HB 1037 Caption: Relating to payment of annual salaries of State employees; providing for a repealing clause.
HB 1236 Caption: Relating to requiring the legislature to enact laws providing for full disclosure of all details concerning the investment of the permanent university fund.
HB 1237 Caption: Relating to the qualifications and conduct of members of the governing boards of state-supported institutions of higher education.
HB 1238 Caption: Relating to providing for non-voting student members on the Board of Regents of the University of Texas System.
HB 1428 Caption: Relating to the adoption of negro and white children.
HB 1429 Caption: Relating to the control and disposition of waste and the abatement and prevention of pollution of surface and subsurface water resulting from the activities associated with the exploration, development, and production of oil and gas.
HB 1430 Caption: Relating to parental financial responsibility as regards child support payments; a penalty.
HB 1568 Caption: Relating to providing penalties for possession of cannabis.
HB 1569 Caption: Relating to the creation of a Governor's Committee on Early Childhood Education.
HB 1570 Caption: Relating to day care for children of certain working mothers.
HB 1571 Caption: Relating to the eligibility of children to participate in the Basic Foundation School Program.
HB 1572 Caption: Relating to the adoption of a white child by a negro person and of a negro child by a white person.
HB 1592 Caption: Relating to authorizing the commissioners courts in certain counties to regulate the use of land lying outside the limits of incorporated cities, towns, and villages.
HB 1593 Caption: Relating to the implementation of family planning services.
HCR 87 Caption: Creating a joint committee on legislative ethics.
HJR 12 Caption: Proposing an amendment to Article III, Section 51-a of the Texas Constitution, authorizing the Legislature to enact legislation and appropriate funds for assistance grants, medical care and rehabilitation services for needy individuals and families.
HR 45 Caption: In memory of Thomas B. Whelan.
HR 54 Caption: In memory of Gilberto G. Rodriguez.
HR 350 Caption: Amending the Rules of the House concerning election of Speaker.
HR 506 Caption: Amending the House Rules concerning consideration of the general appropriations bill.
HR 651 Caption: Creating an interim committee to study information compiled by state agencies.
62nd 1st Called Session
HR 14 Caption: Pertaining to expenses incurred during Speakership campaigns (Adding Rule 1, Section 14 to House Rules).
HR 15 Caption: Relating to the method of electing the Speaker of the House (Adding Rule 1, Section 15 to the House Rules).
62nd 3rd Called Session
HR 92 Caption: Congratulating Mr. and Mrs. C. S. Caldwell on the birth of their daughter, Elizabeth Frances.
HR 97 Caption: Requesting the resignation of Mr. Frank Erwin from the Board of the University of Texas System.