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Legislation authored by Robert Lewis Fairchild

Includes legislation with Robert Lewis Fairchild as the primary author for the 57th through 58th Legislatures. For other types of authorship, search the Legislative Archive System.

58th Regular Session
HB 31 Caption: Relating to providing that the terms "Motor Carrier" and "Specialized Motor Carrier" shall apply to and include all for hire transportation of oil field equipment as defined, over the public highways of this State, outside the corporate limits of cities or towns, irrespective of whether, in the course of such transportation, a highway between two or more cities, towns or villages is traversed.
HB 48 Caption: Relating to amending the Texas Motor Vehicle Safety-Responsibility Act; relating to the deposit of security following certain accidents, the proof of financial responsibility in certain instances, the suspension of certain licenses, registrations and nonresident operating privileges, and certain penalties.
HB 236 Caption: Relating to commercial fishing in certain counties, to prohibit fishing commercially in that portion of the Angelina River that is the boundary line between Cherokee and Nacogdoches Counties North of Texas Highway 21.
HB 237 Caption: Relating to possession of a shotgun and buckshot as prima facie evidence of hunting deer during closed season in Shelby County.
HB 238 Caption: Relating to making it unlawful to hunt, take, or kill wild fox in Shelby County, with certain exceptions; prescribing a penalty for the violation hereof.
HB 381 Caption: Relating to amending the Texas Probate Code to permit mortgage or pledge of any real or personal property of an estate, under order of the court, for the purpose of making improvements or repairs on the ward's home or for building the ward a home.
HB 382 Caption: Relating to investments of building and loan associations, so as to increase the maximum amount of a loan to a member of a building and loan association secured by pledge of the association's shares or share accounts through payment of weekly or monthly dues or share payments, from One Thousand Five Hundred Dollars ($1,500) to Three Thousand Five Hundred Dollars ($3,500) for associations having One Million Dollars ($1,000,000) or more in assets.
HB 383 Caption: Relating to eminent domain proceedings; providing for service of notice of the hearing where the property belongs to certain estates which have no legal representative.
HB 445 Caption: Relating to allowing recovery of attorney's fees under certain circumstances in suits upon liquidated claims.
HB 446 Caption: Relating to amending workmen's compensation law, to provide that persons employed both within and without this State shall be counted in determining the number of persons employed by any firm, person or corporation, whether the firm, person or corporation is resident within or without this State; providing that employment of labor in Texas by a nonresident shall be equivalent to appointment by such nonresident of the Chairman of the Industrial Accident Board of this State as his agent for service of process in certain actions against said nonresident to recover for injuries to employees occurring in the course of their employment in this State.
HB 493 Caption: Relating to making it unlawful under the provisions of this Act, for any person to hunt, take, kill or attempt to kill, or possess, any game bird or game animal in Guadalupe, De Witt, Gonzales, Midland and Madison Counties at any time; providing a penalty.
HB 660 Caption: Relating to increasing the maximum fees which may be charged by county clerks for various services.
HB 847 Caption: Relating to the use of lumber for certain construction purposes; prohibiting the use for such purposes of certain types of lumber exceeding a specified moisture content.
HB 907 Caption: Relating to cities which have outstanding general obligation bonds and revenue bonds issued for waterworks, sewer system, or waterworks and sewer system purposes.
57th Regular Session
HB 716 Caption: Relating to amending a certain Statute providing alternate days to hold the election of certain water district officials in the event of certain holidays.
HB 786 Caption: Relating to amending a certain Act relating to the taking and killing of buck deer in Rusk, Harrison, Gregg and Shelby Counties; to remove the permit provisions relating to out-of-county hunters; providing penalties.
57th 1st Called Session
HCR 27 Caption: Suspending the Joint Rules of the Legislature to allow either house to consider H. B. No. 112 at any time.