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06/13/1955 (54th R.S.) 54th R.S. Extending congratulations and birthday greetings to Miriam A. Ferguson on her 80th birthday (HCR 181, 54th R.S.) Miriam Ferguson Other
05/07/1953 (53rd R.S.) 53rd R.S. Congratulating former Governor Miriam A. Ferguson on her birthday (SR 266, 53rd R.S.) Miriam Ferguson Other
04/12/1933 (43rd R.S.) 43rd R.S. Invitations to House of Representatives and Senate to reception at the Governor's Mansion, on Tuesday, April 18 Miriam Ferguson Other
02/13/1933 (43rd R.S.) 43rd R.S. Senate Simple Resolution No. 46, requesting Governor to furnish bill of particulars relative to mishandling of funds by State Highway Department (see also Governor Miriam Ferguson's message, February 13, 1933) Miriam Ferguson Other
02/06/1933 (43rd R.S.) 43rd R.S. Senate Simple Resolution No. 38, Governor's power to appoint chairman of State Highway Commission Miriam Ferguson Other
01/23/1933 (43rd R.S.) 43rd R.S. Opinion from Attorney General, relating to Governor's power to withdraw appointees without the consent of the Senate, January 21, 1933 (retiring Governor Ross S. Sterling's appointment of B.F. Tisinger, C.H. Chernosky, and Tom Garrard to the State Board of Education); points of order and Senate debate Miriam Ferguson Other
01/12/1933 (43rd R.S.) 43rd R.S. Invitation to attend Governor's inaugural ball, to Hon. Olan Van Zandt, House of Representatives, from T.U. Taylor, Chairman, Inaugural Reception, Gregory Gymnasium Miriam Ferguson Other
02/09/1925 (39th R.S.) 39th R.S. Communication thanking Legislature for basket of roses on inauguration Miriam Ferguson Other