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01/01/2000 76th R.S. Making Texas a beacon state: a report to the Texas Legislature, library call number: G646.1 ST29 2000, submitted to the Texas Legislature in accordance with article IV, section 9 of the Texas Constitution, which directs the Governor to submit a message to the Legislature at the close of a term of office (outgoing Governor report) George W. Bush Other
01/01/1999 76th R.S. Setting priorities, getting results: Governor's proposed state budget for the 2000-01 biennium (summary) George W. Bush Other
05/22/1997 75th R.S. Press release on signing of HB 1185 (75th Regular) George W. Bush Other
01/29/1997 75th R.S. Statement on release of Governor budget 1998-1999 George W. Bush Other
01/01/1997 75th R.S. Funding effective government: proposed state budget for the 1998-99 biennium (summary) George W. Bush Other
04/12/1995 74th R.S. Letter to the Environmental Protection Agency George W. Bush Other
02/01/1995 74th R.S. Letter outlining the qualities and attributes of an ideal Commissioner of Education George W. Bush Other